Sunday 28 November 2010

Stairlifts Ireland. Stairlifts Limerick. Stairlifts Cork & Stairlifts Galway too!

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This blog is part of a series from Castle Comfort Stairlifts that profiles the areas we serve and where our stairlifts ie offices are plus facts about the region. Also we will give you links to stairlift information or frequently asked questions about stairlifts to guide you in making the best decision.

Ireland is a magical country with 26 counties in all. The county of Limerick is one of the many beautiful places in the isle and has Irelands third biggest city of Limerick which is the 4th most populated after Dublin, Cork and Galway - all areas served by your local stairlifts firm. The city sits on the River Shannon and was originally founded by marauding Vikings settling near the river in the 9th Century.

It is part of the wider Shannon region that includes Limerick, Clare, Tipperary and Kerry. Because of its position in the region between the wider counties and being an early port and trading centre it has prospered over the time to become what it has today. Limerick is famous for its medieval precinct where King John’s Castle (pictured) can be found. It's one of the best Norman re-designs in Ireland along with St.Marys Cathedral. King John also re-modelled many other castles including one in Nottingham England which has England's oldest pub in its basement – Don't believe me - see here.

Did you know that the recipe for Irish coffee was first invented in the county at Foynes Harbour in 1943. The harbour was the port where flying boats came in from the States. On a wet and cold night the head chef there decided to add Irish whiskey and cream to some hot coffee to warm up the disembarking passengers. An American reporter was amongst the group who then popularised the drink in his national newspaper column. You won't have seen a copy of our own newspaper yet in Ireland - the Castle Comfort Clarion - that's our newspaper with mobility product offers, competitions, facts, figures, news and cartoons. If you want to see the latest issue you can find it at

It is reputed that the origin of the poetry-like verse called a Limerick comes from the town where wandering entertainers in Medieval times would compete for the crowds attention.

How about entering our Limerick competition? Compose a Limerick and comment on the blog below with it.

For each entry we get we will donate 10 Euro's to Cancer Research, a very worthwhile charity.
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Here's one of ours:-

There was an old person who was getting quite miffed
Used to leg it upstairs, and be quite swift
Their family cared
thought it best to be prepared
So they sorted them out with a stairlift

The county is particularly strong in sports like Gaelic Football and Rugby. In fact Limerick teams have won 13 out of 19 annual All Ireland Rugby League championships. You can watch a game at Limerick city's Thomond Park Stadium, which is home to the successful Munster Rugby team. It has been announced that for 2011 Limerick is the European Capital of Sport.

Famous faces from Limerick include Richard Harris, actor. Richard James aka Aphex Twin, recording artist. Terry Wogan, broadcaster. Bill Whelan, musician and composer of Riverdance.

If you know of anymore famous folk from Limerick give us a call at our Cork office and we'll gladly add them in. The number to call for stairlifts in the South is 021 2363222

Tuesday 16 November 2010

Ireland Stairlifts office opens in Dublin - now finding a stairlift in Ireland for the right '€€€' is easy!

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This blog, however, is part of a series from Castle Comfort Stairlifts that profiles the areas we serve and where our lifts offices are, plus we will give you links to stairlift information to guide you in making the best decision.

Stairlifts company directors Keith and Ann flew from Manchester to Belfast (and then on to Dublin) to open their new office there, after the success of their presence in Belfast. Knowing that stairlift prices in the Republic of Ireland have been too high for too long - and value for money is important and with many people having to buy their own (rather than get a grant) it seemed only fair to share their prices with the republic. Sometimes, the prices of stairlifts can seem a little monstrous, for different reasons - and one is a little bit of greed by some, and over the top selling techniques, but after you have had a glance here at Castle Stairlifts award winning blog we are sure you'll have every high pressure chairlifts salesman in Dublin and the rest of Ireland jumping in the Liffey! Habla espanol? - vea esto.

Staff based back at the Stoke on Trent head office have accused their bosses of going on a 'chair lift jollie' as it does not require two of them and the rumour is that Ann, a virtual tee-totaller, will be indoctrinated into the world of Guinness. We'll see - why not subscribe to this blog for updates?

