Wednesday 22 February 2012

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According to the latest report from Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council there will be some more money available this year for stairlifts and other mobility adaptations under local applications for Disabled Facility Grants (DFG's). 

Last financial year the local authority of Newcastle under Lyme Borough Council actually ran out of money for DFG's (that help prove stairlifts grants) four months earlier than expected which unfortunately might have caused some delays for those in most need.

The Disabled Facility Grants are means tested and require an Occupational Therapist assessment from the area Community Intervention Service.  If Newcastle Borough residents don't have funds available in terms of capital then an alternative is to buy a stairlift on a 0% APR 1 year agreement, such as those offered by Castle Comfort Stairlifts.  Some example repayments are below together with the criteria:

Who qualifies? 
Simple - You need to be a homeowner
You need to have a telephone (mobile or land-line)
You need to have a bank account
YOU CAN BE RETIRED OR EMPLOYED (even self-employed)
(or even UNEMPLOYED!)

Examples –

   Cash Price    £1,000 - 12 payments of £83.33   =   £1,000    
   Cash price    £1,200 - 12 payments of £100.00  =  £1,200
   Cash price    £1,800 - 12 payments of £150.00 =   £1,800
   Cash price    £3,000 - 12 payments of £250.00 =   £3,000

Residents of the following areas would be eligible for the Newcastle Borough Council Grants scheme (though you can live anywhere in North Staffordshire, or indeed the UK to get a 0% Apr stairlift from Castle Comfort.)

1 - Audley and Bignall End
2 - Bradwell
3 - Butt Lane
4 - Chesterton
5 - Clayton
6 - Cross Heath
7 - Halmerend
8 - Holditch
9 - Keele
10 - Kidsgrove
11 - Knutton and Silverdale
12 - Loggerheads and Whitmore
13 - Madeley
14 - May Bank
15 - Newchapel
16 - Porthill
17 - Ravenscliffe
18 - Seabridge
19 - Silverdale and Parksite
20 - Talke
21 - Thistleberry
22 - Town
23 - Westlands
24 - Wolstanton

The Council will be receiving £500,000 from the government this year which it will put together with £250,000 of council funds towards its housing capital programme for disabled access adaptations.  The local councillor Robin Studd had said that although they would aim to help as many people in need as possible it might still not be enough money because of the growing demand from the rising elderly population.

If you have a need for a stairlift then contact us to see if we can get you an alternative stairlift grant source or to proceed with a 0% finance purchase.  Call Ann or Keith on 01782 611 411 today!



  1. Seems Newcastle under Lyme is similar to neighbouring Stoke on Trent where grants for stairlifts are concerned.

  2. Absolutely. In my work in both the public and private sectors I have seen a definite shortfall in funding adaptations within local government. Families are having to fundraise themselves or even somtimes sell their car to raise money for mobility works and associated building adaptations.

  3. Very good payment facilities for which the products are available to all and the people of North Staffordshire - Newcastle should not think about whether you really need a stairlifts us. Good work Keith & Ann


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