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Stairlifts Kings Lynn – Norfolk Stairlifts

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If however, you are looking for fascinating facts about the area then feel free to read on.

Stairlifts Kings Lynn – Stairlifts Norfolk

If you’re looking for a stairlift in the Kings Lynn area of Norfolk, then you’ve come to the right place.  Castle Comfort Stair Lifts are happy to talk to you about our offerings from all UK manufacturers.  In fact we’ve been talking to the people of Kings Lynn for almost 15 years – any of those who need help getting up and down the stairs whether through illness or disability or just old, tired limbs!

We know that more than 200 of the town’s retired population already have improved their lives with a stairlift installed in their homes (see our scrolling counter on our website which shows the number of people who own stairlifts).  It really improves independence and gives users a much safer approach to those stairs.  If you’d like more information please call our local office on  01473 209069 .

A little bit about Kings Lynn
Kings Lynn sits just south of the Great Ouse River which feeds into one of the UK’s largest estuaries, The Wash.  The town’s development started way back in the 10th century although nothing seems to be documented before the 11th century.  A century on, St Margaret’s Church was built; commissioned by the Bishop who also granted a Saturday market which still happens today.

St Margaret’s Church
St Margaret’s Church is one of Kings Lynn’s most impressive landmarks.  Only the bottom part of the church’s south west tower is from the original building.  The north west tower was rebuilt in the 15th century due to poor footings and now you will probably be able to see how it leans – not quite as bad as Pisa but ...

Storms in the 18th century did a lot of damage to the church destroying the spire and the lantern.  Although generous donations were made after the storm to a tune of some £1,000 it wasn’t enough to restore the church.  The church houses 16 misericords, mainly heads (one represents the head of Edward the Black Prince); these were added in the 14th century.  St Margaret’s Church is now protected as a Grade I listed building.

The Port
Over the centuries Kings Lynn, affectionately referred to as Lynn by locals, became a thriving sea port.  In fact during the 14th century it was the third most important port in England after Southampton and London.  During the Middles Ages it was considered as important as Liverpool was during the much later industrial revolution.

Lynn’s buildings of note
Kings Lynn’s Town Hall and Guildhall of the Holy Trinity was built in the 15th century and Trinity Guildhall; like St Margaret’s Church is one of Kings Lynn’s most prominent buildings especially noticeable for its chequered end.  This is also a Grade I listed building.

St George’s Guildhall
This building is the largest medieval guildhall still standing.  Originally built for the wool trade it now houses the Red Barn Gallery and the Arts Centre even though at one time it was a weapon store.

The Custom House
Another well-known Lynn landmark and Grade I listed building, the Custom House was built in the 17th century.  No longer a customs house, it now houses the tourist information centre and a maritime display.

Source:Wikimedia Commons
Campbell’s Soup Tower
In 1959 Campbell’s Soup Tower grew into the sky!  As the land in the Norfolk Broads generally is flat, this tower could be seen for miles!  Its erection was due to Campbell’s International expansion and Kings Lynn was the site of their first factory in the UK.  During its peak it employed more than 700 people.  In January this year (2012) the tower was demolished.  The person to ‘press the button’ was competition winner Sarah Griffiths; her father had died in an accident at the factory some 17 years earlier.  A crowd of 3,000 witnessed the tower’s destruction.  How bizarre.

The Red Mount
The Red Mount, a tiny chapel, was built in the 15th century and has a roof likened to the one on King’s College chapel in Cambridge.  According to legend, a drunken fiddler entered a secret tunnel that links the chapel to nearby Castle Rising.  The fiddler had his pet dog with him and has never been seen since.  Rumour has it that he can still be heard playing his fiddle with his dog whimpering to get out!

Source:Wikimedia Commons
Castle Rising
Nearby this Norman Keep stands inside hill fortifications and dates back to 1140.  Built by Edward II for his wife Queen Isabella also known as the ‘she-wolf of France’; she consented to her husband’s murder and went mad here.  Apparently her shrieks can still be heard ringing out from the castle walls.

More Royal connections
In the 19th century Queen Victoria purchased Sandringham House and Estate just 7 miles from Kings Lynn for the Prince of Wales, later Edward VII.  This is one of the Royal Family’s privately owned estates along with Balmoral.  This 20,000 acre estate is one of the Queen’s favourite homes; it is where her father died in 1952.  She spends the anniversary of his death and her accession their every year.  This year of course she will be celebrating 60 years as our Queen.

And in a house on the Sandringham Estate, Park House in 1961, Diana Spencer, later to become Princess Diana was born.  Diana grew up here and often played with Princes Andrew and Edward when she was a child.

