Tuesday 29 March 2011

Acorn Stairlifts supplies Peter Kay with a stairlift

Acorn Stairlifts give Peter Kay a stairlift for Comic Relief

When Acorn stairlifts - a Keighley based stairlifts company - was asked if it could help out Peter Kay's character Geraldine McQueen with a stairlift, they were delighted to accept. A CD/DVD wich shows Geraldine on the stairlift has now been released to futher boost the cause.

A spokeman for Acorn Stairlifts said 'Every 14 minutes, Acorn improves someones life by installing a stairlift. Acorn can install a stairlift within a few hours of receiveing an order, even on special curved staircases. It was a very easy task to install one for Comic Relief'.

If you would like a stairlift, please contact Acorn's national affiliates at www.castlecomfortstairlifts.co.uk

News source: Keighley News 22nd March 2011

Thursday 24 March 2011

Stoke on Trent Stairlifts for a 'Grandad Style' Football Team!

When Keith Simpson the owner of Castle Comfort Stairlifts in Wolstanton heard that Tunstall Town FC were "goin down bank" results wise and were languishing at the bottom of the league he jumped to the phone to offer sponsorship to help uplift them to climb back up, where they belong.

Go HERE to see a mini-podcast of the teams recent interview on Radio Stoke. See also a picture of the time when Keith from Castle Comforts met another notable football player, Diego Maradona or is it....?

Tunstall Town FC have played many big league teams in the past and have 4 players over retirement age with their oldest player being 75. With his Castle Comfort Centre providing many mobility aids to the older person it will be a good while yet before any of these fit and feisty players might need his assistance on that score. Tunstall Town FC have played well against well known teams in the past and just need that little bit of assistance to climb higher up the league again.

Well, a new season for Tunstall Town wearing their new jazzy strips from Castle Comfort,  may well see a change of fortune. With staff and directors present for the first home game in the strips something really exciting happened - they were 1 - 0 to the advantage
after a penalty in the first five minutes. Sadly, they went on to suffer a 2-5 loss - but very much an improvement on previous results.

Wednesday 2 March 2011

Stroll to Sainsburys for Super Advice on Red Nose Day

Remember on Red Nose Day Dr Stirling will be at Sainsburys Newcastle on Friday 18th March 2011 giving out free walking stick ferrules. All donations will go to Comic Relief to help projects aross the UK and Africa. On Friday 18th March Comic Relief is having it's Red Nose Day fundraiser. As part of this event Dr. Neil Stirling, noted local medic and voluntary ambassador of the Castle Comfort Centre in Wolstanton MB ChB is donating his time and a free walking stick ferrule to anyone who needs one. If you walk with a stick as many older shoppers do then you know that over time the end of your stick wears down and shortens. A new free walking stick ferrule can bring it back to its former glory and protect your trusty stick from excessive wear. He will also be available for any impromptu mobility advice you may need on the day, perhaps about riser recliner chairs or stairlifts. He is a particular expert in stairlifts and stairlift grants and will gladly let you know how to proceed further with that or any other mobility assistance enquiry you may have. Why not come along and say hello.