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Stairlifts Walsall –West Midlands Stairlifts

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Stairlifts Walsall – Stairlifts West Midlands

Walsall in the West Midlands is a real mixed bag from an interesting modern art museum to one of the best known – but maybe not most-loved – voices in popular culture.  Yes everyone recognises Noddy Holder screaming out ‘It’s Christmas’ every year in the popular song, Merry Christmas Everybody!

Walsall is not left out when it comes to Castle Comfort Stair Lifts supply of stairlifts either.  Let’s not forget Walsall has a retired population of around 3,400, almost 900 of whom already own stairlifts.  We know this because of our minute by minute calculator which shows us just how many retired people there are country-wide and how many of them own stairlifts.  Intrigued?  Take a look at the bottom of our homepage.

Anyway we’re here in Walsall in the West Midlands to remind anyone looking for a stairlift that we have a good range as agents for all UK manufacturers.  We also have comprehensive stairlift comparisons for you to check and the stairlift prices we can offer.  You can contact us on  01902 489 422 .

Walsall means or at least the words it’s derived from ‘Walh halh’ means ‘Valley of the Celtic speakers’.

Although it started life as a settlement and grew to a small market town, little more than a village of 2,000 in the middle ages, by the 1900’s it had a population of around 86,000.  Industrialisation brought prosperity to the town by means of coal mining, limestone quarrying, metal working and manufacturing.  Walsall produced saddles, chains, buckles and plated ware.

Walsall was famous for its leather trade and is still the home of the English saddle industry.  There are still around 90 active leather companies in Walsall.

Now it is also home to a number of big businesses including the RAC’s control centre and T K Maxx’s regional depot, Homeserve plc and South Staffordshire Water.

Walsall Leather Museum
The museum dedicated to leather in Walsall is housed in an old leather factory and tells the story of Walsall’s connection to the trade.  At its peak 10,000 local people worked in the industry making saddles and bridles and other products including bags – 3 of these manufacturers held the Royal Warrant at one time.

Castle Comfort Stair Lifts DON’T have a Royal Warrant.  As yet our Queen who has reigned for 60 years this year and Prince Phillip are still pretty fit.  However if you want to feel like royalty and glide to the top of your stairs on a stairlift, we’re definitely the people to contact.

We can assess your staircase however grand to see which type of stairlift will work best for you.  If your staircase is grand and curved, a stairlift to cope with this may be a little more expensive as it will need to be custom made.  But if you don’t have ‘royal’ funds, there are grants and 0% finance to help you afford your stairlift.  And of course don’t forget our £50 voucher which you can use towards the cost – no one is too grand to take advantage of that!  Give us a call now to talk to us about what you need for your pile, 01902 489 422

The New Art Gallery in Walsall
This gallery has been built partly to house the Garman Ryan Collection which was donated by the wife of the late artist Jacob Epstein.  Epstein is best known for his sculpture which adorns Coventry Cathedral of St Michael and the devil.  The collection at the New Art Gallery not only includes his work but also works by notable European artists Van Gogh, Monet, Turner, Corot, Renoir and Constable.

As well as the collection and related exhibitions, the gallery currently has a further 6 exhibitions including one called Black Country Stores.  Its creator, photographer Martin Parr, has been out and about with the people of the area; so visiting the leather and metal factories, sampling local food and seeing how the people of the Black Country celebrate i.e. last year’s Royal Wedding.

Walsall’s Arboretum
The Arboretum is a large Victorian park covering some 80 acres in the centre of Walsall.  It has distinct areas including a boating lake, a bowling green and clubhouse, a golf course, a children’s play area and several acres of playing fields.  Importantly it also hosts more than 200 species of trees and plants.

Celebrities of Walsall
We’ve already mentioned Walsall-born Noddy Holder who is lead singer of the pop group Slade who became famous in the 1970’s, but did you know their song Merry Christmas Everybody is the biggest selling Christmas recording?

Model Erin O’Connor hails from Walsall; she has featured on the cover of Vogue and in several other high-fashion periodicals like Harper Bazaar, Harpers and Queen, Elle and i-D.   Designer Karl Lagerfeld described her as ‘one of the best models in the world’.

Actress Sue Nicholls also from Walsall is well known for her role as Audrey Roberts in Coronation Street.  She first joined the Street in 1979.  Prior to this Sue had appeared in Crossroads.

Author Jerome K Jerome came from Walsall.  His humorous travel story Three Men in a Boat is still in publication today.  The book was meant to be a serious travelogue but Jerome’s humour made that the focus.  Jerome followed this book with one called Three Men on the Bummel about a cycling holiday in Germany which wasn’t nearly as successful.

Walsall seems to have spawned a number of sportsmen including David Brown and Fred Bakewell, former English cricketers, Colin Charvis ex Rugby Union player, Olympic swimmer Nick Gillingham, Mark Lewis-Francis Olympic sprinter, Eleanor Simmonds Paralympics swimmer and Rachel Unitt English football player.

Drum ‘n’ Base star Goldie is from Walsall as are a number of ‘luvies’ – Peter McEnery, Matthew Marsden, Frank Windsor, Andrew Peach and Alex Lester.

If you want more than a bit-part in your own show, you need to master those stairs.  You know we can help here at Castle Comfort Stair Lifts, so give us a call now on  01902 489 422 .

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