Source:Wikimedia Commons
More rich and famous
You can’t get more famous than the Royal Family but Kings Lynn also has connections with others who are well known:

Roger Taylor the drummer of Queen was born here

Actress Claire Goose grew up here

Arthur Lowe of Dad’s Army fame lived here

Source:Wikimedia Commons
Former racing drivers – father and son – Martin and Alex Brundle were born here

Wales Rugby International player George North was born here and English cricketer Martin Saggers grew up in Lynn

Actor, comedian, TV presenter Stephen Fry lives nearby

Actor Michael Caine was evacuated here as a child in World War II

As you can guess here at Castle Comfort Stair Lifts we know all there is to know about stairlifts and we’re more than happy to pass that knowledge onto you.  We can supply and install a chairlift for you almost instantly!  We have straight stairlifts, curved stairlifts to accommodate differing staircases and even perch stairlifts for those of you who can’t bend your knees.  Of course we also have renovated stairlifts too which come in a little cheaper.  Checkout our stairlift comparisons and stairlift prices on our website.

If you need some assistance with the costs please check out whether or not you are eligible for a FREE stairlift or if a grant is available or even a 0% finance option.

Remember we can have you mobile again in no time.  Please give us a call for more information or to book an appointment for an assessment  01473 209069 .

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Stairlifts Norwich – Norfolk Stairlifts

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If however, you are looking for fascinating facts about the area then feel free to read on.

Stairlifts Norwich – Stairlifts Norfolk

Norwich in Norfolk was England’s ‘second city’ during the 11th century following London as the most populous and an important trading place.  This status lasted into the Industrial Revolution when it gave Bristol a run for second city.

No one wants to be second best though do they?  Castle Comfort Stair Lifts pride ourselves as first in the supply, installation and after care of stairlifts in the area.  What we don’t know about stairlifts after almost 15 years in the industry isn’t worth knowing.

Our founder Keith Simpson – you can watch his video – got into the business after looking for a stairlift for his mother and the rest is history as they say.  If you or a loved one need some help getting up and down the stairs, give our local office a call on  01473 209069 .

A little bit of history
Evidence of Norwich’s affluence and its trading partners has been discovered in artefacts found in the area.  Viking coins – more evidence of invasion than trade – and 8th century pottery from Rhineland which historically means the area on the banks of the River Rhine.  Quern or grinding stones and other artefacts from Scandinavia and Rhineland have been found in the city dating back to the 11th century.

Another reason for Norwich’s early affluence was that it had its own mint; all coins minted throughout Europe during the 10th century were imprinted with the word Norvic.  The Vikings had a strong cultural influence on Norwich and trade was assisted by using the River Wensum as a route to the River Yare and Great Yarmouth, which acted as the port for Norwich.

By the time the Normans arrived, Norwich already had a population of between 5-10,000 and 25 churches according to the Domesday Book.

Now Norwich has more than 1500 historical buildings including 30 medieval churches.

Norwich Cathedral
Built in the 11th century, the building of Norwich Cathedral caused the demolition of two churches and a Saxon settlement!

Initially the Cathedral dedicated to the Holy and Undivided Trinity was built from flint and mortar with a tower topped with a wooden spire covered with lead.  By the 15th century this had been replaced by a stone spire leaving it much as it can be seen today.

The Cloister at Norwich Cathedral has more than 1,000 bosses – stone protrusions; many are hand carved or painted.  Norwich Cathedral is one of twelve buildings in the city which are of particular historical note.

The Cathedral Close
Norwich Cathedral’s Close is one of the largest in the country covering more than 44 acres of land.  The close houses a mix of commercial and residential properties.  The entrance to the Cathedral’s herb garden is in the Close; the garden is close to the original site of a Benedictine Infirmary and physic garden.  The current herb garden not only grows many medicinal herbs but also has two box ‘knot gardens’.

Norwich Castle
Norwich Castle is another great historic building of the city that had room made for it.  According to the Domesday Book 98 Saxon homes were destroyed when it was built by William the Conqueror.  This was not unusual practice apparently and is an indication of the upheaval caused by the Norman Conquest.

Source:Wikimedia Commons
The Castle is now a museum and art gallery; it also houses part of the Snettisham Hoard or Snettisham Torc, iron age precious metal discoveries found in the area between 1948 – 1973.  Part of this valuable discovery is housed in the British Museum too.

Source:Wikimedia Commons
To keep your precious independence so that you can have the run of your home, Castle Comfort Stair Lifts have a number of mobility aids but we concentrate on stairlifts or chairlifts.  As agents for all UK manufacturers we will give you completely unbiased advice about which one is best for you – a straight stairlift, a curved stairlift or a perch.  You can check our stairlift prices and compare stairlifts on our website.  Then give us a call with any questions or to arrange an assessment on  01473 209069 .

This is the area in front of the Cathedral which was once the Saxon market place.  Many people think this name means it was once a burial ground but it in fact means empty land or space according to old English.

Many beautiful old buildings can still be found in this area including Augustine Steward House, a Tudor merchant’s house.

Elm Hill
Elm Hill was named as such because of the Elm Trees that have lined the square since the 16th century.  Cobbled Elm Hill has many buildings that date back to Tudor times.  Some of its most famous buildings include the coffee house at the Brinton’s Arms, the Dormouse Bookshop, The Tea House and The Stranger’s Club.

Source:Wikimedia Commons
Elm Hill used to extend beyond the Brinton’s Arms across St Georges Street, but in the name of progress in the 15th century it was realigned to enable the building of the halls of St Andrews and Blackfriars.  These were originally home of the Dominican Friars.

