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Stairlifts Boston – Lincolnshire Stairlifts

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Castle Comfort Stairlifts offers top brand stairlifts, keen prices and fast installs for all those seeking stairlifts in Boston, Lincolnshire.

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If however, you are looking for fascinating facts about the area then feel free to read on.

Stairlifts Boston – Stairlifts Lincolnshire

Boston in Lincolnshire, like other parts of southern Lincolnshire is part of the Fens, an area only just above sea level.  The Fens around the Wash are prone to flooding and were once below sea level until draining in the 19th & 20th centuries.

Castle Comfort Stair Lifts has been supplying Bostonians with stairlifts for approximately 15 years.  So if you or a loved one in the area needs assistance with those stairs, please contact us – we know a thing or two about stairlifts!  If you’re not sure what you need or can afford, we have a lot of information on our website where you can see stairlift comparisons between the different types, makes and models.

We also list stairlift prices too which include prices for reconditioned models; don’t panic if the prices seem above your bracket, there are grants available or 0% finance to ensure you get the help you need.  Of course if you’re reading this then you’ll have noticed our £50 voucher which you can use towards the payment of your stairlift.

Boston’s local industry
Since the drainage of the area, there is much arable land.  Surveys indicate that more of the population here was involved in agriculture compared to the national average.  The area produces mainly vegetables and some plants and flowers.

Boston the Port
Boston has been a port since the 13th century when it was established as a ‘staple town’ authorised to engage in import and export.  At first Boston’s main trade was wool with salt, grain and lead being its other main trading products.  Once weaving became more import than the product (wool), Boston’s wool trade declined.

In the 19th century Boston’s port status improved again when its main exports/imports were timber and agricultural products.  Last century they also began handling steel imports from Northern Europe mostly for the car industry.  Boston was also the dedicated port for paper imports from Norway, other imports include animal feeds plus the export of grains.  Fishing too was high on the agenda.  The port sees some 750 vessels coming in and out every year.

Home of the Pilgrim Fathers
Being a staple port gave Boston some intellectual clout with Europe during the 17th & 18th centuries.  This included the teachings of John Calvin the founder of Calvinism (reformed theology and beliefs).  Many Bostonians as the people from Boston are known became engaged in this new form of faith and worship.  In the early 17th century a number of followers emigrated to Holland and were amongst the group of pilgrims who travelled to New England on the Mayflower.  John Cotton, vicar of St Botolphs Parish in Boston eventually joined the pilgrims in New England and was influential in naming their settlement as Boston!

Landmarks in Boston in Lincolnshire
This market town with its population of more than 35,000 of whom at least 200 already own stairlifts, also has a number of interesting buildings.  Boston has a slightly higher than average retired population – 23% - with the national average being around 19.4%.  We ‘keep count’ of how many of the population need and own stairlifts and need a helping hand to get up and down stairs. Do you need some help with yours?

And if you’d like more information just call our local office where our team will be happy to help you:  01522 899769 .

Back to the landmarks of Boston.

St Botolph’s Church
The Stump or 14th century St Botolph’s Church is the iconic landmark of Boston.  This is the largest parish church in England measuring 282ft whilst its spire stands 272ft high which means it can be seen for miles – you’d definitely need a stairlift to get to the top were it possible to do so!  The church has retained its original library which was started in the 17th century and is still housed in its original room above the porch.  It holds 1,200 books.

Source:Wikimedia Commons

The name of Boston is thought to be derived from Botolph i.e. Botolph’s town.  St Botolph was a 7th century monk.

Pescod Hall
Pescod Hall was originally built in the 15th century; in 1972 it was sympathetically rebuilt replacing rotten medieval timbers with new oak ones and recycling Georgian bricks for the wall infill.  The building sits in the middle of Pescod Square, a shopping development, and houses a fast food chain!  Not quite in keeping with its heritage.

Shodfriars Hall
Again the original Hall was probably built in the 15th century and may well have been a guildhall of some significance.  Major restoration was carried out in the 19th century and little of the original is left apart from the timber frame, the building is really an empty shell in terms of history.  At one time it housed a theatre but now it contains commercial businesses.

Maud Foster Mill
This is the tallest operating windmill in England and it unusually has five sails.  Most windmills have an even number of sails.  It was built at the beginning of the 19th century by millwrights from Kingston upon Hull.  It is currently a working museum and stands on the dyke above the drain it’s named after.

Source:Wikimedia Commons

Famous folks of Boston
·         Poet Jean Ingelow was a 19th century poet born in Boston the daughter of a local banker.  Lord Tennyson lauded her as charming.

·         20th century poet Elizabeth Jennings was also born in Boston although her family moved to Oxford when she was 6; she remained in Oxford until her death in 2001

·         English historian John Foxe also came from the town; he was born in 1517 and is the author of Foxe’s Book of Martyrs

·         Comedian Jennifer Saunders who had a long-time working partnership with Dawn French was born in near-by Sleaford

·         Comedian Robert Webb of Mitchell and Webb was born in Boston

Source:Wikimedia Commons

Castle Comfort Stair Lifts know that needing some help getting up and down the stairs is no laughing matter.  A stairlift not only aids your safety but of course gives you that independence that we all want.

