Tuesday 9 February 2010

Stair Lift Prices are Monstrous - maybe, so look at this stairlifts firm from Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire

Stairlift Prices Are Monstrous...?

- Well, they can be, if you don't have a word with this national stair lift company originating from Stoke on Trent in Staffordshire. Whether you are looking for straight stairlifts or curved stairlifts, you have just discovered a very serious message. 


After first smiling at the following - you may then find yourself shouting - 'Spam!’ - at the next chair salesperson that turns up at your house. You must have had quotes for new windows? Well, let's remind you what probably happened.

Be on your guard if they arrive wearing a suit and brandishing DVD’s, a bunch of flowers and a smile that suggests you are going to tempted into a ‘special offer’ for a chairlift lift that may still be much more than you need to pay. This double glazing hard sell approach is all to common in the mobility products business – and not acceptable at all when often older and maybe vulnerable members of society are alone to deal with such matters. Often, the chairlifts company seem more interested in selling it on the ‘never-never’ as more profit is always made in business when the customer can’t pay cash.

Remember, if a sales person in your home expects and entices you to an instant decision – just tell them you want time to think – and not just for twenty minutes whilst they sit outside in their car.
If the pressure is turned is on just politely ask them to leave. And they will. If they don’t, tell them you are going to call 999 and if they don't shift then - dial it! The police just love to responding to cries for help like that – it’s easy meat (or even Spam) for the boys in blue.
The price for a stair lift isn’t a secret these days. Just ask the firm on the phone or look at Castle Comfort's fact-filled website on the link here- castlecomfortstairlifts. Or you can phone any one of Castle's regional offices listed at the foot of this page. A free survey is needed to check there are no extras but all that is needed is a phone call to get the cost. Many firms actually put their guide prices in their press adverts – but be careful – the word ‘from’ can mean anything.

Castle Comfort’s ads carry an ingoing price for a straight reconditioned lift - installed and guaranteed. And they are always available. Get a quote for a ‘recon’ and a new one but with prices having come down tremendously in recent years – the difference may not be that great. This company with its HQ at Newcastle under Lyme, just north of Stafford has full UK coverage. The installation and technical back up - ie 24 hour emergency call out service is supported by the British manufacturers of stairlifts with which Castle Comfort deal.
How much does a stairlift cost?
If you are under 95 - and looking forward to the next few decades, a brand new one with all the latest features is well worth the bit extra. It's best to get the options - then you decide. Another advantage with buying a new lift is that you will always get some money back on it if is to be sold one day.

Back to Spam. This phenomena of chopped pork, salt water and sugar with a few added chemicals was first made in 1937 – and its maker American firm Hormel Food Corporation is now on its way to producing its eight billionth can! That’s a lot of butties.

Britain’s brave Armed Forces have survived on the variety of meals that can be produced with Spam, yet the 2nd Royal Welsh Guards refused to surrender in Afghanistan when the Taliban interrupted supplies for six weeks. See Daily Mail article by Luke Salkeld.

Apparently, Spam stands for ‘shoulder of pork and ham’ although intellectual connoisseurs of school dinners have more than once labelled it ‘something posing as meat.’
These days day however, junk emails that constantly bombard us computer-literate geeks since, have been given a new name. These electronic litter attacks – have assumed the name of our infamous canned snack. Was the label Spam taken from the Bill Gates glossary no .... Monty Python. What??? Indeed. The monotonous use of Spam in endless dishes – egg, bacon and Spam, sausage and Spam, bacon and Spam and the repetitious nature of such inspired a Monty Python mickey-taking sketch. This brilliant and now legendary sketch, see it here, was repeated so much at unwelcome times – that word was adopted to describe an endless boring sea of unwanted junk mails.

So now we now all about that can than has always been in the kitchen cupboard- who makes it, what it can be used for, and why its name was adopted in the world of computers. Who knows? You savvy stair lift shoppers may be bringing on a new use of the word. Remember, if it’s a hard sell, or the price seems over the top, yell ‘Spam.’
Happy chair lift hunting!


Castle Comfort can often advise on getting a GRANT for a curved or straight stairlift - and they can sometimes be obtained from unexpected sources. But see here how difficult that can be.
Finally, see this Daily Mail story here how not to market stairlifts. Not forgetting that the same care exercised when buying a stairlift - needs to be shown if you are selling one .............
This article demonstrates the risk of getting a cold call from someone you don't know offering something that appears to good to be true. And things too good to be true nearly always are.

October 2011 NEWS UPDATE  Even worse - if anyone actually turns up unexpected on your doorstep then it's almost guaranteed bad news. There will be a small chance of it being a genuine company with a genuine product at a genuine price, but read here what happened to Mrs Bell from Sheffield when she handed over £1800 at the door for a stairlift.

November  2011 NEWS UPDATE  - and it's porridge time  (not the kind you have with spam for breakfast) for two guys in the mobility products business.  It's bad enough training an already a dodgy salesforce how to behave - but publishing  a book on it  is asking for trouble!