The northern side of Elm Hill runs parallel to the River Wensum.  Many of the Tudor merchants had quays of their own behind their houses/factories when Elm Hill and the river were important commercially for transporting imports and exports.  The area had also attracted a number of religious refugees from Europe including many skilled craftsmen like weavers, dyers and goldsmiths.

The area was definitely affluent and influential producing 16 citizens that served as Mayor or Sheriff to Norwich.

Norwich did you knows ...
•        A tiny carved ivory crucifix was found at the site of St Michael’s Church in Tombland; it is dated as Anglo-Saxon and one of the most beautiful pieces of art of this period found in the city

•        Another exciting find is the preserved remains of a Norman stone town house complete with a toilet that is flushed by the rise and fall of the tide.  Pretty amazing!  Even more amazing is that this house is hidden below the Magistrates Court building!

•        One of the oldest buildings in the Cathedral Quarter is the Maids Head Hotel; the remains of a stone pillar dates back to the 12th-13th century and another surprise, underneath its car park is the burial ground of a lost chapel

Norwich Football Club
Norwich FC also known as the Canaries is a Premier League club renowned for their celebrity chef majority share holder Delia smith along with her husband Michael Wynn-Jones.

Norwich FC has a known rivalry with Ipswich Town another East Anglian team.  The club has produced several highly-rated players including Chris Sutton, Ruel Fox, Andy Linihan, Mike Phelan, Tim Sherwood and the late Justin Fashanu.

Other famous sons and daughters of Norwich
·         Malcolm Bradbury and Angus Wilson both authors in their own rights founded the creative writing course at Norwich’s University of East Anglia

·         Famous students of theirs include successful authors Ian McEwan and Kazuo Ishiguro

Source:Wikimedia Commons

·         World War I nurse, Edith Cavell who helped allied prisoners to escape and was executed by a German firing squad for her actions was born in nearby Swardeston and is buried in the grounds on Norwich Cathedral

·         Brother and sister prison reformers Elizabeth Fry and Joseph John Gurney were born in Norwich

·         The founder of Bernard Matthews Farms Ltd, Bernard Matthews himself was born here

·         The Actor Sir John Mills was born in Norwich and educated here – he also had trials with Norwich FC before turning to acting

·         Admiral Horatio Nelson was born nearby in Burnham Thorpe and educated at Norwich School

·         Labour politician Ed Balls was born here and former Labour MP Charles Clarke lives here

Source:Wikimedia Commons

·         Comedian, author and actor Stephen Fry studied at City College and is a director of Norwich FC

·         Chat show host Tricia Goddard lives near Norwich

·         Nobel prize winner for Physiology or Medicine Sir Paul Nurse was born in Norwich and educated at UEA

·         Singer/songwriter Beth Orton grew up and was educated in Norwich

·         Author Phillip Pullman who wrote the His Dark Materials trilogy was born here

Not necessarily famous
Norwich has a retired community of more than 26,000 and of these almost 700 already own a stairlift. Do you want to be next?

You might not want to become a statistic, but if it means you can get up and down those stairs safely, a stairlift is more than worth consideration.

Just give our local office a call on  01473 209069 .  If you need help financing the purchase of a stairlift check out our useful information about grants and 0% finance.  Don’t forget you can also use the £50 voucher at the top of this blog towards the costs.

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Stairlifts Kettering – Northamptonshire Stairlifts

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If however, you are looking for fascinating facts about the area then feel free to read on.

Stairlifts Kettering – Stairlifts Northamptonshire

One of Kettering’s most famous connections was John Profumo.  He was elected MP for Kettering in 1940 but lost the seat in 1945.  Then he was elected MP for Stratford-on-Avon in 1950.  By 1960 he was appointed Secretary of State for War in the Conservative Government.

Source:Wikimedia Commons
Castle Comfort Stair Lifts haven’t been servicing Kettering for that long but we have been supplying and installing stairlifts to the good folk of Kettering since 1997.

According to statistics more than 250 people in the area already own stairlifts; that’s 2.6% of the retired population.  Are you going to be the next to order?

I know you don’t want to be a statistic but if you need assistance to get up and down the stairs, we can help.  Want to find out more?  Call us on  01604 269919 .

The Profumo Scandal
By the following year the Profumo Scandal broke; Profumo had a brief affair with model Christine Keeler who had also been linked with a senior Soviet Naval attaché Yeveni Ivanov.  Consequently national security was questioned although no breach was ever found or proved.  The scandal didn’t break until 2 years later in 1963 when Profumo denied the affair.  When it came out later that year that he had lied to Parliament he was dismissed.

Source:Wikimedia Commons

He kept a very low profile after this, cleaning toilets for an East End charity where he eventually became a fundraiser – all on a voluntary basis.  Having redeemed himself he was awarded a CBE in 1975 and was invited to Margaret Thatcher’s 70th birthday where he sat next to the Queen.

Profumo had an Italian title he never used, 5th Baron Profumo and lived on his inherited wealth after the scandal.  The Profumo Scandal was made into a film in 1989 called Scandal starring Ian McKellen as Profumo and Joanne Whalley as Christine Keeler.