Remember we have a great range of stairlifts or chairlifts from all the major manufacturers in the UK and we’ll be happy to advise and assist you choose the right one for you.  Why not watch our founder Keith’s video which explains why he became so passionate about the business – you’ll find it at the top of the page.  If there are still questions you need answered then please get in touch with our team in your local office,  01522 899769 .

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Stairlifts Grantham – Lincolnshire Stairlifts

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Castle Comfort Stairlifts offers top brand stairlifts, keen prices and fast installs for all those seeking stairlifts in Grantham, Lincolnshire . And all work comes with our no-quibble guarantees and famous customer service satisfaction.

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If however, you are looking for fascinating facts about the area then feel free to read on.

Stairlifts Grantham – Stairlifts Lincolnshire

Grantham in Lincolnshire, where we’ve been serving customers for almost 15 years has a retired population of nearly 7,000.  Of these about 175 already own stairlifts – and counting.  Every minute someone in the country needs some mobility help, and Castle Comfort Stair Lifts are there to assist! Will you be contacting us next for your installation?

A very famous daughter
Of course Grantham is probably most well known for one of her famous daughters, Margaret Thatcher our former prime minister.


She was born Margaret Hilda Roberts in 1925 to a grocer and one time Mayor, Arthur Roberts of Grantham.  Thatcher grew up in Grantham in a flat above the larger of two grocery stores owned by her father.  She was brought up a strict Methodist though later in 1951 changed to Church of England.

She went to Somerville College, Oxford where she studied Chemistry.  She was the first woman prime minister in Britain and is the longest serving one in the 20th century.  She was nick-named the Iron Lady – Meryl Streep playing her in a film of the same name has just won an Oscar for her portrayal.

Thatcher now holds the title of Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven in the County of Lincolnshire as a life peer.

And a famous son
Notching up globally famous people, Sir Isaac Newton was also born nearby though considerably earlier than Margaret Thatcher in 1642!  His scientific and mathematical discoveries are so many it’s hard to know where to begin and hone them down to a few words.


We can safely say that he built the first telescope though, observed and recorded how a prism affects light and colour and his principles of mathematics formed the basics of classical mechanics.  His theories on motion and gravitation are also famous.

He studied at Trinity College, Cambridge and interestingly, a current Cambridge psychologist suggests that it is probable that Newton suffered from Asperger Syndrome.

The myth about the apple falling on Newton’s head and inspiring his theories of gravitation hold some truth.  Several people confirm that it was watching an apple fall from the tree directly to the ground rather than on his head that had Newton thinking about the earth’s gravitational pull.

The grave situation of stairs!
There’s no myth that stairs often get harder to navigate as we get older and more infirm.  Many things cause this problem from bad backs, knees, conditions causing limited use of the limbs or just frailty.  Here at Castle Comfort Stair Lifts we understand how important it is not only to be able to get up and down the stairs safely but also to retain that independence.

If you think a stairlift would improve your quality of life we are just a phone call away on 01522 899769 .  We can supply and install all the best stairlifts manufactured in the UK.  They range from straight and curved to perch stairlifts; we even offer reconditioned ones.  Take a look at our stairlift comparisons and stairlift prices – check out grants and 0% finance - and then get in touch with our friendly and helpful team.

Woolsthorpe Manor
This small manor house was owned by Sir Isaac Newton’s family and it was where he spent time when Cambridge University was closed due to the Plague.

It is claimed that it is here that Newton first formulated his ideas about gravity and light.  There are diagram scratches on the plaster walls which are said to be Newton’s; the apple tree in the orchard is claimed to be the apple tree that gave Newton his ideas about gravity.  This you probably won’t be surprised to learn is disputed!  The Kings School in Grantham where Newton was educated claim they bought the tree and had it planted there!  An ancestor of the original tree grows outside Newton’s old room at Trinity College.

Woolsthorpe Manor is open to the public and is now owned by the National Trust.

Grantham Gingerbread
Grantham and gingerbread biscuits go together!  The first form of these biscuits was Grantham Whetstones made locally as far back as the 18th century.  They were made by mistake by the baker who went to his shop after dark to collect some ingredients to bake at home.  Inadvertently he picked up a raising agent and the biscuits rose in the oven.  Grantham Gingerbreads have been a local delicacy ever since.

RAF links
St Vincent’s Hall in Grantham once the home of industrialist and inventor Richard Hornby, was the HQ of RAF Bomber Command no 5 Group responsible for the famous Dams Raids over Germany with the ‘bouncing bomb’.

Whilst at Spitalgate formerly RAF Grantham trained pilots for both World Wars were trained.  The only ‘operational service’ it saw was as a base to American and Polish glider pilots and parachutists in World War II.


The birth of the tank
Richard Hornsby who founded Richard Hornsby & Sons in 1815 invented the caterpillar track which was used with their oil engines.  The invention was sold almost a hundred years later to an American company which went onto become Caterpillar Inc. Tractor Company.  It was in 1914 that a British Army Colonel saw one of their tractors, noted its potential and a year later the first tank appeared.  Tanks were later manufactured in the Grantham factory.

