Monday 21 February 2011

Stairlifts Berkshire

Click the Castleto find new or reconditioned stairlifts in Berkshire Today on visiting Stannah stairlifts Hampshire factory and headquarters HRH Charles Windsor the Prince of Wales apparently joked to staff that he knew who to call to get a complimentary lift in his old age. The prince supposedly said he was "reaching rapidly a state of decrepitude" and wouldn't mind trying a stairlift out. He also praised family firms, especially successful British ones. Well he may have spent time growing up in Balmoral Castle or Windsor Castle in Berkshire but we could speculate that it might be another Castle he would need if he ever retired to Windsor, Berkshire or neighbouring Hampshire and needed a stairlift. Yes, we would welcome a call from the Royal Household to this other successful family owned stairlifts business. For Stairlifts Berkshire from an approved Stannah partner Castle Comfort Stairlifts covers the South East including the Berkshire region for Stairlifts from their London office. The number to call is 0207 717 9797. Tally ho!

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Friday 11 February 2011

Stairlifts in Glasgow | Paisley | Clydebank | Hamilton

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If however, you are looking for fascinating facts about the area then feel free to read on.

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and the 3rd most populated in the UK after London and Birmingham, two more big city locations where we have a stairlifts installations office. In the late 19th and early 20th century its famous Clyde shipbuilding industries propelled the city into being the 4th largest in Europe after London, Paris and Berlin. Then after a shipping decline the city has had a rennaisance as renovation and rebuilding has now changed the industrial landscape, bringing with it the 1990 title of European Capital of Culture, which was the first non-capital city in the world to win such a prize. People joke about the broad Glasgow patter that only locals can understand and popularised by TV comedian Rab C.Nesbitt, but the truth of the matter is that according to a survey found here the Glasgow accent is top for social attractiveness. Rab also popularised an unappealing stereotype of a Glaswegian guy with a can of lager in his hand day and night. Little did we know he was in fact advertising the local Glasgow brewery and notable large employer Tennents who supply two thirds of the lager market in Scotland. Not every Glaswegian is like Rab and his family though. The city is sporty too and is to be the host of the 2014 Commonwealth Games at the Scottish National Indoor Sports Arena. They also are host to the "Old Firm" its two rival football teams Celtic FC and Glasgow Rangers. The two clubs are the most successful in Scotland, having won between them 67 Scottish Cups, 40 Scottish League Cups and 95 Scottish League championships. They both have large support bases around Glasgow, but also have supporters clubs in most towns throughout Scotland and in many cities around the world. The presence of Rangers and Celtic has been estimated to be worth £120 million to the Scottish economy. Glasgow the city has a fantastic range of shopping venues. The Buchanan Galleries and the St.Enoch Centre are a couple of the biggest shopping centre destinations for shoppers. However you will not be able to get your stairlifts from them so instead call us on 0141 278 3929 for your free advice and help. Here's what our latest customer from Glasgow had to say "Keith from Castle Comfort Stairlifts turned out to be "the man"; he provided the best service I have encountered for many years regardless of the business. My mother can now start re-using her upstairs with ease and I cannot recommend this company enough." See his genuine testimonial on this Stairlifts maps entry. As with all our regional Stairlifts Blogs, we have the main towns around the Glasgow area, along with a selection of noteable residents – past and present. It’s always remarkable, how many people do not know just who comes from their own town. William Wallace (Elderslie) – historical warrior who fought against the English. Robbie Coltrane (Rutherglen) – actor. Paolo Nutini (Paisley) – singer-songwriter. James McAvoy – actor. Gordon Ramsey (Johnstone) – TV chef. Billy Connolly – comedian. Andrew Marr – journalist. Alex Ferguson (Govan) – football manager. If you know of any more famous people from the area then let us know in the comments.

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Thursday 10 February 2011

Stairlifts Coventry | Warwickshire | Leamington | Rugby

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This blog is part of a series from Castle Comfort Stairlifts that profiles the Coventry areas we serve and where our stairlift offices are plus facts about the region. Also we will give you links to stairlift information or frequently asked questions about stairlifts to guide you in making the best decision for your family.