Other famous people of Kettering
Comedian and actor Hugh Dennis was born in Kettering and went on to Cambridge University; he is a regular panellist on Mock the Week and stars in Outnumbered.  He started his career as one half of Punt and Dennis with Steve Punt.

Also from Kettering is children’s writer Jane Clarke whose best known book is probably Stuck in the Mud.

Musician Richard Coles was a local lad.  He has had an interesting career joining Bronski Beat in the 1980’s and as one half of The Communards with Jimmy Sommerville who had three top ten hits including Don’t Leave me this Way.

After his musical career Coles became a writer and journalist and read for a BA in theology; he was ordained in 2005.  He has a celibate gay relationship with his partner and is Vicar for Finedon.  Coles also is the regular presenter of Saturday Live on Radio 4.

Two Northampton cricketers Reginald Wooster and Ernest Wright were both born and died in Kettering.

Kettering is also the birthplace of two missionaries – William Carey, a self taught linguist who formed the Baptist Missionary Society and William Knibb mainly known for his work to free slaves in Jamaica; Sir Arthur East the painter was born here; architect John Alfred Gotch was educated here and later set up his architectural practice, Gotch & Saunders in Kettering.

During the Second World War years, the US 8th Air Force were stationed at nearby Grafton Underwood.  One of the service men stationed here was Hollywood star Clark Gable probably most famous for his role as Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind and named as one of the greatest male stars of all time by the American Film Institute.  He was definitely a heart-throb in his time.

Source:Wikimedia Commons

Returning independence
Are your days as a heart-throb over?  Or would some returned independence give you back the confidence and swagger?  A stairlift can help with those last two issues though we can’t guarantee heart-throb status!

Take a look at the stairlifts we offer from all of the UK manufacturers and compare them; our stairlift prices are fair and we even offer reconditioned ones.  If you’d like us to assess your staircase and recommend a suitable stairlift, please give us a call on  01604 269919 .

About Kettering
Kettering like Northampton was known for its boot and shoe production especially in the 19th and 20th centuries.  There are still many terraced houses in the town which were originally built for shoe makers.  Although shoe makers such as Dolcis, Freeman, Hardy & Willis, Frank Wright and Timpsons were all big in the town, they all closed or left the area after the 1970’s when the industry found itself in decline mainly due to cheaper overseas production.  Just a few small footwear businesses remain in Kettering.

One of these is Loake a family business set up by three brothers 125 years ago.  They still produce some of the best men’s shoes.  Their website says ‘Our premium Goodyear Welted shoes ... take eight weeks to produce.  Some 130 skilled craftspeople, up to 75 shoe parts and approximately 200 different operations are involved.’  Obviously they say that only the very finest quality materials are used in their shoe production.  As testimony to this, some of the rich and famous are seen wearing their shoes i.e. actor Martin Freeman, pop band Madness, the Yorkshire County Cricket team and many more; in 2007 they received a Royal Warrant.

During the 19th century Kettering became the heart of non-conformist religion too.  The Christian Missionary Movement was formed here as was the Baptist Missionary Service which was founded by William Carey who spent time as a missionary in India.  Missionary William Knibb is commemorated by the Knibb Centre and Knibb Street; both missionaries are mentioned above.

In 1921 another local man made a name for himself by opening Wicksteed Park which is still open today.  Charles Wicksteed a local engineer opened the park in 1913; thought to be the second oldest theme park in England.  Its oldest ‘ride’ is the Water Chute which was built in 1926 and renovated in 2002.  Wicksteed Park welcomes 1,250,000 visitors every year.

Source:Wikimedia Commons
The luxury clothing manufacturer Aquascutum once owned by Jaquaer opened its first factory in Kettering in 1909.  Aquascutum has had a long patronage by the Royal family starting with Edward VII; the company have supplied a number of the well-recognised including three Princes of Wales, Prince Ranier of Monaco, Sir Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Sophia Loren, Cary Grant and Michael Caine.

Industry now relies on distribution and service industries such as Morrisons Distribution, Pegasus Software, Weetabix, timeshare company RCI Europe and printing press manufacturer Timsons Ltd.

Source:Wikimedia Commons
What do you rely on?  Still giving yourself a tough time trying to get up and down those stairs?  We can help!  Watch our video at the top of this page for more information about stairlifts and give us a call if you still have unanswered questions.  Remember you can use the £50 voucher towards the costs too.  Basically we can make life much easier for you.  Call us on  01604 269919 .

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Stairlifts Northampton – Northamptonshire Stairlifts

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Castle Comfort Stairlifts offers top brand stairlifts, keen prices and fast installs for all those seeking stairlifts in Northampton, Northamptonshire.

And all work comes with our no-quibble guarantees and famous customer service satisfaction.

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If however, you are looking for fascinating facts about the area then feel free to read on.

Stairlifts Northampton – Stairlifts Northamptonshire

Do you live in or near Northampton?  If you do and are in need of a stairlift, then Castle Comfort Stair Lifts are the people to help.  We have been helping people with mobility problems to get up and down the stairs in Northampton for almost 15 years so we know a little bit about stairlifts!

