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Stairlifts Aberdeen – Scotland Stairlifts

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Castle Comfort Stairlifts offers top brand stairlifts, keen prices and fast installs for all those seeking stairlifts in Aberdeen, Scotland . And all work comes with our no-quibble guarantees and famous customer service satisfaction.
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Stairlifts Aberdeen – Stairlifts Scotland

Castle Comfort Stair Lifts says ‘Hello Aberdonians’ we’re heading your way.  Yes we’ve come to Aberdeen in Scotland, sometimes called the Granite City.

Aberdeen is Scotland’s third largest city with over 42,000 retired folk living here.  Statistics suggest that there will also be just over a 1,000 people who already have stairlifts in the area.  We know statistics change by the minute which is why we keep count – see our scrolling counters on the homepage of our website.

If any further Aberdonians feel the need for a stairlift to give them back their independence and make their whole home accessible again, give us a call and we will give you as much information as you need to choose the right stairlift for you.  Call us on  01244 421214  .

More about Aberdeen
Back to Granite City!  Aberdeen got this nickname as many of its buildings between the 18th and mid 20th century included some locally quarried granite.  The granite gives the buildings a sort of sparkle which has also encouraged the name Silver City with Golden Sands – the latter a reference to its long sandy coastline.

Quarrying local granite is one of the oldest ‘trades’ from the area with a 300 year history.
Granite quarried in the region has been used to build the terraces of the Houses of Parliament and Waterloo Bridge in London.  More locally Union Street in Aberdeen, the main shopping street is called Granite Mile – for obvious reasons.  Granite quarrying stopped at the beginning of the 1970’s.

Other traditional industries in Aberdeen included fishing, paper-making, textiles and shipbuilding.
All of these industries have faded and disappeared though there is still one working paper-mill in Aberdeen, Stoneyford Paper Mill.

The fishing industry is also less important now; with overfishing and the harbour now servicing the oil industry, Aberdeen has lost its importance as a fishing town.

In this natural evolution of a city’s economy, Aberdeen has built up the electronics design and development industry, agricultural research and of course the oil industry which has been responsible for most of its growth in the latter half of the 20th century.

North Sea oil was first discovered in the 1960’s.  Aberdeen services a great many North Sea oil fields and has earned the name of Oil Capital of Europe.  As oil supplies dwindle and developments into new energies emerge, there is movement afoot to get it changed into Energy Capital of Europe.

Also due to the oil industry, Aberdeen has one of the busiest commercial heliports in the world and its seaport is the largest in North East Scotland.

At the beginning of last year (2011) Aberdeen was named the ‘one to watch’.  Aberdeen is one of five cities in the UK which could help us climb out of recession because a high number of its population are employed; there is a profusion of skilled workers and an increase in average weekly earnings.  All this because of its rapidly growing economy, size and the oil reserves.

Aberdeen did you knows?
·         Aberdeen has won the Britain in Bloom competition run by the Royal Horticultural Society 10 times – that’s record breaking!

·         In the winter and December in particular Aberdeen only has about 6.5 hours of daylight on average

·         The local paper – Aberdeen Press & Journal is the 3rd oldest English language newspaper in the world having been established in 1747

·         Laurence of Arabia took sanctuary in the nearby village of Collieston after his heroic escapades in World War I

·         In 1909 Houdini performed one of his greatest escapes in Aberdeen Harbour – he was handcuffed, chained and thrown into the sea

·         Champion golfer Jack Nicklaus is designing a new golf course in the region as part of a £40K luxury leisure development

Scottish food

Though not directly linked to Aberdeen, we thought we couldn’t leave this country without mentioned some of foods directly linked to this northerly part of the UK.


This traditional drink is now made to strict legislation.  For instance Scotch Whiskey must be made and distilled in Scotland; it is a mix of water and malted barley which is fermented with yeast and then distilled for at least 3 years in an oak barrel.  Nothing is added except water and caramel colouring.  It has to have a minimum alcoholic strength of 40%.

