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Stairlifts Grantham – Lincolnshire Stairlifts

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Castle Comfort Stairlifts offers top brand stairlifts, keen prices and fast installs for all those seeking stairlifts in Grantham, Lincolnshire . And all work comes with our no-quibble guarantees and famous customer service satisfaction.

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If however, you are looking for fascinating facts about the area then feel free to read on.

Stairlifts Grantham – Stairlifts Lincolnshire

Grantham in Lincolnshire, where we’ve been serving customers for almost 15 years has a retired population of nearly 7,000.  Of these about 175 already own stairlifts – and counting.  Every minute someone in the country needs some mobility help, and Castle Comfort Stair Lifts are there to assist! Will you be contacting us next for your installation?

A very famous daughter
Of course Grantham is probably most well known for one of her famous daughters, Margaret Thatcher our former prime minister.


She was born Margaret Hilda Roberts in 1925 to a grocer and one time Mayor, Arthur Roberts of Grantham.  Thatcher grew up in Grantham in a flat above the larger of two grocery stores owned by her father.  She was brought up a strict Methodist though later in 1951 changed to Church of England.

She went to Somerville College, Oxford where she studied Chemistry.  She was the first woman prime minister in Britain and is the longest serving one in the 20th century.  She was nick-named the Iron Lady – Meryl Streep playing her in a film of the same name has just won an Oscar for her portrayal.

Thatcher now holds the title of Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven in the County of Lincolnshire as a life peer.

And a famous son
Notching up globally famous people, Sir Isaac Newton was also born nearby though considerably earlier than Margaret Thatcher in 1642!  His scientific and mathematical discoveries are so many it’s hard to know where to begin and hone them down to a few words.


We can safely say that he built the first telescope though, observed and recorded how a prism affects light and colour and his principles of mathematics formed the basics of classical mechanics.  His theories on motion and gravitation are also famous.

He studied at Trinity College, Cambridge and interestingly, a current Cambridge psychologist suggests that it is probable that Newton suffered from Asperger Syndrome.

The myth about the apple falling on Newton’s head and inspiring his theories of gravitation hold some truth.  Several people confirm that it was watching an apple fall from the tree directly to the ground rather than on his head that had Newton thinking about the earth’s gravitational pull.

The grave situation of stairs!
There’s no myth that stairs often get harder to navigate as we get older and more infirm.  Many things cause this problem from bad backs, knees, conditions causing limited use of the limbs or just frailty.  Here at Castle Comfort Stair Lifts we understand how important it is not only to be able to get up and down the stairs safely but also to retain that independence.

If you think a stairlift would improve your quality of life we are just a phone call away on 01522 899769 .  We can supply and install all the best stairlifts manufactured in the UK.  They range from straight and curved to perch stairlifts; we even offer reconditioned ones.  Take a look at our stairlift comparisons and stairlift prices – check out grants and 0% finance - and then get in touch with our friendly and helpful team.

Woolsthorpe Manor
This small manor house was owned by Sir Isaac Newton’s family and it was where he spent time when Cambridge University was closed due to the Plague.

It is claimed that it is here that Newton first formulated his ideas about gravity and light.  There are diagram scratches on the plaster walls which are said to be Newton’s; the apple tree in the orchard is claimed to be the apple tree that gave Newton his ideas about gravity.  This you probably won’t be surprised to learn is disputed!  The Kings School in Grantham where Newton was educated claim they bought the tree and had it planted there!  An ancestor of the original tree grows outside Newton’s old room at Trinity College.

Woolsthorpe Manor is open to the public and is now owned by the National Trust.

Grantham Gingerbread
Grantham and gingerbread biscuits go together!  The first form of these biscuits was Grantham Whetstones made locally as far back as the 18th century.  They were made by mistake by the baker who went to his shop after dark to collect some ingredients to bake at home.  Inadvertently he picked up a raising agent and the biscuits rose in the oven.  Grantham Gingerbreads have been a local delicacy ever since.

RAF links
St Vincent’s Hall in Grantham once the home of industrialist and inventor Richard Hornby, was the HQ of RAF Bomber Command no 5 Group responsible for the famous Dams Raids over Germany with the ‘bouncing bomb’.

Whilst at Spitalgate formerly RAF Grantham trained pilots for both World Wars were trained.  The only ‘operational service’ it saw was as a base to American and Polish glider pilots and parachutists in World War II.


The birth of the tank
Richard Hornsby who founded Richard Hornsby & Sons in 1815 invented the caterpillar track which was used with their oil engines.  The invention was sold almost a hundred years later to an American company which went onto become Caterpillar Inc. Tractor Company.  It was in 1914 that a British Army Colonel saw one of their tractors, noted its potential and a year later the first tank appeared.  Tanks were later manufactured in the Grantham factory.

Two Manors
Belton House near Grantham has been called ‘the perfect English Country House’.  Built in the 17th century it is now a Grade 1 listed house owned by the National Trust.

Harlaxton Manor built in the 19th century is now part of the American owned University of Evansville’s British Campus.  The Manor is popular for filming and has been used as a location for The Ruling Class (Peter O’Toole), The Last Days of Patton (George C Scott), The Lady and the Highwayman (Hugh Grant) and the Haunting (Liam Neesom, Catherine Zeta-Jones & Owen Wilson).

More famous sons and daughters
Fashion designer Antonio Berardi was born in Grantham; athlete and at one time the World’s Strongest Man Geoff Capes was born nearby at Holbeach; as was the 17th century philosopher Henry More; television presenter Nicholas Parsons too can claim Grantham as his place of birth; the late physic medium Doris Stokes also hailed from Grantham; actor Richard Todd retired here and new presenter Claire Tomlinson also claims Grantham as home.

No place like it
Yes there’s no place like home and of course you want to be able to access it all!  Remember we can help out with stairlifts for anyone in and around the area.  We’ll come and assess your home and have a stairlift fitted within 24 hours.  Call our local office for more details or to discuss your next move on  01522 899769 .

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