Two Manors
Belton House near Grantham has been called ‘the perfect English Country House’.  Built in the 17th century it is now a Grade 1 listed house owned by the National Trust.

Harlaxton Manor built in the 19th century is now part of the American owned University of Evansville’s British Campus.  The Manor is popular for filming and has been used as a location for The Ruling Class (Peter O’Toole), The Last Days of Patton (George C Scott), The Lady and the Highwayman (Hugh Grant) and the Haunting (Liam Neesom, Catherine Zeta-Jones & Owen Wilson).

More famous sons and daughters
Fashion designer Antonio Berardi was born in Grantham; athlete and at one time the World’s Strongest Man Geoff Capes was born nearby at Holbeach; as was the 17th century philosopher Henry More; television presenter Nicholas Parsons too can claim Grantham as his place of birth; the late physic medium Doris Stokes also hailed from Grantham; actor Richard Todd retired here and new presenter Claire Tomlinson also claims Grantham as home.

No place like it
Yes there’s no place like home and of course you want to be able to access it all!  Remember we can help out with stairlifts for anyone in and around the area.  We’ll come and assess your home and have a stairlift fitted within 24 hours.  Call our local office for more details or to discuss your next move on  01522 899769 .

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Stairlifts Grimsby – Lincolnshire Stairlifts

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Castle Comfort Stairlifts offers top brand stairlifts, keen prices and fast installs for all those seeking stairlifts in Grimsby, Lincolnshire. And all work comes with our no-quibble guarantees and famous customer service satisfaction.

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If however, you are looking for fascinating facts about the area then feel free to read on.

Stairlifts Grimsby – Stairlifts Lincolnshire

Grimsby is located on the Humber Estuary some 30+ miles from Scunthorpe.  This seaport and fishing town is right on the edge of the mouth of the estuary. Founded by the Danes back in the 9th century on a small Roman workers’ settlement, Grimsby probably means Grim’s Village.

Looking into Norse legends and mythology ‘grim’ means mask and is often thought to hide deity travelling in disguise amongst mortals.  Here in Grimsby it is thought to refer to the Danish fisherman who discovered the area.

Castle Comfort Stair Lifts We have been installing lifts in the Grimsby area for some years now.  We are here to help any of the local population who are less than mobile especially on the stairs.  We bring you stairlifts of several kinds to give you back your independence and access to all levels of your home.

We already know that there are likely to be more than 2.5% of the retired population, about 450 people who already own stairlifts in the area and know their great value.  Check out our website which shows you many people from all over who have benefitted from a stairlift!

If you think this could be the answer to your mobility needs then please call your local office of Castle Comfort Stair Lifts to find out more on  01522 899769 .

Grimsby’s heritage
The area that came to be known as Grimsby was situated in an area called The Haven, a good place for ships to shelter from storms and situated perfectly for access to the North Sea and the fishing grounds.  No wonder the Danish ‘visitors’ thought this was a great place to set up a base!
By the time of the Domesday Book in the 11th century, Grimsby was listed as having a priest, a mill and a ferry which probably existed to take people across the Humber.  At this time there was a population of just 200 people.

The people of Grimsby have become known as Grimbarians!

Fishing and food production
By the 12th century, Grimsby was a thriving fishing port and a quite important one at that – the 12th most important in England.  Because of its location and the marshy ground surrounding it, Grimsby didn’t have town walls but did have a ‘protective’ ditch.

During the next couple of centuries Grimsby grew little partly because of The Haven silting up and therefore preventing large ships into the Humber to dock.  In the 19th century this all began to change as the industrial revolution took hold and an Act of Parliament declared that the area should be generally enlarged and specifically widened and deepened.  Products which were imported via the docks included iron, timber, wheat, hemp and flax.

Before long expanded new docks were needed and in 1851 the Dock Tower was completed shortly followed by 2 Fishing Docks, No 1 and No 2 and then Alexander and Union Docks.  The Dock Tower was designed to hold 30,000 gallons of water to supply hydraulic power to operate lock gates and cranes at Grimsby Docks.

The fishing fleet also grew now that there was room for them to land their catches.  Many fishermen from other parts of England moved to join the fleet in Grimsby.  More than 40% of the influx came from Barking and other towns on the Thames; they were also joined by fisherman from Devon and other parts of the south east.

By the time the railways arrived in the middle of the 19th century, transporting other goods to be exported from Grimsby became easier.  A good example is coal mined in South Yorkshire.  Also rail links to the fish market in London at Billingsgate meant that Grimsby catches could reach the market quickly.

Independence and safety
Do you need to be transported up and down those stairs in safety?  Would this reinstate your independence?  We bet it would.

Have a look at our stairlift comparisons to see the wide range of well-known brands we supply and install.  As agents for all the major UK manufacturers we can give you unbiased recommendations for the best type for you.

If you’d like us to come and assess your home for the most appropriate stairlift – straight, curved or even perch – please give us a call on  01522 899769 .