Beware of taking a wee dram before getting on your stairlift!  Though it could make the ascent fly by!  Castle Comfort Stair Lifts can advise which stairlift is best for your home; we supply a range of curved, straight and perch stair or chairlifts as they’re sometimes called.  We represent all the UK’s manufacturers as national agents so will be sure to give you fair stairlift comparisons.

If you’d like to know more take a look at our site or give us a call on 01224 421 214.

Back to some of Scotland’s finest ...

This savoury pudding is made of sheep’s offal minced with onion, oatmeal and salt, then mixed with stock and traditionally wrapped in the sheep’s stomach.  Most commercial prepared Haggis is wrapped in a casing like sausages.  It is traditionally eaten on Burns Night with neeps (turnip or swede) and tatties (potato) and a dram of whiskey.

Out of Aberdeen
Aberdeen has had its fair share of celebrities over the years who have either been born here, lived here or have connections with the city.  Here’s a few of them:

·         The poet Lord Byron was raised here.  Byron had an aristocratic heritage being the 6th Baron Byron who liked to live his life to excess which included huge debts, numerous love affairs, rumours of a scandalous incestuous liaison with his half-sister and self-imposed exile.  His one time lover Lady Caroline Lamb described him as ‘mad, bad and dangerous to know’.  Some thought he suffered from a bipolar disorder or manic depression.

·         Singer Annie Lennox was born here.  She sang with the Tourists and then with Dave Stewart; the duo formed the Eurythmics and went onto achieve international success.  Annie has won 8 Brit Awards and has been named ‘Brits Champion of Champions’.

·         Architect James Gibbs was also born in Aberdeen back in 1682.  He was one of Britain’s most influential architects.  He trained in Rome and practised mostly in England.  Some of his most important works are still revered today – St Martins in the Fields in London and the round Radcliffe Camera with its domed roof in Oxford.

·         One of the best horse trainers, Sir Henry Cecil is an Aberdonian.  He has won the title of Champion Trainer 10 times; this accolade is awarded to the trainer whose horses win the most money in a season.  He is the Master Trainer at Royal Ascot where he has had more than 70 wins – more than any of his competitors.

·         Footballer Dennis Law who played for Scotland of course and Manchester United comes from Aberdeen.  There is a statue of him at Old Trafford.

Aberdeen in fiction
Aberdeen has featured in a number of fictional stories:
·         In one of Ian Rankin’s novels: Black & Blue

·         Ken Follett’s wartime novel Eye of a Needle takes place partly in Aberdeen

·         Sarah Jane Smith a character in one of the Dr Who series wakes up in Aberdeen instead of her home town Croydon

·         Groundskeeper Willie in The Simpsons if often heard saying ‘Go Aberdeen’

·         Star Trek’s Scottie describes himself as ‘an old Aberdeen pub crawler’ in the episode Wolf in the fold – but like Groundskeeper Willie he doesn’t have an Aberdonian accent

Ok we’ve come to the end of our short tour.  Don’t forget that Castle Comfort Stair Lifts can help you in your search for a stairlift.  Take at look at our stairlift prices and remember we do reconditioned ones – usually straight ones as curved stairlifts are made to measure to fit your staircase.  There are grants and 0% finance available if it helps.

Give us a call on  01244 421214   to book an assessment today.

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Stairlifts Edinburgh – Scotland Stairlifts

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Castle Comfort Stairlifts offers top brand stairlifts, keen prices and fast installs for all those seeking stairlifts in Edinburgh, Scotland . And all work comes with our no-quibble guarantees and famous customer service satisfaction.
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Stairlifts Edinburgh – Stairlifts Scotland

Edinburgh a hill fort town certainly since the 12th century is the capital and second largest city in Scotland; it’s also the home of the Scottish Parliament.

If you live in Edinburgh’s craggy and hilly terrain and are finding the stairs in your home a problem, then it’s time to call Castle Comfort Stair Lifts to see how we can help.