Coventry is known for its cathedral and for being the second biggest city in the Midlands after Birmingham, another place that has one of our stairlifts installation offices in.

It also has an historic past having originally established itself as a cloth and linen trading centre in the Middle Ages. In the Industrial Revolution it became a centre of excellence for clock and watch making and when foreign imports led to its decline the skilled workforce moved into other engineering. This turned Coventry into the centre of car engineering and manufacture in the UK.

There are many families locally that have had relatives or know someone who worked in one of the areas car firms. In fact the list of Coventry motor companies includes such well-known names as Jaguar, Hillman, Ferguson Tractor, Humber, Triumph, Rover, Sunbeam-Talbot and Daimler plus many other lesser known firms. It's no surprise to us that some of the best stairlifts engineers live local to Coventry too, and they are only a phone call away on 02476 249100 or 0800 007 6959

Warwickshire is the wider county and includes the main towns of Nuneaton, Rugby, Warwick, Leamington and Stratford. The birthplace of Shakespeare who was the greatest writer in the English language, the county is also famous for its Bears. Not the wild animals, it's the nickname of Warwickshire County Cricket Club, one of the Big 6 first class cricket teams. Confusingly for non-cricket fans they are based in Birmingham not Warwick. At their peak in the late 80's and early 90's they won the Natwest Trophy scoring a record score in the final, and in 1994 they claimed the treble, winning the County Championship, Axa Equity & Law League (now National Cricket League) and the Benson & Hedges Cup. It was also when cricketing legend Brian Lara made his unbeaten world record 501 not out against Durham for Warwickshire.

Leamington became famous as a spa town when people found out about the mineral-rich waters, as it was until the 1800's a small village of 300 people. People could take baths and drink the water and according to the history of the Royal Pump Rooms :- "The Spa treatment was claimed to cure, or relieve, a huge number of disorders - examples being 'stiffness of the tendons', 'rigidity of the joints', 'the effects of gout and rheumatism and various paralytic conditions'." Of course nowadays people suffering those conditions have other aids to help them such as those found through Castle Comfort. Not only are they able to install stairlifts throughout the Coventry area, they can also arrange other mobility products like riser recliner chairs, bath lifts, wheelchairs or adjustable electric beds too.

Rugby is known worldwide for being the birthplace of Rugby the game in the 1800's. Supposedly a pupil at Rugby school picked up the ball and ran to the opponents goal to score with it. "Handball!" Rather than suffer a penalty or direct free kick those Rugby lads, obviously skilled at debate and negotiation with the ref, decided to rename the game Rugby football and change its rules instead!

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Wednesday 2 February 2011

Stairlifts Blackpool / Fleetwood / Lytham / Southport

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This blog is part of a series from Castle Comfort Stairlifts that profiles the Blackpool areas we serve and where our stairlift offices are plus facts about the region. Also we will give you links to stairlift information or frequently asked questions about stairlifts to guide you in making the best decision for your family.

Blackpool is the most popular holiday destination within the UK attracting more tourists each year than London. Blessed with it's 7 miles of sandy beaches, 3 piers and it's spectacular illuminations it's no surprise that many older folk choose to retire to "Britains favourite seaside destination," to take advantage of the coastal climate, warm northern hospitality and reasonable living costs. It's iconic Blackpool Tower, modelled after the Eiffel tower in Paris, has a lift to get you easily to the top for the scenic views from 38o ft up. Otherwise it will take you 536 steps to get to the top of this building, something which their engineers have to do. Luckily our Blackpool stairlifts engineers are well practiced at a more modest 13 step stair lift installation at a modest price too.

Can you imagine curved stairlifts riding to the top of the Blackpool Tower? It's such a landmark that on a clear day you would be seen gliding up it from as far away as Barrow-in-Furness, Lancaster, Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, Chorley, Lytham and Southport! The whole of Cheshire can be seen.

Aswell as the tower itself there are other attractions in the building at the base. Firstly the Tower ballroom where Strictly Come Dancing has its finale shows. There is also an aquarium, a 1700 capacity family pub and shortly a Blackpool Tower Dungeon attraction featuring special effects and a scary ride.