Changing times
By the 1950’s Grimsby was able to claim the title of ‘the largest fishing port in the world’.  Then came the clashes for ‘territorial waters’ and the Cod Wars with Iceland whose whole population depended almost entirely on fishing.  The period between 1950-1970 saw much unrest.  It ended with many Grimsby firms deciding not to continue and left many men redundant as the fishing industry in the area dwindled.  Artefacts from the era and its history including and 1950’s trawler Ross Tiger, can still be seen in the Fishing Heritage Centre in Alexander Docks.

After this food processing became a big industry in the area; now it is home to some 500+ food companies and has come to be known as Europe’s Food Town for more than 20 years.  Keeping its link to fish and fishing, it is one of the largest fish processing centres in Europe with companies like the Findus Group, Young’s Seafoods who source and supply 60 species of seafood from 30 countries.  The food processing industry here employs more than 2,500 people.


Grimsby has developed a technique for smoking fish which adheres to some strict quality standards and has been well celebrated not only by government bodies but also by celebrity chefs Rick Stein and Mitch Tonks.

Grimsby’s fame did you knows
·         Bernie Taupin, Elton John’s early song-writing partner comes from the area

·         Corporation Bridge featured in the video for Erasure’s The Circus along with neighbouring Cleethorpes Big Wheel

·         Several lottery winners from Grimsby in the late 1990’s had the local media referring to the town as ‘Winsby’

·         The film Clockwise (1985) which starred John Cleese used both the local hospital now called Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital and the Scartho cemetery entrance as locations

·         The 2007 film, Atonement starring Keira Knightly used the Ice Factory on Grimsby Docks as a location

Grimsby’s famous sons and daughters
·         Actress Patricia Hodge was at school in Grimsby

·         Actress Michele Dotrice comes from Grimsby and is probably best known for her role as Betty Spencer in Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em (1970’s)

·         Retired actress Vivean Gray, Nell Mangel in Australian soap Neighbours came from here too – her father was a Grimsby Docks fish merchant

·         TV actor Matt Kennard – Doctors, Coronation Street, Hollyoaks and The Bill – is from Grimsby

·         Sky and Five news reader Helen Fospero is from Grimsby too as is Keely Donovan, the weather presenter for BBC North

·         Julie Peasgood, actress and presenter grew up in Grimsby

·         Actor, the late Patrick Wymark hails from here too

·         Jeffrey Archer was MP for nearby Louth and another MP, Norman Lamont grew up in Grimsby

·         Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown, Barbara Dickson and Patrick Mower all live nearby

Stairlifts for you
We can’t guarantee a song when you call us but we do know you’ll be pleased with our service!  Here at Castle Comfort Stair Lifts we pride ourselves on our service and our fast installation once you’ve made your choice.  We also offer a 24 hour after sales service too.

Checkout our stairlift prices and if funding is a potential stopping point, take a look at the grants that are available or 0% finance deals so that you can get your mobility back with a stairlift.  Talk to us on  01522 899769  so that we can action your wishes fast.

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Stairlifts Scunthorpe – Lincolnshire Stairlifts

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Castle Comfort Stairlifts offers top brand stairlifts, keen prices and fast installs for all those seeking stairlifts in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire .

And all work comes with our no-quibble guarantees and famous customer service satisfaction.

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If however, you are looking for fascinating facts about the area then feel free to read on.

Stairlifts Scunthorpe – Stairlifts Lincolnshire

Castle Comfort Stair Lifts has arrived in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire.  Scunthorpe is in the very north of the county almost 30 miles north of Lincoln and just 15 miles south of the Humber estuary.

We bring our stairlift offers of top brands as agents for the leading stairlift manufacturers with a choice to suit you.  Our service is independent and personal.  We offer fast installation and 24 hour service and support, plus a local office where you can discuss your requirements that can be contacted on  01522 889 769.

Scunthorpe has somewhere in the region of 400 retired folk who already own stairlifts and according to statistics we get a lot of visitors on our website from here.

Claims to fame by Scunthorpe
·         Well the famous former test cricketer for England Sir Ian Botham turned cricket commentator not only lived at nearby Epworth but started his career playing football for Scunthorpe United

·         Kevin Keegan who went on to become an England football player and England Manger, started his footballing career playing for Scunthorpe United too.


·         Football manager Graham Taylor who grew up in the town spent time watching Scunthorpe United before joining Grimsby Town and Lincoln City as a player.

·         Other well known football players from the area or with connections include Jack Bowers, Allan Clarke, Ray Clemence and Keith Lindsay.

·         Another sportsman with Scunthorpe connections – he was born and grew up there – is international golfer Tony Jacklin.  He was the first British player to win the Open Championship for 18 years and went on to win the US Open, the first time a European player had won in 84 years.

·         Scunthorpe has also spawned a few well-known actors too.  Dame Joan Plowright was born in nearby Brigg; she was famously married to Sir Laurence Olivier; her acting career has spanned 60 years and she has a long list of film credits to her name.  She also won 2 Golden Globes, an Oscar, a Tony, an Emmy and two BAFTAs.  The Plowright Theatre in Scunthorpe is named after her.

·         Actor Donald Pleasance who had a notable career in TV, theatre and film grew up in Scunthorpe.