We’ve been in the stairlift business for more than 12 years so we know a thing or two about them.  We supply a wide range of stairlifts or chairlifts as they are sometimes known; ones that fit straight or curved staircases.  We are happy to come and talk to you about which you need for your home, weight and mobility levels.  For instance if you are unable to sit or bend your knees we can supply a perch stairlift.  You can see our stairlift comparisons on our website.  In the meantime please give us a call so we can assess your needs:  0131 2420 046 .

Seat of the King of Scotland
Edinburgh is also the location of Holyrood Palace, home of the Scottish monarchy.  In the 17th century James VI of Scotland also became James I of England when Elizabeth I died without a direct heir.  James as son of Mary Queen of Scots became King of both countries whilst the countries remained separate.  It was this joining together of the Scottish and English crown which brought the blue background and the white diagonal cross to the Union Jack flag of Great Britain.

A hundred years earlier Edinburgh had been the seat of the Scottish Reformation when Scotland broke with the papacy.  Just as other European countries also made the break, the Scottish Reformation resulted in the formation of the Church of Scotland.

The Enlightenment
By the 18th century, Edinburgh lead by Edinburgh University was at the centre of the Enlightenment.  This period promoted the sciences, intellectual thought and the exchange of ideas.  It was a cultural movement that spread across Europe.  It earned Edinburgh the nick name of the Athens of the North.  The name reflects its Greco-Roman architecture in the New Town and equally its intellectual group who led the Enlightenment certainly in Scotland; they and were influential across Europe.

In Edinburgh some of the most famous thinkers of the 18th century included
·         Author and poet Sir Walter Scott

·         Philosopher David Hume

·         Architect and interior designer Robert Adam

·         Artist David Wilkie

·         National poet of Scotland Robbie Burns

·         Physician and geologist James Hutton

·         Philosopher and economist Adam Smith

Edinburgh’s heritage
Recently both Old and New Towns in Edinburgh have been made World Heritage Sites for their special cultural and physical significance.  The Old Town is medieval whilst the New Town was planned Georgian.  Edinburgh has more than 4,500 listed buildings and 40 conservation areas which includes 23% of the buildings.

Feel like you should be listed and preserved?  If you are feeling less sprightly than you used to and still want to be able to negotiate every floor in your Georgian pile, Castle Comfort Stair Lifts can almost certainly help.

A stairlift can definitely improve your independence so that you can still get around your home.  Checkout our stairlift prices and then give us a call on  0131 2420 046 to discuss what you need.  Remember we do reconditioned stairlifts as well.

Culture of a different sort
Every August since 1947 Edinburgh has concentrated on another kind of culture with the Edinburgh Festival which also includes the International Festival.  This is serious theatre from across the world.

In the same inaugural year, Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival began lead by 8 gate-crashing companies excluded from the main festival who put on their own festival.  Now Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival is the biggest of its kind in the world.  Performances takes place in many venues most of them not theatres as we know them – halls, churches, even sports gyms – bringing together brave new plays and performers as well as the more practiced.

There are a number of other festivals that have sprung up around these main events including the Comedy Festival which is technically part of the Fringe Festival, a Television Festival, a Book Festival, an Interactive Festival, a Jazz and Blues Festival and an Art Festival.  The Film Festival now takes place in June though originally it too took place in August.

The festivals attract more than 1 million overseas visitors to the city every summer.

The intellectual and the famous
As well as the notable Edinburgh people connected with the Enlightenment, Edinburgh also has connections with a number of other famous people.

·         Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone was born at 16 South Charlotte St where there is an inscription plaque on wall today denoting this fact.  Bell was educated at Edinburgh University

·         Charles Darwin who ‘discovered’ natural selection also went to Edinburgh University

·         Sir Ian Wilmut is the Director of the British Medical Research Centre at Edinburgh University; he is an embryologist best known for cloning Dolly the Sheep – now an exhibit at the National Museum of Scotland

·         The creator of Sherlock Homes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was born in Edinburgh

·         As was Robert Louis Stevenson the author of Treasure Island and Kidnapped

·         Award winning novelist Muriel Spark whose most famous novel is The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie also claimed Edinburgh as her place of birth