Keith, MD is seen planted to seat A1 (definitely not a chairlift) warming up with a drop of red to go with the on-route snack. We guess director of stairlift sales Ann Bruce, is the camera girl. MEANWHILE FOR THOSE OF YOU TRYING TO FIND DETAILS OF NEW OR RECONDITIONED STAIRLIFTS, CURVED OR STRAIGHT, AT PRICES THAT WILL PLEASE, IN IRELAND OR NORTHERN IRELAND JUST GO..... HERE or phone us now on (01) 513 3658

Subscibe to this blog to find out a few interesting things about what the Castle Comfort Group get up to, and it's not all connected with making a profit. This stairlifts firm's policy of always being ready to put things back in to the society from which their living is made, always gives the team there, great satisfaction. See here a few of the things they get up to! It is hoped to involve now, a few more folk in Dublin and the rest of Ireland.

Well - after numerous pints of the black stuff holding things up, a deal was finally done with the Castle Comfort Stairlifts office in Frederick Street North, Dublin 1 - and it landed on a Google map straight away. Have a glance. We have a theory as to why the mother of all search engines worked so fast on finding this one. Within minutes of the Castle Sign going up ......

...the latest office of this fast expanding stairlift extraordinaire was featured on page one of Google. Is it because according to a Dublin taxi driver (who are clearly the most knowledgeable of more facts than most search engines) - that GOOGLE IS THE BIGGEST EMPLOYER IN IRELAND? We'll look into that one. Maybe even Google it.

Now, where was this amazing business deal completed? In a real estate office? In the reception of a solicitors? Or the lobby of a luxury hotel? Well, not quite. In true Irish style, Keith the stairlift chief was summoned to what is apparently the most famous 'snugs' in Ireland - found in a drinking hostelry of fame and extensive repute, in Baggot Street, Dublin. It is to be found in the famous Toner's Pub that without doubt, boasts the best pint of Guinness in the Emerald Isle. This snug, which appears to be reminiscent of a confession box to the none-indoctrinated, has been the venue over the centuries, of probably a million love affairs or maybe a million fights. Who cares which. Qualified 'Toner's tipplers' will claim that up to 22 people have been in at at one time, though there is barely room for more than three - with only basic Ryan Air type comfort - yet acceptable, due to it being a place to aspire to, rather than to tolerate. Watch this space for an Irish culture shock. Some of our comments may even shock the Irish themselves. This country is facing a temporary economic blip - a correction in the till - because like the UK a few years ago it is realised (with a bang) that more money is being spent than is being made. It is even crazier to spend it unwisely, because real essential needs go short. For example, many stairlift firms in Ireland have been enjoying high prices for their contracts because the government was coughing up. Now as folk are spending their own hard-earned cash for a gadget to get upstairs - they are searching for value for money. Firms like Castle Stairlifts, who have for several years been arranging a straight lift for say - £1200 - can now offer a chairlift at the same price in Ireland - or even less.

However, the skill available in this country and entrepreneurial spirit will see this blip sorted out. Ireland is full of brains.
See what Jon Snow of Channel 4 thinks after meeting two young Irish men on a train.

Now take a few moments here to help Cancer Research - Find & mail to Castle Comfort Stairlifts, 10 of their pics here - - €15 for each correct reply goes into -

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Read more about Castle Comfort Stairlifts team member STEPHEN AUKER and his amazing marathon efforts on behalf of something that will somehow affect all of us or someone we know one day.

Do you really think a man could run a marathon with a stairlift on his back? See - this and then you probably will ! Stephen's effort that day generated another £1,000 in sponsorship. And here, we bring you photographic evidence of his personal reward that day - a drop of that authentic stuff specially imported from Ireland!

Monday 15 November 2010

Southern Ireland/Stair lift Eire/Stairlifts Dublin

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This blog is part of a series from Castle Comfort Stairlifts that profiles the areas we serve and where our stairlift ie offices are plus facts about the region. Also we will give you links to stairlift information or frequently asked questions about stairlifts to guide you in making the best decision.

Castle's latest stairlifts office is now up and running in Dublin- and serves the whole of Ireland - take a look at it here.