We know that more than a 1,000 people in the area own stairlifts too.  This is just a small percentage of the retired population of more than 41,000 that live in the area. Do you want to order one next?

If you want to know more about how we can help you, please give our local office a call on  01604 269919

These boots are made for walking ...
Daniel Defoe, writer and journalist, wrote that an English man’s shoes were ‘from Northampton for all; the poorest countryman and the master.’

In fact shoemaking in Northampton goes right back to the 15th century when the raw materials were readily available to the town – a large cattle market was held there and the River Nene, later the Grand Union Canal and then the railways made distribution good.

The Irish war of the 1600’s meant an order for 600 pairs of boots and 4,000 pairs of shoes from the army really established Northampton as the heart of the industry.  One of the four remaining Northampton manufacturers, Edward Green Shoes still supplies the British Army.  The other remaining manufacturers are the famous Church’s, Crockett & Jones and Trickers.

A little bit of history
The market town of Northampton which is less than 70 miles North West of London grew up around the River Nene in the Bronze Age.  It began to really grow once the Normans arrived and built a castle and town walls.  However due to Northampton’s support for the Parliamentarians during the English Civil War, King Charles II had it pulled down.  Northampton Railway Station now stands on the site of the castle.

In the 13th century scholars from the University of Cambridge established a university in the town.  Henry 111 ‘dissolved’ the university after 4 years saying it posed a problem for the University of Oxford!  It would be another 734 years before the University of Northampton was re-established in 1999.

Royal proclamations
It seems the kings of England have been fond of putting a stop to things in Northampton over the years.  At least they have no influence over whether or not you install a stairlift, in fact one, Henry VIII is thought to be the original ‘father of stairlifts’!  His staff developed a block and tackle type of contraption to get him up and down the stairs once his jousting injury caused him to be less active and the huge feats caused him to put on colossal amounts of weight.

Fortunately what we can offer you is a much simpler and more comfortable apparatus to transport you up and down the stairs.  Not only do you regain or retain your independence but you are less likely to have an accident on the stairs with a stairlift.  We can supply you straight stairlifts, curved stairlifts or perch stairlifts and even reconditioned ones; as we supply all UK manufactured chairlifts, you can compare them.

If you’d like us to assess your home for one, please give us a call on   01604 269919 .

Local economy
Once shoe production slowed in the 20th century, Northampton took a while to get up steam again.  It wasn’t really until it was designated a ‘New Town’ in 1968 that the town began to see a turn around.  Both the rail links and the proximity of the M1 have assisted Northampton as a commuter town.

Industries that support the town now include engineering, finance – Barclaycard, Nationwide Building Society, technology – Panasonic, Texas Instrument, food processing – Coca Cola, Schweppes, brewing - Carlsberg, shoe machinery production, leather goods, cosmetics – Avon Products, and car accessories.

Northampton has a number of notable historic buildings including the round church, Church of the Holy Sepulchre which was built in 1100; the Guildhall is a great example of Victorian Gothic architecture; Delapré Abbey a former nunnery; the Carlsberg Brewery.

Source:Wikimedia Commons
Whilst speaking of historic buildings in the area we must mention Althorp.  Althorp is the ancestral home of the sheep farming Spencer family and has been since the 16th century.  The present Earl is Charles Spencer brother of the Late Princess Diana who is buried on the island of the lake on the estate.

Source:Wikimedia Commons
The house was originally a brick Tudor designed building but was altered in the 18th century by the architect Henry Holland to its present form.

Northampton Saints
This is the name of Northampton’s rugby union premiership club.  They were formed in 1880 and play on their home ground Franklin’s Gardens, a purpose built rugby stadium.

Source:Wikimedia Commons
Beating Munster in the 1999-2000 Heineken Cup was their first major win.  Having won several other trophies since and reaching the finals of the Heineken Cup again in 2010-2011 has kept them at the top of their game.

Who do you know from Northampton?
There are a lot of well-known people that hail from or have connections with Northampton both now and in the past.  For instance did you know that actor Errol Flynn played a season at Northampton Playhouse?  Or that author Jerome K Jerome who wrote Three Men in a Boat died here?  Or that poet John Clare spent time in St Andrew’s Hospital in the town then known as Northampton County Lunatic Asylum?

·         More recently Alan Carr went to school in Northampton when his father Graham Carr was manager of Northampton Town FC

·         Author Anne Fine also went to school in the town – she is well known as a children’s author and most famously Madame Doubtfire

·         Born in the town was actress Joan Hickson most remembered for her role as Miss Marple although she was a star of stage and screen long before

·         Actress Nanette Newman who married Bryan Forbes and is mother of presenter Emma Forbes was born in Northampton

Source:Wikimedia Commons

·         As was Lesley Joseph still best known for her role as Dorian in Birds of a Feather

·         Matt Smith the latest in a long line of Dr Who’s comes from here

·         DJ and presenter Jo Whiley was born here and still lives in the county now with her husband and four children