·         A more recent author and once Tutor of Literature at Edinburgh University is Ian Rankin who writes about Inspector Rebus

·         And of course we couldn’t miss out J K Rowling who famously wrote her first Harry Potter in Edinburgh coffee shops whilst living here

·         Two other famous residents are the James Bond original Sean Connery and comedian Ronnie Corbett, one half of the Two Ronnies

·         The former Prime Minister Tony Blair was born in Edinburgh

·         Scottish football player Kenny Miller was born in Edinburgh and began his career playing for Edinburgh Club Hibernian

·         Former Scotland football player and manager and captain of Liverpool Graeme Souness was born in Edinburgh

·         Currently playing for Huddersfield Town, Gary Naysmith is another Scottish footballer born in this city; he originally played for the other Edinburgh team Hearts of Midlothian

·         Another football son of the city John Greig went on to play for Glasgow team Rangers where he appeared 755 times!

·         Last but not least, Sweetie Sandy aka Alexander Ferguson moved to Edinburgh from Glasgow and set up a confectionary business.  His biggest achievement was the invention of the recipe for Edinburgh Rock which made him very rich.

With a growing population of almost half a million, you may still be surprised to known that approximately two and a half thousand people in Edinburgh own or use stairlifts in their homes.  These figures are collected by Castle Comfort Stair Lifts on our scrolling counter on our website homepage – approximately 2.6% of the retired population own stairlifts, that’s approximately 2,500 in Edinburgh.  Take a look for yourselves here.

If you need to join the throng and get a stairlift of your own, please give us a call to see how we can help not just with supplying but also with installation and maintaining your stairlift.  Contact us on  0131 2420 046 .

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Stairlifts Glasgow – Scotland Stairlifts

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Stairlifts Glasgow

Castle Comfort Stair Lifts has now got an office in Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland and the 3rd biggest in the UK after London and Birmingham.  See us listed on glasgowonline.co.uk

With a population of over half a million you won’t be surprised to know that about 3,000 already use stairlifts to assist them to gain access to the upstairs floors in their homes.  How do we know this?  We know that approximately 2.6% of the retired population own stairlifts - you can see the constantly changing statistics on the counter at the bottom of our home page.

If you are looking for a stairlift, or as they are sometimes called, a chairlift, then you have come to the right place.  We know just about all there is to know about them having been in the business for more than 15 years and are agents for all UK manufacturers.  Take a look around our site to see the types of stairlifts we offer, comparisons and stairlift prices and if you still have questions please give us a call on  0141 278 3929 .

Famous people of Glasgow
Glasgow is linked to two Mackintoshes.  The first is Charles, a scientist and chemical manufacturer, who invented rubberised material - actually sealing two pieces of rubber together - that is waterproof and was made into the first raincoat or mackintosh!

Glasgow actually has an average of 165 rainy days every year though it is generally warmer than other cities on the same line i.e. Moscow and Copenhagen!  I wonder if it was the rain that inspired this invention?

The second of course is Charles Rennie Mackintosh, architect and artist who was part of the Arts and Crafts Movement.  He was born in the city and had a big influence on European design.  He won a travelling scholarship to study classic architecture and returned to the city to work with Honeyman & Keppie eventually becoming a partner.

His signature architecture includes strong right angles and floral decorative motifs.  The Mackintosh Rose is his iconic decoration for which he is probably best known now.  He designed the Glasgow School of Art and several other buildings in Glasgow.  Like fellow designer Frank Lloyd Wright he specified a lot of the interior design and furniture for his buildings.  Evidence of his furniture can be seen at The Willow Tearooms in Glasgow.  The Charles Rennie Mackintosh HQ in Glasgow is based in a church, Queen’s Cross which Mackintosh designed.