The southern part of Ireland also known as the Republic of Ireland or Eire occupies 4/5ths of the land mass with Northern Ireland, where we also have a stairlift office bordering it's north perimeter, as well of course the new Stairlifts Dublin one. It's Europe's 3rd largest island and has approximately 4.5 million people living here. Its climate is similar to England though it is warmed by the Gulf stream leading to warmer wetter weather particularly in the West (try saying that after a pint of Guinness!)

Dublin is the capital of Ireland and is among the top 30 cities in the world with a rapidly growing population. A buzzing city with plenty of entertainment, shopping, culture and history it offers a lot to visitors.

The city is split by the river Liffey where the famous Guinness brewery draws its water from.

Dublin Castle pictured above is one of the oldest landmarks in the city. It was founded in 1204 by King John who also liked to relax and go hunting from his Nottingham castle.

Any mention of Dublin cannot fail to include the local Irish cooking and of course the Guinness which you can sample on a tour of the brewery itself.

The story of how the brewery started is quite interesting and shows what can come from an enterprising mind and a bit of luck. The brewery at St.James had been for sale for a couple of years and no-one had been interested in buying it. Late one December Arthur Guinness made an offer of £45 per year for a 9000 year lease on it and the rest is history. It is the largest brewer of stout in the world. Combine a drop of the black stuff with a hearty potato dish for a classic Irish meal.

There are many more attractions around Dublin and as the blog updates we'll fill you in on some of them.

Powerscourt Gardens in the Wicklow Mountains is one of Irelands greatest house and gardens. It boasts Irelands highest waterfall and has been in existence from the 13th Century. It is now owned by the Slazenger family who make sports equipment and it has been turned into a hotel and visitor attraction.

There are magnificent Italian Gardens, a spa, golf club, food hall and weaving centre run by Avoca Handweavers who are one of Irelands oldest surviving firms and have the honour of providing rugs, throws and blankets to the royal family.

The Wicklow mountains are Irelands largest upland region and it's very scenic with its mountains, lakes and rivers. This is where BBC TV's Ballykissangel series was filmed. It also has a coastline and at Bray there is a picturesque Victorian promenade similar to Sidmouth in the UK near another of our stairlifts offices.


Here below, as with all our regional stairlift blogs, we have some of the main towns and cities in Southern Ireland – along with a selection of notable residents – past and present. It’s always remarkable, how many people do not know just who comes from their own town.

Athlone – John McCormack, world renowned tenor. Athy – Jonny Marr, musician. Bandon – Margaret Wolfe Hungerford, author.

Bray – Dara O’Brian, comedian and TV presenter. Ed Joyce, cricketer.

Arklow – Ron Delany, Olympic gold-medallist. Clane – Charles Wolfe, poet. Celbridge – Kathleen Walsh, politician. Carlow – Frank O’Meara, artist. Cork – Frank O’Connor, writer. Castlebar – Louis Brennan, inventor. Clonmel – Andrea Roche, model.

Dublin – Colin Farrell, actor. Bono, lead singer with U2.

Dundalk – Tommy Byrne, former Formula 1 racing driver. Donabate – Stephen Rea, actor. Dungarvan – Ernest Thomas Sinton Walton, physicist and Nobel Laureate.

Drogheda – Pierce Brosnan, actor.

Angela Greene, poet. Enniscorthy – Paul Nolan, racehorse trainer. Ennis – Kelly Gough, actress. Galway – Robert O’Hara Burke, leader of the first European expedition to cross Australia. Greystones – Frank Kelly, actor who played Father Jack in Father Ted.

Kildare – Timmy Murphy, winner of the 2008 Grand National.

Kilkenny – John Locke, poet. Killarney – Hugh Kelly, writer. Limerick – Todd Carty, actor and director. Longford – Anne Reilly Gibson, mother of actor Mel Gibson.

Leixlip – Lily Allen, singer.