December 2012 NEWS UPDATE -   double  porridge time for more scum bags. When these pair come out maybe they'll be old enough for a stairlifts and we hope they get the same treatment as they dish out themselves

The anti-spam reference box-

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In addition, we have new stairlift offices opening in these locations soon;
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Find your local rep's telephone number now. We already have full sales and installation cover with 24 hour technical back up.
Also, we have full representative cover, continual stairlift installations, and 24- hour technical back up in these locations -

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Finalmente, para los que hablan espanol, y estan buscando una silla salvaescaleras - vea estoCall Freephone 0800 007 6959 to speak to your local 'anti-spam' rep ! - and finally (for now) - isn't it nice when people go out if their way to say 'thank you' instead of the normal instinct to just moan when things don't go well - see what we mean here .. http://bit.ly/bHBGrw and here - http://bit.ly/auATK7


  1. Anyone who wont give you a guide price on their lift is hiding Something...Usually a highly inflated Price pumped up by the salesmans Commision! Yes, You do need a survey for a truley accurate price, but straight or curved Stairlift, it is easy to price over the phone.

    And if you do happen to have a Salesman that wont go, I agree that if they refuse to leave politely, then 999. and complain to everyone you can think of.

    On the subject of Spam, it was on my Grammer School menu at least once a week, usually in Fritter Style! (also Semolina, Lumpy custartd, and runny shepards pie) Those were the Days!

    A chap I work with has a Spam fritter and Fried egg for Breakfast..

  2. AdeleWilbraham24 May 2010 at 11:10

    As a very contented customer of Castle Comfort Centre I can concur with all that is said above. Some salesmen are a pain, and it was such a refreshing change to meet a person who actually cares for his customers at a time when we were in need of a stairlift urgently. No pressure, just a visit from a normal, friendly person (Keith Simpson, the proprietor)who immediately offered help and guidance at a reasonable price. The stairlift was fitted in less than a week and Castle Comfort Centre also loaned a wheelchair for my mother free of charge - unfortunately she only lived a few weeks to enjoy these, but she loved them! After her death, Keith kindly arranged for the removal of the stairlift and a generous refund. This sort of service is rare and at a difficult time it is easy to be "taken in" by sales people who try to take advantage of a sad situation - not so with Castle Comfort Centre !! Totally trustworthy and reliable, I would recommend them to anyone needing help with mobility problems.

  3. guy in our club in Stafford printed this blog off and showed to a stairlifts rep when he came - the rep nearly had a coronary and got in his old jag and left (bet he never has a new one!)

  4. December 2012 - NEWS UPDATE - double porridge time for more scum bags. When these pair come out maybe they'll be old enough for a stairlifts and we hope they get the same treatment as they dish out themselves

    see - December 2011 news in Spam blog

  5. This blog is nice and amazing. I love your post! It's also nice to see someone who does a lot of research and has a great knack for ting, which is pretty rare from bloggers these days.
    Nursing license

  6. Sadly, whatever the authorites do or whatever legislation is passed the baddies in the stairlifts industry will keep re-emerging


    Most of this comes from bad high pressure doorstep selling techniques and people's trusting nature which can cost dearly.
    If people want stairlift prices they can be found on line or by a telephone call

  7. I cannot understand why some people are so derigatory about stairlift suppliers. Perhaps, like car salesmen, there may be the odd cowboy, but these companies are giving a vital service to people in need and without a profit would be unable to stay in business.

    Two friends of mine had a different experience as a result of two types of advertising for chairlifts. The first benfitted hugely from a professional expert company and were totally satisfied.

    The other saw an ad on TV and was infact distressed by it. She expressed her concerns to her husband along the lines that she hoped they would never need such a device. He reassured her that they would not, reminding her that they lived in a bungalow. Perhaps they could rent the DVD of 'Fidler on The Roof'

  8. Yes anon, the world has gone a long way with technology - enabling the use of things like stairlifts. But even the fiddles have changed - oddly still connected with roofs and upper floors - 'leaves blocking your gutter Madam?' or simply the lead going missing overnight.

    Thanks for your comment - and indeed the baddies are very still very much a minority in the world of chair lifts

    Er.. does fiddler have 2 x 'd's Sir? as in DDA?

  9. The definition of spam is persistent advertising or marketing that has not been agreed to, often totally unrelated to what services or products you might actually require. I get a lot in my email box along with frequent notes from deposed African kings wanting my help to transfer several million dollars of funds if I just give them my bank details. Yeah right.

  10. Castle Comfort prices really are incredible, I think for the service they provide it is cheap. They certainly have not sent any SPAM to me ever since I had help from them for my disabled family.

  11. If we sent you Spam Leo it would be in a tin - but as you come from Argentina - a country with the best meat in the world, we would not insult you. If our stairlifts had the same reputation as a Buenos Aires 'lomo' (fillet steak) we'd be very proud indeed. Chau, Che.

    Keith Castle Comfort Stairlfts,


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