·         Michael Underwood, TV presenter was also born here

Source:Wikimedia Commons

·         Octogenarian Des O’Connor was evacuated to Northampton during WWII and briefly played for Northampton FC before embarking on his long entertainment and singing career

·         Singer James Morrison lived here for 18 months

·         Comedian and singer Tim Minchin was born in Northampton

Source:Wikimedia Commons

·         Faye Tozer from Steps was also born in Northampton

·         Architect Will Alsop was born here and studied for his foundation locally before going on to design the London Underground’s Jubilee Line, North Greenwich tube station and Cardiff Bay’s Visitor Centre amongst many other projects

So Northamptonians if you still need more information about stairlifts, you know who to ask for an unbiased opinion.  Take a look at our stairlift prices and opportunities for grants or 0% finance and then please talk to us about making your life easier.  We’ll be happy to answer all your questions on   01604 269919 .

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Stairlifts Great Yarmouth – Stairlifts Norfolk

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Castle Comfort Stairlifts offers top brand stairlifts, keen prices and fast installs for all those seeking stairlifts in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk . And all work comes with our no-quibble guarantees and famous customer service satisfaction.

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If however, you are looking for fascinating facts about the area then feel free to read on.

Stairlifts Great Yarmouth – Stairlifts Norfolk

Historically the port for Norwich, Great Yarmouth is now a seaside resort as well as where the Norfolk Broads escape to the sea!  Great Yarmouth, just 20 miles from Norwich, has been a seaside resort for about 250 years ...

Source:Wikimedia Commons

Castle Comfort Stair Lifts can’t claim that sort of timescale but we have been supplying and installing stairlifts for the folks of Great Yarmouth for nigh on 15 years.  Statistically approximately 250 people in this seaside town already own stairlifts; that’s about 2.6% of the retired population in the area. Are you going to join them with your lift?

If you’d like to know more about stairlifts, please give our local office a call on  01473 209069 .

Port versus seaside town
Centuries ago Great Yarmouth in Norfolk acted as the sea port for all of Norwich’s industry.  It also relied on the local fishing industry until that declined.  North Sea oil discoveries in the 60’s gave Great Yarmouth a new lease of life as suppliers of oil rigs; now it looks after off-shore natural gas rigs and developments in offshore wind power resulting in a wind farm with 30 generators being built nearby on Scroby Sands.

Back to the seaside resort.  Great Yarmouth rates as one of the UK’s top beach resorts and it definitely has that sort of accolade in Norfolk.  In fact it ranks as the third most popular seaside resort in England; it attracts visitors for its two piers Wellington in the south and Britannia in the north, which have the usual pier attractions.  Central Beach runs along the ‘golden mile’ of seafront amusements.  The area boasts about 17 miles of sandy beaches in total.

Another seaside attraction is the Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach, a theme park with no entrance fee that has 28 rides including the Scenic Railway roller coast ride built in 1932.  This theme park attracts 1.5 million visitors every year!

Traditional illuminations along Marine Parade and firework displays every Wednesday evening during the school summer holidays also attract tourists.

Great Yarmouth has the most complete city walls of any town after York.  Heritage walks introduce you to the medieval city walls as well as the town’s Heritage Quarter.  The walk also highlights several museums and historical houses.

Every September Great Yarmouth celebrates its maritime heritage with a Maritime Festival.  Over a weekend the museums are open including the Time and Tide Museum which shows off the herring curing trade of Victorian times and the  Nelson Museum all about Nelson’s life; you can learn about Great Yarmouth’s medieval history via the city walls; visit old Row Houses which were the fisherman’s cottages.

This year visitors will be able to see tall ships, exhibitions and demonstrations and hear shanty songs too!

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The Norfolk Broads
This network of rivers and lakes flow over parts of Norfolk and Suffolk named The Norfolk and Suffolk Broads respectively.  This area of some 303 square kilometres is mostly in Norfolk and is protected like a UK National Park by the Broads Authority.  Generally they are referred to as the Norfolk Broads.

The Broads are a popular holiday destination where visitors hire canal boats and travel around the navigable rivers.

The reed beds which surround the area are harvested for traditional thatching.

This area is the UK’s largest area of wetlands and is home to a wide variety of wildlife especially birds.  You can find a whole range of water loving birds including Mallards, Coots, Moorhens, Greyling, Canada and Egyptian Geese, Grey Heron as well as Cormorant, Kestrels and Sparrowhawks.  The only Cranes that breed in the UK are also found here.

It’s also home to several rare insects such as the Norfolk hawker, dragonflies and the Old World Swallowtail butterfly.

Great Yarmouth’s many and varied famous connections
·         Charles Dickens stayed at the Royal Hotel at the time when he was penning David Copperfield and used the town as a location in the story

Source:Wikimedia Commons

·         Author of Black Beauty, Anna Sewell was born in Great Yarmouth; the house where she was born is currently a restaurant

Source:Wikimedia Commons

·         The Go-Between by LP Hartley was set in Norfolk

·         The Accidental by Ali Smith is also set here and tells of an uninvited guest joining a family holidaying here ...