·         More loveys from the area include Kevin Doyle (Moseley in Downton Abbey); Liz Smith well known latterly for her role as Nana in the Royle Family; and Sheridan Smith (no relation) well known for her part in Two pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps.  Sheridan was last year’s winner of the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Musical for her performance in Naturally Blonde and also the Natasha Richardson Award for Best Actress for her part in Flare Path both on the West End stage.

Another claim to fame for Scunthorpe
Local author Ted Lewis featured Scunthorpe in his series of novels which were made into films starring Michael Caine during the 1960’s.  The books were all about gangster life of the period.  One of the stories, Jack’s Return Home later released as Get Carter, showed gangster Jack Carter returning to Scunthorpe from London after his brother’s death with the aim of revenge.  The film location was actually shot on Tyneside.

The actual story was based on a true one – known as the one-armed bandit murder - a fruit machine cash collector from Sunderland, Angus Sibbet.

Castle Comfort Stair Lifts
No need to gamble on your attempts to make it up and down the stairs!  We can give you your independence back with a stair or chairlift to suit.  Stairlifts also help to reduce the risk of accidents on the stairs as we get frailer and less able to cope with this necessary access to another level.

We can supply straight, curved or perch stairlifts.  The first two depend entirely on the sort of staircase you have whilst the third is deigned for those of you unable to bend your knees for whatever reason.  We can assess just what you need and also offer fair stairlift prices.  We even have reconditioned stairlifts available.

If you’re concerned about how you can fund this, have a look at the opportunities for grants or 0% finance.  Of course you can also call us for advice on  01522 889 769 .

All about Scunthorpe
Scunthorpe was made up of five villages – Scunthorpe, Frodingham, Crosby, Brumby and Ashby – all of which joined together to form the larger conurbation of Scunthorpe.  The area is rich in iron ore and limestone both are crucial components for manufacturing steel.  This was an important part of Scunthorpe’s industry but by the 1980’s all the local mines were closed and British Steels closed all operations in the UK.


Ironstone was mined here way back during the Roman occupation and the iron ore deposits were only rediscovered in the 19th century.

During its heyday of steel production Scunthorpe had the largest steel processing plant in the UK and was known as the Industrial Garden Town.

Steel production is still a big part of Scunthorpe’s industry mainly with Corus, the Indian owned company; industrial gas is also produced in the area.  Engineering, food production and distribution account for other major industries in Scunthorpe.

Beyond Scunthorpe’s control
In 2008, a significant earthquake – 5.2 on the Richter scale – caused Scunthorpe to experience shock waves.  This was one of the largest earthquakes ever experienced in the UK.

Another famous few from Scunthorpe
There are a few more famous names connected with Scunthorpe; these include Howard Devoto singer with the Buzzcocks and Magazine; Danny Flynn a science fiction and fantasy artist; the convicted murderer Ian Huntley also lived in Scunthorpe at one time.

We have to mention ...
Scunthorpe United is the breeding ground for many of our footballers.  The club was formed in 1899 and is knick-named The Iron.  More recent players include Jermaine Beckford, Andy Keogh, Billy Sharp and Gary Hooper.

Signing off
Don’t forget if you are looking for a stairlift for yourself or a loved one, we can help.  At Castle Comfort Stair Lifts we have more than 14 years of experience and are well placed to advise you.  For any questions you might have about stairlifts, their installation and their on-going maintenance please give your local office a call on  01522 889 769 .

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Stairlifts Lincoln – Lincolnshire Stairlifts

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Castle Comfort Stairlifts offers top brand stairlifts, keen prices and fast installs for all those seeking stairlifts in Lincoln, Lincolnshire. And all work comes with our no-quibble guarantees and famous customer service satisfaction.

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If however, you are looking for fascinating facts about the area then feel free to read on.

Stairlifts Lincoln – Stairlifts Lincolnshire

The attractive town of Lincoln is a popular tourist destination.  To give you some idea of why, 71% visit for Lincoln’s history and heritage and 60% specifically for Lincoln Cathedral.  The Cathedral is one of the finest Gothic Cathedrals in Europe; for more than 250 years it was the tallest building in the world – hard to believe in our age of sky-scraping modern buildings – that was before its wooden spire collapsed in a storm in the 16th century!

Castle Comfort Stair Lifts are pleased to add their name to the list of visitors!  We come with another purpose not to visit the Cathedral!  As representatives of all UK stairlifts we come offering a good range at fair prices for those of you in need of help with mobility up and down your stairs.

We estimate that almost 500 residents in Lincoln have already experienced the independence a stairlift can give them.  How do we know?  We keep count of these things, so know that lots of people, maybe even neighbours down your road may have one of our stairlifts.

If you’d like to be assured of your independence, please give us a call on  01522 899769 .

Lincoln Cathedral
Back to Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln’s biggest single tourist attraction.  It dates back to 1092 and was struck by a number of disasters along the way.  Its timber roof was burnt within 50 years of it being built; it was rebuilt and expanded by the Bishop but was destroyed by an earthquake within 40 years!

The Cathedral was rebuilt this time in Early English Gothic style and included some architectural advances like flying buttresses and ribbed vaulting, which allowed for larger windows.  Lincoln Cathedral claims to be the third biggest Cathedral in Britain in floor space after St Paul’s and York Minster.  The Cathedral is home to a large bell called Great Tom of Lincoln which strikes every quarter of an hour.  The Cathedral is home to 12 other bells too.