More rides than you can shake a stick at are to be found at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. This family owned amusement park started in 1896 and is still run by members of the same family. The longest serving chairman of the company who was still running the company aged 101, oversaw the installs of rides like Ice Blast, Valhalla and Europes tallest and fastest rollercoaster The Pepsi Max Big One. A scary ride isn't something your family member will get when they climb stairs on super safe and steady new stairlifts from Castle Comfort Stairlifts!

Blackpool also claims 12 entertainment venues in one location with its Winter Gardens venues like the Empress Ballroom and Opera House hosting everything from West End shows, world class ballroom and other dance competitions aswell as the World Matchplay Darts championships. Stoke on Trent's own Phil "The Power" Taylor has won this championship more times than any other darts player securing an unbeaten 28 consecutive match wins. He is also the current championship holder.

Another sport that Blackpool is now known for is its football. Blackpool FC are now in the premiership having scaled a record breaking four division climb to the top flight, as can be seen from the graph above and they also hold the record for being promoted through all four divisions via the playoffs.

Fleetwood is Blackpool's near neighbour and serves as a quieter contrast to the buzz of Blackpool. Orginally one of the top 3 fishing ports in the UK it has had tourism, fish processing and port activity as its main industries. However it's most famous export now isn't its fish, its the Fishermen's Friends lozenges which are exported to over a hundred countries. Some abroad aren't taken by the original flavour designed to soothe the throat and chests of Lancashire folk with a cough so they are now available in cherry, apple and cinnamon and lemon flavours too.

Lytham St. Annes is most well known nowadays for its Golf Links having 4 championship courses including the Royal Lytham & St. Anne's, which is used for the British Open. Situated on the River Ribble the town attracts many visitors who come to see the estimated quarter of a million migrating birds who land here for a rest stop on their journey to and from home. Fairhaven Lake has an RSPB centre for this aswell as hiring sailboats and canoes for visitors. Lytham boasts quiet parks, flower displays & historic houses like the Lytham Windmill. Residents can promenade on the front and visitors can admire the 5 mile beach and sand dunes. There are many upmarket shops and restaurants here and for the older resident tennis courts & bowls are available at Lowther Gardens.

Southport is another seaside resort that is known for the 2nd longest and oldest pier in the country. It has lots to amuse the family on a traditional seaside break although what is not that well known is that Emperor Napoleon, the last King of France lived for 2 years on Lord Street in Southport. At the time Lord Street had many elegant buildings and wide tree lined roads around it. It is believed he took these design ideas and incorporated them when he rebuilt Paris in the late 1800's. The town hosts an annual air show, Southport flower show and also a Sandgrounder Beer Festival. The town is probably best known for golf, being situated on the Golf Coast with its large number of local courses. The Royal Birkdale Golf Club is situated in the dunes to the south of the town and is one of the venues of The Open Championship. It has also hosted two Ryder Cups.

As with all our regional Stairlifts Blogs, we have the main towns in the Blackpool region, along with a selection of noteable residents – past and present. It’s always remarkable, how many people do not know just who comes from their own town.

Zoe Ball - TV and radio presenter

Ricky Tomlinson - actor/comedian

John Mahoney -actor

Frank Carson – comedian. Alistair Cooke – journalist and commentator. Steven Croft – cricketer.

Lytham St Annes
Les Dawson – comedian.
George Formby - Singer songwriter and comedian


Keith Harris – ventriloquist.

Andy Summers – guitarist for The Police.

Paul Stewart – professional footballer.


Kelsey-Beth Crossley – Emmerdale actress.

Charles Kay Ogden – linguist, philosopher and writer.

Syd Little - half of comedy duo Little and Large

Wes Newton - Darts player

If you know of any more famous names from the Blackpool region for our stairlifts blog then mention them in the comments. We will gladly add them in.

Blackpool News

The local council at Blackpool didn't make themselves too popular when they
suddenly removed a Blackpool stairlift that a 90 year old war veteran was depending on.
Press national and local reported it as well as the BBC.

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