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Stairlifts Spalding – Stairlifts Lincolnshire

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If however, you are looking for fascinating facts about the area then feel free to read on.
Stairlifts Spalding – Stairlifts Lincolnshire

Ok we’re finding out about Castle Comfort Stair Lifts’ customers in Spalding now.  The market town of Spalding is in the south of Lincolnshire, the largest county in the East Midlands.  Spalding itself has a population of 30,000 so if we look at the statistics that means that almost 6,000 of them will be retired and about 150 of these good folk from Spalding will already own a stairlift. Are you next to join them?

If you or a loved one in the Spalding area are looking for a stair or chairlift, our local office can help.  We supply stairlifts from all the main manufacturers in the UK so can give you fair and unbiased advice about which one suits you best.  Please give us a call on   01522 899 769 .

Lincolnshire facts
Lincolnshire is bordered by 8 counties including Northamptonshire in the south – this is the shortest county border in the country, just 19 metres or 20 yards.  Natives of Lincolnshire are nicknamed ‘Yellowbellies’ sometimes spelt Yellerbellies as it is pronounced locally.  The origin of this nickname is thought to link to the 10th Regiment of Foot soldiers later the Lincolnshire Regiment who wore bright yellow waistcoats for identification on the battlefields.

A settlement at Spalding has been in existence since Roman times when it was known for the production of salt.  By the 19th century it was boasting trade in coal, wool, corn and timber as well as flour, bone, saw mills, breweries and coach works.

Local industry now
The area around Spalding is a major region for the production of vegetables and flowers.  The local rich soil is the result of draining the marshland of the Fens which were below sea level.  Vegetables favoured include potatoes, peas, carrots, broccoli, spinach, cabbage and Brussel sprouts as well as wheat and barley.  Most of these products are sold direct to supermarkets but one local grocers sells much of the produce locally too.

Unsurprisingly the area supports a number of vegetable packing plants too.

Pumpkin Parade
Spalding also turns out to be the pumpkin capital of the UK!  The biggest producer is located here and produces 2 million of these vegetables – technically fruits - every year, supplying all the supermarkets.

Spalding celebrates pumpkins with a festival at the beginning of October with a parade, a growing a pumpkin competition, pumpkin carving, fancy dress and more to make it a real community festival.

Flower power
Spalding is known as the heart of the Fens and is famous for its bulb industry too.  It has strong links to the Netherlands just across the English Channel where the land conditions are similar – we all know that much of the Netherlands had to be drained to stop sea flooding.  Now it too is famous for its flower production and not just tulips either.

In Spalding to celebrate the production of tulips and other spring bulbs they have taken another leaf out of Holland’s book and hold an annual Tulip Parade on the first Saturday in May.  This has become a big tourist attraction when everyone gathers to watch a procession of flower decorated floats in differing themes.  Tulip petals are used to decorate the floats except when the tulips are late and then daffodils and hyacinths are used in their place.  When the tulips flower early and are over by the parade, then crepe paper petals are substituted.

The Tulip Parade is a big community day for Spalding.  A Flower Queen is elected who will travel on the ‘Royal Float’ with her attendants on the day of the Parade; local churches will hold a flower festival; there will be bands playing – Spalding really makes the most of this annual event.

Castle Comfort Stairlifts
If you’d like to have your own ‘throne’ to alight the stairs then we are the right people to talk to.  Compare all the types and makes of stairlifts on our website.  If you’re still uncertain which is the right one for you then we will be very happy to discuss options with you.

Spalding’s history
One of the oldest buildings in the town is the White Hart Inn which was built in the 14th century.  Mary Queen of Scots made an overnight stop there almost 100 years after it was built.  Today it stands regally in the market place.

Ayscoughfee Hall which was built in the 15th century as a country house now houses a museum.  Built as a family home it remains very much as it was when first built and is understandably Grade II listed.

Source:Wikimedia Commons

In the 18th century The Gentleman’s Society was founded by Maurice Johnson of Ayscoughfee Hall.  The Society was a forum for gentlemen to discuss local issues, antiquities and read the newly published ‘The Tatler’.  Scientific and literary subjects were also encouraged and attracted some notable members including Sir Isaac Newton and Alfred Lord Tennyson.

There is now a museum dedicated to this society but the society lives on and still organises a series of public lectures every winter on a variety of subjects.  Some you’ve missed this year include:
·         Is there such a thing as a perfect tree?
·         What happened to Faberge’s Eggs?  A Sequel
·         John Betjeman’s Lincolnshire
·         The 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible
·         Palaces for Pigs: Animal Architecture and Other Beastly Buildings

The Pinchbeck Engine Museum shows an old drainage engine and how it worked.  There’s also a bulb museum at Birch Grove Garden Centre, Pinchbeck and just south of Spalding the Gordon Boswell Romany Museum full of treasures collected by the man of the same name.

Lloyd Loom
You can still find Lloyd Loom furniture made in Spalding – it’s the last place you can find this furniture being made.  Keeping this craft alive, it is handmade by local skilled craftsmen.

Famous things and people of Spalding
There only seem to be a handful of well known people from or connected with Spalding:

·         The presenter of Ghosthunters, Ian Cashmere lives in nearby Sutton Bridge
·         Actor Gregor Fisher (Rab C Nesbit/The Baldy Man) has a holiday home in Spalding
·         A 19th century nurse, Catherine Wilson who was hanged for murder for poisoning one of her patients was from Spalding.  She was suspected of doing the same to several others ...
·         The explorer Matthew Flinders who discovered southern Australia was born nearby in 1774
However there are some good local delicacies!

Lincolnshire sausages
Spalding claims to be one of the homes of the famous Lincolnshire sausages.  They are made from pork and lots of sage.  A local butcher still produces them but they are also made by larger commercial outfits too so that we can all enjoy them wherever we live!

Source:Wikimedia Commons
Another pork product from Lincolnshire is Haslet, a meatloaf.  It is typically served cold with pickles or in a sandwich.

Poacher Cheese is another Lincolnshire delicacy.  It’s a relatively modern cheese and has won many awards.  It’s a hard cheese made from cow’s milk; also available as a smoked cheese too.

Are you a Lincolnshire delicacy?  Too delicate to cope with those stairs maybe?  Well remember Castle Comfort Stair Lifts has almost 15 years of experience in the business and is well informed to advise you.

We can assess your home and what your needs are; once a decision is made we can install straight stairlifts in an hour.  A curved stairlift may take half a day!  Then we will give you the best after care service so that your stairlift remains a means of travelling between floors safely.

If stairlift prices are a concern, remember we offer reconditioned ones and can also advise on grants and 0% finance deals.  Oh and don’t forget our £50 voucher at the top of this page – every little helps eh?

We will always be happy to advise and help you make an informed choice.  If you would like to speak to one of our team, please call your local office on   01522 899 769 .

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