Lincoln Cathedral did hold one of the 4 remaining copies of the Magna Carta but this is now housed in Lincoln Castle.  The remaining 3 copies are held in Salisbury Cathedral and 2 at the British Library.

Lincoln Cathedral was famously used as Westminster Abbey’s location double in the film The Da Vinci Code.

The Lincoln Imp
The Lincoln Imp is a stone carving in Lincoln Cathedral that has attracted several legends.  One suggests that in the 14th century two imps – mischievous of course – were sent by Satan to do his evil work.  Causing trouble all over the North of England they ended up at Lincoln Cathedral where they proceeded to smash tables and chairs and trip up the Bishop!  An angel appeared in the Angel choir and ordered them to stop; one of the imps jumped up onto a pillar and started throwing rocks at the angel who promptly turned him to stone.  The second imp was able to make a getaway.  The stone imp is still there on top of the pillar in the Angel Choir!

Lincoln Castle
William the Conqueror is responsible for Lincoln Castle which he built on the site of an old Roman fortress.  At the time Lincoln was a town of major importance and sited at the crossing point of several important access roads.  This included the Fosse Way which linked it to Exeter and Leicester and Ermine Street which ran from London through Lincoln to York.

By the 18th and 19th century the Castle was used as a crown court and prison and hangings took place there regularly.  Public hangings actually took place in the Mural Tower which overlooks upper town.  Visitors can still stand here to catch the wonderful views or descend by ladder to dungeons where prisoners awaited their fate.

No such fate for current residents of the town; no ladder to descend either – just stairs which can be dangerous if you’re not so nimble on your feet these days.  Castle Comfort Stair Lifts supply and install a number of different types of stairlifts – straight, curved, perched and even reconditioned ones – take a look at our stairlift comparisons and stairlift prices.

Talk to us about what you need and let us assess you and your home.  We can install a straight stairlift in less than an hour or in just half a day for a tailored curved stairlift.  Contact us to find out more on  01522 899769 .

Other places of interest in Lincoln
·         Steep Hill – a medieval, cobbled lane connecting modern Lincoln to the Cathedral Quarter; many old buildings including 12th century Jews House associated with the Jewish community in medieval times.  Also takes you to the Magna Carta Pub between the Castle and the Cathedral



·         The Lawn, once a psychiatric hospital alongside Sir Joseph Banks Conservatory – a hot house with plant exhibits brought back from his travels with Captain Cook

·         Historic Roman remains around the Cathedral Quarter – i.e. the Roman East Gate, a Roman well in the walls, circles of stones in the rounds which were the original foundations of Roman pillars

·         Ellis Mill – a preserved 18th century windmill; the only remaining one of 9 which lined Lincoln Edge and milled flour for the City

Famous folk of Lincoln
There are a number of big and smaller famous folk who have connections with this medieval city:
·         Actress Kelly Adams who has appeared in Holby City and Hustle was born here

·         Oscar winning actor Jim Broadbent recently seen as Dennis Thatcher in The Iron Lady and Horace Slughorn in Harry Potter was also born nearby


·         Poet Laureate Alfred Lord Tennyson was born nearby in Somersby


·         More recently poet, journalist and literary critic James Fenton was born here

·         Living nearby is infamous international cricket umpire Darrel Hair who was stood down recently re a ‘ball tampering’ dispute with the Pakistan cricket team

Lincoln School educated a number of famous people including:
·         Actor John Hurt who has a long legacy of film work and recently appeared as Control in Tinker, Tailor Soldier Spy and as Mr Ollivander in Harry Potter

·         The BBC’s Director General Mark Byford and broadcaster Peter Day

·         Spitfire chief test pilot Alex Henshaw

·         Sir Neville Marriner, the conductor who arranged the music for the film Amadeus

·         Broadcaster Steve Race, host of My Music for 25 years

If you think we can improve your quality of life with a stairlift then please get in touch now.  We will quote you a fair price but if you have concerns about funding the purchase, take a look at the grants available or 0% finance options.

We are happy to help you with your decision about which stairlift is right for you.  You can contact your local office on  01522 899769 .

Thursday 15 March 2012

Stairlifts Newark – Nottinghamshire Stairlifts

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Castle Comfort Stairlifts offers top brand stairlifts, keen prices and fast installs for all those seeking stairlifts in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

And all work comes with our no-quibble guarantees and famous customer service satisfaction.

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If however, you are looking for fascinating facts about the area then feel free to read on.

Stairlifts Newark – Stairlifts Nottinghamshire

Newark on Trent to give its full name is a market town in Nottinghamshire that sits about 20 miles south east of Mansfield and 20 miles north east of Nottingham on the banks of the River Trent.

The River Trent flows from Stafford – the home of Castle Comfort Stair Lifts – through the Midlands on to meet the River Ouse and eventually flowing out of the Humber Estuary into the North Sea.  The Trent is one of England’s major rivers and is unusual in that it flows north.  Its course across the Midlands once formed a boundary of some significance between the north and the south of England.