More recent famous people
Is a city defined by its famous and notable people?  Certainly not entirely but the list of notable people from Glasgow is vast from sportsmen and women to those in the entertainment industry to politicians.  Here’s a little taste of some better known Glaswegian celebrities:

·         Douglas Alexander is currently the Shadow Foreign Secretary and held various positions in Blair and then Brown’s governments

·         Frankie Boyle, the controversial black-humoured comedian who was a regular on TV’s Mock the Week until 2009

·         Academy Award and BAFTA winning actor Peter Capaldi is probably best known for his performance as Malcolm Tucker in the sitcom The Thick of It

·         Actor Robert Carlyle has appeared in many films and TV productions including Trainspotting, The Full Monty and 28 Weeks Later

·         Billy Connolly an influential comedian was born in Glasgow; he is married to actress, comedienne and psychologist Pamela Stephenson

·         Actor Robbie Coltrane famous for the TV series Cracker and playing Hagrid in the Harry Potter films

·         Glaswegian actor Gordon Jackson who is probably best known as Mr Hudson in the original Upstairs Downstairs series

·         The all singing and dancing actor John Barrowman was born in Glasgow but grew up in Illinois; he is best known for his roles in Dr Who and Torchwood

·         Glaswegian singer Lulu famous for her full-on voice and ‘Shout!’

·         Lorraine Kelly, smiling TV presenter

·         Bill Forsyth – film director came to fame for Gregory’s Girl and went on to make Local Hero and Comfort and Joy

·         Clare Grogan the Glaswegian actress/singer well known for playing Susan in the film Gregory’s Girl and singing with Altered Images, remember the song Happy Birthday?

·         Actor John Hannah has appeared in many films including Four Weddings and Funeral and Sliding Doors

·         Sir Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United was born in Glasgow and now lives in the ‘footballer belt’ in Wilmslow, Cheshire

·         Tennis player Andy Murray was born in Glasgow and has played tennis to international standards, now seeded no 4 in the world rankings.  Murray attended Dunblane Primary School and was present when the school massacre occurred.  Murray took cover in a classroom; Thomas Hamilton killed 17 students and teachers before turning the gun on himself.  Murray says he was too young to understand and is very reluctant to talk about the incident.  In his autobiography Murray mentioned that he attended a youth group run by Hamilton

Castle Comfort Stair Lifts certainly want to help you avoid any sort of tragedy or accident whilst retaining  your independence and accessibility to your whole property.  We can advise just which stairlift will work for you in your home best: straight, curved or perch.

Straight stairlifts are easy to install as they are the simplest form; curved are for curved staircases and take a little longer and cost a little more; perch stairlifts are for those of you who can’t bend your knees.  We have it all covered!

If you’d like us to come and assess your home and your needs please give us a call on  0141 278 3929 .

More about Glasgow
Situated on the banks of the River Clyde Glasgow became a real hub of Scottish Enlightenment during the 18th century.  This period of ‘intellectual and scientific accomplishments’ is perhaps best explained by the number of well remembered Scotsmen who were a part of it:  Adam Smith, philosopher and political economist, David Hume, philosophist, poet Robbie (Rabbie) Burns, Adam Ferguson ‘Father of modern sociology’, Joseph Black physician and chemist and James Hutton, physician and geologist.

During this time Glasgow grew into one of the main transatlantic hubs for trade with America and the West Indies.  The main commodities were tobacco, cotton and sugar.  By the end of the 18th century most of the tobacco trade of the British Isles was concentrated in Glasgow creating a group of merchants who became known as the Tobacco Lords.  This group made enormous amounts of money from trading tobacco and built themselves fine mansions on the outskirts of the city.  They lived a sober opulence – their Calvanist backgrounds ensuring they remained looking sober not decadent!

During industrialisation Glasgow became known for its shipbuilding, marine engineering and its many industrialists who built this industry.  The shipbuilding industry stayed buoyant into the 20th century with many transatlantic liners built here including RMS Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary and the QE2.

Football madness
Glasgow has two main football clubs both playing in the Premier League: Rangers FC who’ve literally gone into administration this month after 140 years and Celtic FC.  As in other cities where there are two clubs i.e. Manchester, there is great rivalry between these two clubs.  Celtic was formed and named to reflect its origins of Irish and Scottish backgrounds who were mainly Roman Catholic whilst Rangers was formed mainly by Protestant Unionists.  Their sectarian backgrounds still air via the songs the fans sing!

