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Sometimes stairlifts are referred to as chairlifts understandably because that’s what they are a chair which moves up and down the stairs.  Chairlifts have been designed to help those with limited mobility when it comes to tackling stairs.  A chairlift lengthens independence for those who aren’t as nimble as they used to be for whatever reason.

It could mean the difference to living independently or having to live either in care or with carers in your own home.  With a chairlift your dignity remains intact.

If you’re no longer as nimble as Jack and certainly can’t jump over that candlestick, a chairlift could be just what you need.

Did you know that it’s also recognised that having a chairlift reduces accidents on the stairs?  Staircases are the top place for trips and falls which often result in traumatic injuries.  And of course if you are elderly you don’t necessarily heal as well or as quickly as you once did.

The history of the stairlift or chairlift
History tells us that the first chairlift was invented by an engineer in America in the 1920’s.  He invented the chair to help a friend who had had Polio and lost the use of his legs.  Mr Crispen the inventor named it an ‘inclinator’.  This claim for the original inventor of this most helpful tool has been challenged by historian Dr David Starkey who has claimed that Henry VIII or his servants invented the first chair cum stairlift.  They used a block and tackle method to transfer the obese monarch with his injured leg up and down the many stairs at Whitehall Palace.

Whoever is the true inventor, Castle Comfort Stairlifts know that many people are extremely pleased that a method of transportation up and down the stairs is available.

What is a chairlift?
A chairlift is a motorised seat, padded for your comfort – get the connection – that transports you both up and down the stairs with no effort from you whatsoever.  It’s attached to a rail at the side of the stairs and is powered by battery so that the chair definitely takes the strain and you enjoy the ride.

Chairlifts are an essential aid for those with mobility problems whether they are elderly, disabled, suffering a degenerative disease or have an injury which makes stair-climbing impossible.

Safety reassurance
All chairlifts have a foot rest and armrests so that you can sit safely and comfortably.  Most have swivel seats to assist getting on and off the chairlift.  They fold away when not in use so that others can use the stairs unhindered.  A battery operated chairlift automatically recharges when stationery at the top or bottom of the stairs so that it is always ready for use even if you have a power cut!

Castle Comfort Stairlifts have been in the business of supplying chairlifts or stairlifts whichever you prefer to call them for almost 15 years.  We got involved after researching and looking for chairlifts for our own family and finding a huge gap in prices between companies.

As agents for all chairlifts manufactured in the UK, we know a good deal about the market place and chairlifts!  We certainly know what a difference they can make to your life and of course representing all chairlift producers we can give you totally unbiased advice.  Because this is a big investment, it’s important you get good advice before you make such a financial commitment.

But don’t forget that there are grants to help you fund the purchase or 0% finance deals so that you can spread your payments without paying for the privilege.

Which chairlift is best for you?
There is a huge range of chairlifts available, powered differently and with differing controls and weight restrictions.  Essentially though there are three kinds – straight, curved and platform chairlifts.

Straight chairlifts – the name perfectly explains this type – they go up and down a straight staircase with ease.  It’s also the easiest of the range to install – we can get your local area installation team to install within an hour!  That’s speedy.  It is also the cheapest of the three types of chairlift; we can supply a reconditioned version for under £1,000.

Curved chairlifts are more expensive because they are usually tailor made to fit your staircase if it bends round or if there are landings to negotiate.  These usually take a little longer to install as well – around half a day.

Perched chairlifts are a useful way to negotiate the stairs if you are unable to bend your knees – you are perching on a higher seat.

Platform chairlifts can be modified to your needs.  Take a look at our demonstration to see what we mean – easier than an explanation.

Castle Comfort Stairlifts can supply just what you need at a fair price.  But don’t take our word for it, check out the website comparisons and give us a call to discuss further.  You can contact us for free on 0800 007 6959 or call your local office – you’ll find the numbers here.

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