Castle Comfort Stair Lifts is a source of stairlifts!  We represent all UK manufacturers and offer unbiased recommendations, fair comparison and a summary of stairlift prices.  In fact we estimate that just over a hundred and twenty five retired folks in Newark already own stairlifts! Will you join them?

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Newark’s origins
Newark can be traced back to Roman times – it lies on the Fosse Way an important Roman Road which linked Exeter to Lincoln.

During the reign of Edward the Confessor, Newark belonged to Leofric, Earl of Mercia who is probably not as well known as his wife Lady Godiva!  Though of course she didn’t ride naked through the streets of Newark but Coventry!  Why?  Her husband had proclaimed a tax on the people of that city which they thought was unfair.  Lady Godiva on behalf of Coventry citizens had pleaded with her husband to dismiss the taxes but he obstinately refused.  In the end he said he relinquish the taxes if she’d strip naked and ride through the town.

Lady Godiva took him at his word but asked the people of Coventry to stay indoors and shut their windows.  As we know from the legend she rode through the town with just her long hair for modesty.  One person in the town, a tailor named Tom, bored a hole in his shutters so he could see her.  He is the origin of the term ‘peeping tom’.

Back to Newark - Leofric donated the town to the Monastery at Stow in 1055.

Newark Castle
The town grew up around Newark Castle and has a large market place.  Newark Castle was built by Alexander, Bishop of Lincoln in the 12th century on the banks of the River Trent.  It was a Norman stronghold and for many years held the title of ‘Key of the North’.  King John died here and during the English Civil War it was a Royalist stronghold controlling the roads to the north.  Both the town of Newark and the Castle came under siege by Parliamentarian rebels three times during the Civil War.  However once Charles I had surrendered, Cromwell ordered the castle to be destroyed.  Although the demolition was started, fortunately for Newark it was never completed because of an outbreak of the Plague.

After a number of changes of hand it was proposed in 1887 that the Castle grounds were officially landscaped for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.  The gardens were officially opened on Victoria’s 70th birthday, 24 May 1889.

Today Newark’s Tourist Information Centre is housed in the old Castle library.

During the industrial revolution, Newark was a local centre for the wool and cloth trades.  Over the last 100 years it has also been known for its production of pumps, agricultural machinery, pine furniture and sugar refining.  British Sugar still has a processing factory for sugar beet just outside the town.  During the 20th century breweries James Hole and Warwicks and Richardsons were based in the town.

Newark-on-Trent boasts one of the finest Georgian market squares in the UK, which is surround by interesting buildings and from where the tall spire (236 ft) of the Grade I listed St Mary Magdalene’s Church can be seen protruding into the skyline.

Newark Market holds a number of markets in the square throughout the week:
·         Mondays – except Bank Holidays – there is an antique, craft and general retail market
·         Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays are general retail markets
·         On Thursdays an Antique and Craft market is held

In fact antiques are popular in the area; it hosts the largest Antiques Fair in Europe six times a year at nearby Southwell Racecourse.

Don’t want to be considered a show-worthy antique just yet, but do need to maintain your independence and safety?  Then a stairlift could be the answer.  We supply straight, curved and perch stairlifts.  If you would like us to talk you through their differences or come and assess your home, please give us a call on 0115 971 7012

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Did you know?
... that in 1607 the original Pilgrim Fathers left the area to start a new life in Holland.  13 years later they made the pilgrimage to Plymouth in the USA.

Famous folks of Newark
Resident Lady Godiva is not the only famous person to live in or near Newark.  Charles I as we mentioned was associated with the Castle and there are a few other names that you might link to Newark:


Sportsmen & women

·         Footballers Steve Baines who is now a referee, Shane Nicholson and another referee Phil Joslin all have connections with Newark
·         Dusty Hare, well known rugby union international player who currently holds the record for most points scored in first class rugby at 7,337 points
·         William Streets, cricketer from yesteryear
·         Mary King, the Olympian equestrian

·         Sir Donald Wolfit the Shakespearean actor was born and bred in Newark before going on to acting fame
·         Terence Longdon was born in Newark and died last year in Oxford after a varied career appearing in many TV series, early Carry-on films and famously in Ben Hur
·         Actor Toby Kebbell who most recently appeared in the film War Horse
·         Norman Pace half of the comedy duo Hale and Pace

We are always here to lend a hand and get you up and down those stairs safely.  Once you’ve checked out what we can do and decided a stairlift would be your perfect mode of transport, then please give us a call on  0115 971 7012 .

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Stairlifts Mansfield – Nottinghamshire Stairlifts

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Castle Comfort Stairlifts offers top brand stairlifts, keen prices and fast installs for all those seeking stairlifts in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. And all work comes with our no-quibble guarantees and famous customer service satisfaction.
Give us a call today on 0115 971 7012  If however, you are looking for fascinating facts about the area then feel free to read on.

Stairlifts Mansfield – Stairlifts Nottinghamshire

Welcome to Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, just 15 miles north of the city of Nottingham and closer to Sherwood Forest as it exists now than Nottingham.

Mansfield’s retired population is around the 13,000 mark with probably around 350 of these owning stairlifts.  These facts are gathered from the national averages which Castle Comfort Stair Lifts keep track of on their homepage counter.

