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Stairlifts Norwich – Norfolk Stairlifts

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If however, you are looking for fascinating facts about the area then feel free to read on.

Stairlifts Norwich – Stairlifts Norfolk

Norwich in Norfolk was England’s ‘second city’ during the 11th century following London as the most populous and an important trading place.  This status lasted into the Industrial Revolution when it gave Bristol a run for second city.

No one wants to be second best though do they?  Castle Comfort Stair Lifts pride ourselves as first in the supply, installation and after care of stairlifts in the area.  What we don’t know about stairlifts after almost 15 years in the industry isn’t worth knowing.

Our founder Keith Simpson – you can watch his video – got into the business after looking for a stairlift for his mother and the rest is history as they say.  If you or a loved one need some help getting up and down the stairs, give our local office a call on  01473 209069 .

A little bit of history
Evidence of Norwich’s affluence and its trading partners has been discovered in artefacts found in the area.  Viking coins – more evidence of invasion than trade – and 8th century pottery from Rhineland which historically means the area on the banks of the River Rhine.  Quern or grinding stones and other artefacts from Scandinavia and Rhineland have been found in the city dating back to the 11th century.

Another reason for Norwich’s early affluence was that it had its own mint; all coins minted throughout Europe during the 10th century were imprinted with the word Norvic.  The Vikings had a strong cultural influence on Norwich and trade was assisted by using the River Wensum as a route to the River Yare and Great Yarmouth, which acted as the port for Norwich.

By the time the Normans arrived, Norwich already had a population of between 5-10,000 and 25 churches according to the Domesday Book.

Now Norwich has more than 1500 historical buildings including 30 medieval churches.

Norwich Cathedral
Built in the 11th century, the building of Norwich Cathedral caused the demolition of two churches and a Saxon settlement!

Initially the Cathedral dedicated to the Holy and Undivided Trinity was built from flint and mortar with a tower topped with a wooden spire covered with lead.  By the 15th century this had been replaced by a stone spire leaving it much as it can be seen today.

The Cloister at Norwich Cathedral has more than 1,000 bosses – stone protrusions; many are hand carved or painted.  Norwich Cathedral is one of twelve buildings in the city which are of particular historical note.

The Cathedral Close
Norwich Cathedral’s Close is one of the largest in the country covering more than 44 acres of land.  The close houses a mix of commercial and residential properties.  The entrance to the Cathedral’s herb garden is in the Close; the garden is close to the original site of a Benedictine Infirmary and physic garden.  The current herb garden not only grows many medicinal herbs but also has two box ‘knot gardens’.

Norwich Castle
Norwich Castle is another great historic building of the city that had room made for it.  According to the Domesday Book 98 Saxon homes were destroyed when it was built by William the Conqueror.  This was not unusual practice apparently and is an indication of the upheaval caused by the Norman Conquest.

Source:Wikimedia Commons
The Castle is now a museum and art gallery; it also houses part of the Snettisham Hoard or Snettisham Torc, iron age precious metal discoveries found in the area between 1948 – 1973.  Part of this valuable discovery is housed in the British Museum too.

Source:Wikimedia Commons
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This is the area in front of the Cathedral which was once the Saxon market place.  Many people think this name means it was once a burial ground but it in fact means empty land or space according to old English.

Many beautiful old buildings can still be found in this area including Augustine Steward House, a Tudor merchant’s house.

Elm Hill
Elm Hill was named as such because of the Elm Trees that have lined the square since the 16th century.  Cobbled Elm Hill has many buildings that date back to Tudor times.  Some of its most famous buildings include the coffee house at the Brinton’s Arms, the Dormouse Bookshop, The Tea House and The Stranger’s Club.

Source:Wikimedia Commons
Elm Hill used to extend beyond the Brinton’s Arms across St Georges Street, but in the name of progress in the 15th century it was realigned to enable the building of the halls of St Andrews and Blackfriars.  These were originally home of the Dominican Friars.

The northern side of Elm Hill runs parallel to the River Wensum.  Many of the Tudor merchants had quays of their own behind their houses/factories when Elm Hill and the river were important commercially for transporting imports and exports.  The area had also attracted a number of religious refugees from Europe including many skilled craftsmen like weavers, dyers and goldsmiths.

The area was definitely affluent and influential producing 16 citizens that served as Mayor or Sheriff to Norwich.

Norwich did you knows ...
•        A tiny carved ivory crucifix was found at the site of St Michael’s Church in Tombland; it is dated as Anglo-Saxon and one of the most beautiful pieces of art of this period found in the city

•        Another exciting find is the preserved remains of a Norman stone town house complete with a toilet that is flushed by the rise and fall of the tide.  Pretty amazing!  Even more amazing is that this house is hidden below the Magistrates Court building!

•        One of the oldest buildings in the Cathedral Quarter is the Maids Head Hotel; the remains of a stone pillar dates back to the 12th-13th century and another surprise, underneath its car park is the burial ground of a lost chapel

Norwich Football Club
Norwich FC also known as the Canaries is a Premier League club renowned for their celebrity chef majority share holder Delia smith along with her husband Michael Wynn-Jones.

Norwich FC has a known rivalry with Ipswich Town another East Anglian team.  The club has produced several highly-rated players including Chris Sutton, Ruel Fox, Andy Linihan, Mike Phelan, Tim Sherwood and the late Justin Fashanu.

Other famous sons and daughters of Norwich
·         Malcolm Bradbury and Angus Wilson both authors in their own rights founded the creative writing course at Norwich’s University of East Anglia

·         Famous students of theirs include successful authors Ian McEwan and Kazuo Ishiguro

Source:Wikimedia Commons

·         World War I nurse, Edith Cavell who helped allied prisoners to escape and was executed by a German firing squad for her actions was born in nearby Swardeston and is buried in the grounds on Norwich Cathedral

·         Brother and sister prison reformers Elizabeth Fry and Joseph John Gurney were born in Norwich

·         The founder of Bernard Matthews Farms Ltd, Bernard Matthews himself was born here

·         The Actor Sir John Mills was born in Norwich and educated here – he also had trials with Norwich FC before turning to acting

·         Admiral Horatio Nelson was born nearby in Burnham Thorpe and educated at Norwich School

·         Labour politician Ed Balls was born here and former Labour MP Charles Clarke lives here

Source:Wikimedia Commons

·         Comedian, author and actor Stephen Fry studied at City College and is a director of Norwich FC

·         Chat show host Tricia Goddard lives near Norwich

·         Nobel prize winner for Physiology or Medicine Sir Paul Nurse was born in Norwich and educated at UEA

·         Singer/songwriter Beth Orton grew up and was educated in Norwich

·         Author Phillip Pullman who wrote the His Dark Materials trilogy was born here

Not necessarily famous
Norwich has a retired community of more than 26,000 and of these almost 700 already own a stairlift. Do you want to be next?

You might not want to become a statistic, but if it means you can get up and down those stairs safely, a stairlift is more than worth consideration.

Just give our local office a call on  01473 209069 .  If you need help financing the purchase of a stairlift check out our useful information about grants and 0% finance.  Don’t forget you can also use the £50 voucher at the top of this blog towards the costs.

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