No matter what your background or what songs you feel like singing, we are here to help you.  A stairlift can make the world of difference to your life.  If you need help financing your purchase remember there are grants and 0% finance available to assist you as well as our £50 off voucher.

Get in touch with us now to tie up the details on  0141 278 3929 .

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Stairlifts North Staffordshire - Newcastle | Kidsgrove | Madeley | Loggerheads

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According to the latest report from Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council there will be some more money available this year for stairlifts and other mobility adaptations under local applications for Disabled Facility Grants (DFG's). 

Last financial year the local authority of Newcastle under Lyme Borough Council actually ran out of money for DFG's (that help prove stairlifts grants) four months earlier than expected which unfortunately might have caused some delays for those in most need.

The Disabled Facility Grants are means tested and require an Occupational Therapist assessment from the area Community Intervention Service.  If Newcastle Borough residents don't have funds available in terms of capital then an alternative is to buy a stairlift on a 0% APR 1 year agreement, such as those offered by Castle Comfort Stairlifts.  Some example repayments are below together with the criteria:

Who qualifies? 
Simple - You need to be a homeowner
You need to have a telephone (mobile or land-line)
You need to have a bank account
YOU CAN BE RETIRED OR EMPLOYED (even self-employed)
(or even UNEMPLOYED!)

Examples –

   Cash Price    £1,000 - 12 payments of £83.33   =   £1,000    
   Cash price    £1,200 - 12 payments of £100.00  =  £1,200
   Cash price    £1,800 - 12 payments of £150.00 =   £1,800
   Cash price    £3,000 - 12 payments of £250.00 =   £3,000

Residents of the following areas would be eligible for the Newcastle Borough Council Grants scheme (though you can live anywhere in North Staffordshire, or indeed the UK to get a 0% Apr stairlift from Castle Comfort.)

1 - Audley and Bignall End
2 - Bradwell
3 - Butt Lane
4 - Chesterton
5 - Clayton
6 - Cross Heath
7 - Halmerend
8 - Holditch
9 - Keele
10 - Kidsgrove
11 - Knutton and Silverdale
12 - Loggerheads and Whitmore
13 - Madeley
14 - May Bank
15 - Newchapel
16 - Porthill
17 - Ravenscliffe
18 - Seabridge
19 - Silverdale and Parksite
20 - Talke
21 - Thistleberry
22 - Town
23 - Westlands
24 - Wolstanton

The Council will be receiving £500,000 from the government this year which it will put together with £250,000 of council funds towards its housing capital programme for disabled access adaptations.  The local councillor Robin Studd had said that although they would aim to help as many people in need as possible it might still not be enough money because of the growing demand from the rising elderly population.

If you have a need for a stairlift then contact us to see if we can get you an alternative stairlift grant source or to proceed with a 0% finance purchase.  Call Ann or Keith on 01782 611 411 today!


Tuesday 21 February 2012

Stairlifts Wolverhampton – West Midlands Stairlifts

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Give us a call today on 01902 489 422  If however, you are looking for fascinating facts about the area then feel free to read on.

Stairlifts Wolverhampton – Stairlifts West Midlands

Here we are in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands so hello Wulfrunians or Yam Yams if you prefer!  These nicknames sometimes seem quite bizarre.  The term Wulfrunians comes from the history of the town; Wolverhampton is named after one Lady Wulfrun who is said to have founded a ‘landed estate’ at the place now known as Wolverhampton.  This was in the year 985; prior to this she had founded a convent at Tamworth.  You’ll still find references around the town to Wulfrun i.e. The Wulfrun Centre or Wulfrun Hall.

Wolverhampton has a nickname of its own and is often called Wolves or even Wolvo.

Castle Comfort Stair Lifts’ Wolverhampton office is happy to help anyone in the area looking for a stairlift for themselves or a loved one.  We know that approximately 1,200 retired people in the area already own one; you can see how we keep up to date with figures via the rolling counter on our homepage.