·         Part of Rose Tremain’s novel Restoration is set in Norfolk

·         Actor John Hurt lives along the coast near Cromer

·         TV presenter and pianist Mylene Klass was born near Great Yarmouth

Source:Wikimedia Commons

·         Hannah Spearritt one of the members of S Club 7 was born here too

·         Former British prime minister John Major has a holiday home along the coast at Weybourne

·         Albert Einstein went into hiding near Cromer working on the creation of the first nuclear bomb

·         Great Yarmouth was the birthplace of the Oscar winning cinematographer David Cardiff

Source:Wikimedia Commons

·         Shipbuilder James Beeching lived here and developed not only a fishing boat used by local fisherman but also the first self-righting lifeboat

·         The inventor of the Manby Mortar, George William Manby lived in Great Yarmouth; he also developed the first fire extinguisher

·         Actor Jason Statham was brought up in Great Yarmouth

Source:Wikimedia Commons

·         The drummer of the band The Darkness, Ed Graham was born here

·         Rebecca Nurse was born in Great Yarmouth but emigrated to America and was executed for witchcraft in the Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts in 1692.  There was no evidence of her practising witchcraft

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Stairlifts Huntingdonshire – Stairlifts Cambridgeshire

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If however, you are looking for fascinating facts about the area then feel free to read on.

Stairlifts Huntingdonshire – Stairlifts Cambridgeshire

How confusing!  Huntingdonshire sounds like a county but is in fact just a district in Cambridgeshire that no longer has county status.  It’s made up of three main towns: St Neots the largest town in Cambridgeshire (both Cambridge and Peterborough are bigger but are both cities!), Huntingdon and St Ives.

Castle Comfort Stair Lifts of course have been busy advising and supplying stairlifts to this corner of Cambridgeshire for virtually 15 years.  We know that approximately 300 people in these towns already own stairlifts – that’s about 2.6 of the retired population.  How do we know?  We keep a note of the statistics, why not visit our homepage to find out more.

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Did you know?
Huntingdonshire is where the sport Bandy originated.  If you don’t know what this sport is you aren’t alone.  Bandy is also known as Russian hockey which gives you a clue.  It is played on ice with sticks that look very similar to hockey sticks and a ball!  Russia also claims to be the inventor of the game and documents dating back to 10th and 11th century have been found in Russian monasteries to support this.  The English version though is claimed by Huntingdonshire and the rules which differ to the Russian rules were put together by the Bury Fens Club in 1882.

St Neots
Named after a Saxon monk whose bones were kept in a nearby monastery, St Neots has a great setting on the River Great Ouze.  It has one of the most ancient and largest Market Places which still has a Thursday market and has done since the 12th century.

Source:Wikimedia Commons
Merchant houses from the 18th century line one side of the market square; historic buildings are all around the town in fact which has more than 100 listed buildings.  St Neots can thank the river and Riverside Park, Priory Park and the Common for the green spaces which really make this town special.

In the 19th century St Neots thrived thanks to corn milling, brewing and stage coaching and of course later the railways.  St Neots has become a busy dormitory and commuter town which includes Eynesbury - the original settlement here - as well as Eaton Ford and Eaton Socon.  Technology based industries and good transport links keep the town thriving.

Just 11 miles north west of St Neots, Huntingdon also hugs the banks of the River Great Ouze.  Famous as the birthplace of Oliver Cromwell, Huntingdon is also a market town founded by the Anglo-Saxons and the Danes.

The town’s George Hotel was a well known coaching centre in the 18th & 19th centuries.  At one time, it was owned by Cromwell’s grandfather; and became headquarters for Charles 1 during the civil war.  Dick Turpin is reputed to have been a frequent visitor.  Now the balcony and courtyard which remain despite fires in the 19th century are used for Shakespeare plays preformed by a local trust, Shakespeare at the George.

John Major was MP for Huntingdon when he was Britain’s Prime Minister.

Source:Wikimedia Commons
Local Hinchingbrook House, a 16th century building around an 11th century nunnery and once the home of the Earl of Sandwich is said to be haunted.  The legend goes that one of the nuns at the old convent had a monk as her lover which resulted in their murder.  She is said to haunt the house and the local Alconbury Bridge and is often seen with a second apparition that looks like a nurse.

Stair mobility
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St Ives
Just 7 miles east of Huntingdon and just under 20 miles from St Neots, is St Ives also on the River Great Ouze.  St Ives got its name from a Persian Bishop Ivo who was found buried in the town more than a 1000 years ago.  Before that St Ives was known as Slepe.

It seems St Ives has always been an important market town using the river as a means of transport to London markets prior to the railways.  As with many market towns, St Ives has always hosted many pubs and inns.  A record of 64 were noted in 1838; the equivalent of 1 per 55 inhabitants.  By 1861 the number was down to 60 dwindling to 45 by the end of the century.  Today there are 17 pubs.

One site has had a pub there for more than 400 years – the Dolphin; the White Hart dates back to the beginning of the 18th century as do the nelsons Head and the Golden Lion though they have changed their names over the centuries.  The Robin Hood also claims to go back to at least the same time but was originally two pubs called The Angel and The Swan.