Of course it isn’t only the old who need stairlifts; others who have been injured or suffer from some form of disability which prevents them manoeuvring the stairs successfully may also require the help of a stairlift.  If you or a loved one finds yourself in one of these positions please give us a call on  0115 971 7012 ; we can advise and assess and give you some fair stairlift prices.

Back to Mansfield ...
... and one of its famous inhabitants
Lord Byron the 6th Baron Byron lived for a short period at nearby Newstead Abbey in Ravenshead which he had inherited.  Byron is considered one of the best English poets and is still well read today.  He’s also revered as a Greek national hero as he made a pilgrimage to fight in the Greek War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire.

In his day he was better known for his ‘aristocratic excesses’ i.e. huge debts, many love affairs and rumours about an incestuous affair with his half-sister Augusta.  His famous mistress Lady Caroline Lamb described him as ‘mad, bad and dangerous to know’.  Speculation has suggested he may have suffered from Bipolar disease.  He died young at 36 in Greece.

Mansfield Market
Given its market charter in the 13th century, Mansfield still has one of the largest open air markets in the country complete with Buttercross.  More than that the local council encourage visitors to the town by hosting a number of markets on a regular basis:
·         The general daily market has stalls selling the usual eclectic mix from electronics, clothing, household goods and fruit and veg
·         On the second Tuesday of every month there is a charity market which donates takings to a number of charities
·         Every third Tuesday of the month there is another change when the market turns into a farmers market selling all kinds of fresh produce from the surrounding area
·         On all other Tuesdays it hosts the very popular flea market

Just a little history
Roman coins and a villa have been discovered in the area making the general consideration that the settlement at Mansfield dates back to these times.  By the 6th and 7th centuries nearby Sherwood Forest was used as a hunting base for the Mercian kings.

It is mentioned in the Domesday Book with much of the forested land remaining the property of the Royal Household.

Farming took hold in the 18th century and with the development of the railways and industry in the 19th century, Mansfield really began to grow. Coal and cotton production were its big products but it was also the home of the hosiery industry.  In 1800, 700 hand frames were installed in homes for the ‘stockingers’ to produce hosiery.  By the end of the 19th century as machinery became mechanised more than 1,000 people worked making stockings in Mansfield with more than 2,000 in nearby Sutton-in-Ashby.  The proportion of women employed in this work was 7:2.  Cotton and silk were used to produce the hosiery and other goods such as underwear, gloves and ties.

There has also been a history of boot and shoe making in the area at one time accounting for 600 local people employed by the industry.  During the Second World War one factory produced a special line of thigh high boots for RAF pilots and observers.  Of course hundreds of thousands of other boots and shoes were also made.

Mansfield was also big on producing tin boxes with art printing.  The boxes have been found all over the world and the firm responsible was granted several Royal Warrants; boxes containing chocolates were sent to troops in South Africa by Queen Victoria and all boxes produced to celebrate Edward VII’s Coronation were made here.  In the Wars the factory was given over to produce munitions and began producing mechanical toys after the Second World War.

Another of Mansfield’s main sources of industry over the last couple of centuries has been brewing beer at the Mansfield Brewery.  One of their famous straplines in the 1980s used US President Ronald Reagan in their campaign.  The tag line said, "He may be president of the most powerful nation on Earth but he's never had a pint of Mansfield".  The brewery which had changed hands a couple of times last century finally stopped brewery and was demolished in 2008.

Need a (stair)lift?
Have you tasted a Mansfield?  Not ready to be ‘shut down’?  Get in touch with Castle Comfort Stair Lifts if you need some help getting mobilised.  As agents for all UK manufactured stairlifts or chairlifts, we can give you unbiased advice about which one is best for you and your property.
You might need a straight, a curved or even a perch stairlift if sitting down or bending your knees is difficult.  We can come and see which one is right for you.  Give us a call now on 0115 971 7012.

Mansfield’s famous sons and daughters
Apart from Lord Byron there are a number of other more up-to-date celebrities that hail from or have connections with Mansfield:
·         Singers DIDO, David Gray and Alvin Stardust have lived here at one time or another

·         TV presenter Richard Bacon is from Mansfield as is newsreader Penny Smith
·         Professional golfers Oliver Wilson and Greg Owen come from Mansfield
·         A string of footballers including Robert Kozluk, James Perch, Kris Commons, Craig Disley and Liam Lawrence
·         Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington is from Mansfield as is swimmer Sam Hynd - Paralympic Gold medallist
·         Chris Gasgoyne the actor who played Peter Barlow in Coronation Street

·         Actor Roger Moore lived in Ravenshead at one time

Safety and independence
We don’t expect to break any records in our stair lifts but we know they will improve the speed with which you reach the top or the bottom.  They will also be safer too.

If you’d like to know more, take a look at our video about stairlifts; you can use our £50 voucher towards the cost of a stairlift or try for a grant or 0% finance.  Whatever you do, give us a call to see how we can help.

Once you have made a decision we can have a stairlift installed within an hour or at least half a day and our after sales service is speedy too!  Please call us on  0115 971 7012 .