We know these figures change constantly so if you find yourself in need of mobile assistance up and down the stairs, check our stairlift comparison, see if you like our stairlift prices and give us a call on  01902 489 422  for more information.

Wolverhampton Wanderers
Wolverhampton’s Premier League Football Club is also affectionately known as Wolves.  It is one of the oldest Football Clubs in the UK and one of the 12 founder members of the Football League.

Over the years Wolves have won 2 FA Cups and 2 League cups and have reached the final of the UEFA Cup.  They have had a number of high profile players including Billy Wright, Emlyn Hughes, Wayne Clarke, Robbie Keane and Wayne Hennesy amongst them.  Famous managers include Tommy Docherty, Graham Taylor and Glen Hoddle.

Wolverhampton’s timeline
As a small market town, it was once famous for its wool production; by the Industrial Revolution it had become a major industrial town with coal and limestone mining and iron ore at its core; followed by the production of steel, japanning (Asian lacquer work), locks – Chubb locks still have a presence in the town - motorcycles and cars.  Now its economy is engineering based including the aerospace industry and the service sector.  How times change!

Car production in Wolverhampton has been lead by Sunbeam who had previously built bicycles and then motorcycles.  Along with their Sunbeam cars all carried the trademark brand name Sunbeam.
British composer Edward Elgar was a big Wolverhampton Wanderers fan and often travelled to games on his bicycle – a Royal Sunbeam of course.

They built several cars that beat the land speed record including the first car to break the record at over 200 mph.  The car a Mystery aka Sunbeam 1000hp broke the record at Daytona Beach in 1927 driven by Henry Segrave.  The car is now on show at Beaulieu Motor Museum in Hampshire.

Sunbeam also built several Grand Prix winners too – it was the only British make to win a Grand Prix in the first half of the 20th century.

Sunbeam Talbots were built for the road up until the beginning of the 1980’s.

Another car producer in Wolverhampton was Kieft Cars best known for Formula Three cars in the 1950’s and for Stirling Moss as their driver.

Are you built for the road?  Or have you seen better days ... if your wheels aren’t running as smoothly as they once were, Castle Comfort Stair Lifts are here to help.  We can fit a stairlift to meet your requirements and those of your staircase in no time at all!  We can literally complete the installation within an hour once we’ve assessed which stairlift is for you.

And our after service care is second to none so that you can be sure that your stairlift won’t leave you stranded at the top or the bottom.  Why not give us a call now to get the wheels turning on  01902 489 422 .

Celebrities of Wolverhampton
Footballer Billy Wright played for Wolverhampton Wanderers throughout his football career and captained them to win the FA Cup 3 times in the 1950’s.  Wright joined Wolves as ground staff and played his first game for a B team at age 14; by 17 he was playing for them professionally give or take a break or two during WWII when the club didn’t play.  Wright also played for England more than 100 times, captaining the England side on 90 occasions.

Richard Attwood aka Dickie was born in Wolverhampton and was ‘bitten by the motor racing bug’ at an early age.  He raced Formula Ones for the BRM, Lotus and Cooper teams during his career and won the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1970 driving a Porsche.

British Javelin Thrower Tessa Sanderson grew up in Wolverhampton and competed in 6 Olympic games.  She won gold in 1984.

Gold medallist Denise Lewis is a Wolverhampton girl.  She specialises in the Heptathlon made up of 7 track and field events.  She won her gold medal at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney.

One of the directors of Wolves FC is Baroness Rachael Heyhoe-Flint best known as a cricketer.  She captained England’s Women’s Cricket Team for more than 10 years and played in 22 test cricket matches.

British soul singer Beverly Knight hails from Wolverhampton; Robert Plant singer with the legendary Led Zeppelin grew up in the area; Jamelia lives in here; Kevin Rowland front man in Dexy’s Midnight Runners is also from Wolverhampton.

Comedienne and actress Meera Syal was born in Wolverhamptom.  Actress Frances Barber was also born here, whilst comedian Eric Idle part of the Monty Python team went to school here.

One other celebrity we must mention is food writer and television presenter Nigel Slater who was born here and spent the early years of his life in the town.

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