Big names connected to Huntingdonshire
·         Oliver Cromwell was born in Huntingdon and attended Huntingdon Grammar School.  He was also elected MP for Huntingdon and eventually led the Parliamentarians in the civil war.  He became Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland – king in everything but name

·         Samuel Pepys like Oliver Cromwell attended Huntingdon Grammar School.  His famous diary kept from 1660 – 1669 is important for is observations of great events of the period like the Great Plague, The Fire of London, the Second Dutch War as well as personal entries

·         Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII’s first wife lived at Kimbolton Castle just a few miles from St Neots

·         John Major was elected as MP for Huntingdon in 1983.  He became Prime Minister in 1990 until 1997 following Margaret Thatcher into office; Tony Blair followed him as Prime Minister

·         John Bellingham lived in St Neots.  His claim to fame – he assassinated Prime Minister Spencer Perceval in 1812

·         Mark Foster, the Olympic swimmer lives in St Neots

·         Actress Rula Lenska was born in St Neots.  Her real name and title at birth were Countess Roza-Marie Leopoldyna Lubienska, daughter of a Polish Count

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Sillas Salvaescaleras Mallorca

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Sin embargo, si usted está buscando hechos fascinantes sobre la zona, entonces no dude en seguir leyendo.

Mallorca es la mayor de las islas españolas en las Islas Baleares . El nombre proviene de la Maiorica latina que significa "la más grande" de las islas frente a Menorca , que es más pequeña.
Source:Wikimedia Commons
Situada como está en el Mediterráneo ha sido durante mucho tiempo parte de las rutas comerciales y el transporte marítimo del norte de África a Europa. Es debido a esta posición que ha tenido numerosos invasores, los colonos y piratas, que han querido instalarse allí. Aunque usted no encontrará muchos piratas hoy en día en la industria de elevaciones de la escalera hay unos cuantos todavía alrededor por lo que lo mejor es acercarse a una empresa con la experiencia y la genealogía de Salvaescaleras Confort Castillo que ha sido con éxito el suministro de equipos de movilidad y dotando a la gente de su independencia durante 15 años, gozando de un personal totalmente bilingüe (Inglés y Español) ubicados en Mallorca.

El clima es soleado casi todo el año, con sólo unas pocas lluvias dependiendo de dónde usted está en la isla.
Por ejemplo, en las montañas hay un promedio de 55 pulgadas de lluvia al año, mientras que en la llanura sur es de aproximadamente 11 pulgadas por año. Para comparar Manchester tiene 3 veces esa cantidad.Las personas se sienten atraídas a la isla por lo que ofrece a los turistas, que son el principal contribuyente a la economía de las islas. Sin embargo todavía hay campos de aceite de oliva, viñedos en terrazas y la producción de frutas y verduras, especialmente en el bosque de pino cubierto de zonas montañosas.
Source:Wikimedia Commons
Puede ser una sorpresa para muchas personas que Mallorca tiene montañas cuando su imagen de la isla es de sus playas. Desde los puntos turísticos ocupados con muchos miles de visitantes en temporada alta a pequeñas calas privadas frecuentados por los lugareños Mallorca tiene mucho que ofrecer a los adoradores del sol. De acuerdo con algunos buscadores la isla tiene 250 kilómetros de costa, para otros tiene 554 kilómetros de costa y una línea comentarista tercera dice que tiene 3.500 kilómetros de costa. Sólo puedo pensar que estaban de muestreo de cervezas en cada playa y no podía decidir lo que era! Afortunadamente, si usted no puede decidir sobre la mejor medida para una silla elevadora para usted, entonces nuestros asesores amistosos en Palma estará encantado de ayudarle. 

Sólo tienes que dar una llamada en 928 514838 o 91 562 2850
Source:Wikimedia Commons
Hay un montón de lugares de interés histórico de distancia de la costa ocupada, incluyendo el Castillo de Bellver representado con anterioridad, y originalmente construido por el rey Jaume II. La isla prosperó bajo su mandato ya que antes de este punto fue controlada por los moros que robaban barcos catalanes, ya que fue pasado en el Mediterráneo. Su padre, el rey Jaume I puso fin a esta situación en 1229 y se lo quitó a los moros y luego dio a la isla a su hijo. La agricultura comenzó, las monedas fueron acuñadas y nuevas ciudades fueron construidas durante su reinado.

También está el sitio de Patrimonio Mundial de la Serra de Tramuntana, que es el 90 kilometros de largo y 15 kilómetros de gama de montaña de ancho que atraviesa la isla.
El pico más grande es el Puig Major, que es la montaña más alta de las Islas Baleares. Hay aproximadamente 14 días de nieve cada año!
La comida es lo que trae de vuelta a mucha gente de vacaciones en Mallorca cada año. Con un gran clima de la cocina local mallorquina tiene muchos platos especiales. Algunos para intentar incluir fideua, que es el plato de paella. De hecho, con tantas opciones muchas personas optan por los Variadas tapas, que da a la gente una variedad de gustos. Estos podrían incluir carne o verduras, albóndigas en salsa, calamares, aceitunas o embutidos.