Laoise – Stephen Hunt, footballer. Malahide – Cecilia Ahern, writer. Adam Clayton, musician. Mallow – Joe Lynch, actor. Mullinger – Joe Dolan, singer. Nenagh – J.D. Bernal, scientist. Newbridge – Sinead O’Conner, singer. . Naas – Michael Roe, racing driver. Navan – Dylan Moran, comedian. Portarlington – Peter Burrowes, politician. Port Tullamore – Brendan Keeley, singer-songwriter. Portmarnock – Guglielmo Marconi, inventor of the wireless and carried out the first transatlantic morse code transmission. Roscrea – George Thomas, successful general. Sligo – Shane Filan, member of Westlife. Swords – Ronan Keating, singer-songwriter. Tralee – Mikey Sheehy, footballer. Tramore – Jim Goodwin, footballer. . Thurles – Brendon Gleeson, actor. Tuam – Augustus Nicholas Burke, artist. Trim – Tracy Coogan, actress. Waterford – Robert Boyle, notable scientist. Wexford – John Welsh, actor. Wicklow – Robert Halpin, notable sea captain. Youghal – William Cooke Taylor, writer, journalist and historian.

If you know of any more famous folks then let us know in the comments.

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Monday 1 November 2010

Community Meals on Wheels/Ready Meals Delivered/Mobile Meals at Home

Castle Comfort Stairlifts UK list for families of every Council or Private Meals on Wheels provider that home delivers frozen or fresh meals by area or city.
Castle Comfort Stairlifts is providing a UK-wide national resource. This is mainly for families of the elderly who want Private or Community Meals at Home. These are also called Mobile Meals on Wheels services.

Fresh or Frozen ready meals can be delivered to the home. These can be arranged after assessment through your local council social services department. The direct links for your local offices are below. We also show your local Castle Comfort Stairlifts offices alongside. Each office is able to offer free quotes for stairlifts,electric beds, riser recliner chairs and other homecare products. All to help your loved ones stay at home.

Private firms also offer traditional home cooked favourites. These can be delivered daily, weekly or fortnightly depending on the persons needs. Also suitable for a home carer or family member to serve or prepare.
A current list of private firms that home deliver nationally is lower down the page.

Click on the area you live to go direct.

Links to Council Meals on Wheels Services in the East Midlands
Riser Recliner Chairs, Electric Beds and Bath Lifts

Links to Council Meals on Wheels Services in the West Midlands
Castle Comfort Stairlifts in Staffordshire
Riser Recliner Chairs, Electric Beds and Bath Lifts

Castle Comfort Stairlifts around Birmingham
Riser Recliner Chairs, Electric Beds and Bath Lifts Solihull

Castle Comfort Stairlifts around Walsall/W'ton
Riser Recliner Chairs, Electric Beds and Bath Lifts

Links to Council Meals on Wheels Services in the North West

Castle Comfort Stairlifts in Cheshire

Links to Council Meals on Wheels Services in Northern Ireland

Links to Council Meals on Wheels Services in South Wales

Stairlifts South Wales

List of National Private Mobile Ready Meal Providers
As far as we know all these suppliers offer free delivery with a minimum order value

If you are a national supplier that has been omitted in error please comment or get in touch on 0800 007 6959

Why not print this out so it's there when you need it.

Emergency food store cupboard set up for the elderly

A good idea especially during bad weather or in case of illness is to prepare an emergency food store cupboard with assistance from a friend, carer or relative. Things to include in this cupboard:

Tinned meat or fish
Tinned or packet soup
Instant potatoes
Pulses, for example, baked beans, dried peas or lentils
Dried or tinned vegetables
Breakfast cereals, porridge oats, pasta or rice
Biscuits or crackers
Dried milk or UHT long life milk
Tinned milk puddings, for example, custard or rice pudding
Tinned fruit in natural juice
Cartons of fruit juice (with added vitamin C)
Drinking chocolate or malt drinks
Complan, build up (bought from chemists if you have a poor appetite).

Food shopping

Many large supermarkets, including some of the smaller local groceries stores, provide a delivery service which can be useful if you have a distance to travel home and do not have access to a car. Some stores offer this service free of charge to purchases over a set amount, for others you may have to pay a delivery charge regardless of how many or few items you buy. Ask in store for details before using this service. Some large supermarkets (for example, Tesco, Sainsburys) also have an online service that allows you to purchase your shopping without you having to leave your home. There is usually a delivery cost for this service.