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Stairlifts Newark – Nottinghamshire Stairlifts

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If however, you are looking for fascinating facts about the area then feel free to read on.

Stairlifts Newark – Stairlifts Nottinghamshire

Newark on Trent to give its full name is a market town in Nottinghamshire that sits about 20 miles south east of Mansfield and 20 miles north east of Nottingham on the banks of the River Trent.

The River Trent flows from Stafford – the home of Castle Comfort Stair Lifts – through the Midlands on to meet the River Ouse and eventually flowing out of the Humber Estuary into the North Sea.  The Trent is one of England’s major rivers and is unusual in that it flows north.  Its course across the Midlands once formed a boundary of some significance between the north and the south of England.

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Newark’s origins
Newark can be traced back to Roman times – it lies on the Fosse Way an important Roman Road which linked Exeter to Lincoln.

During the reign of Edward the Confessor, Newark belonged to Leofric, Earl of Mercia who is probably not as well known as his wife Lady Godiva!  Though of course she didn’t ride naked through the streets of Newark but Coventry!  Why?  Her husband had proclaimed a tax on the people of that city which they thought was unfair.  Lady Godiva on behalf of Coventry citizens had pleaded with her husband to dismiss the taxes but he obstinately refused.  In the end he said he relinquish the taxes if she’d strip naked and ride through the town.

Lady Godiva took him at his word but asked the people of Coventry to stay indoors and shut their windows.  As we know from the legend she rode through the town with just her long hair for modesty.  One person in the town, a tailor named Tom, bored a hole in his shutters so he could see her.  He is the origin of the term ‘peeping tom’.

Back to Newark - Leofric donated the town to the Monastery at Stow in 1055.

Newark Castle
The town grew up around Newark Castle and has a large market place.  Newark Castle was built by Alexander, Bishop of Lincoln in the 12th century on the banks of the River Trent.  It was a Norman stronghold and for many years held the title of ‘Key of the North’.  King John died here and during the English Civil War it was a Royalist stronghold controlling the roads to the north.  Both the town of Newark and the Castle came under siege by Parliamentarian rebels three times during the Civil War.  However once Charles I had surrendered, Cromwell ordered the castle to be destroyed.  Although the demolition was started, fortunately for Newark it was never completed because of an outbreak of the Plague.

After a number of changes of hand it was proposed in 1887 that the Castle grounds were officially landscaped for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.  The gardens were officially opened on Victoria’s 70th birthday, 24 May 1889.

Today Newark’s Tourist Information Centre is housed in the old Castle library.

During the industrial revolution, Newark was a local centre for the wool and cloth trades.  Over the last 100 years it has also been known for its production of pumps, agricultural machinery, pine furniture and sugar refining.  British Sugar still has a processing factory for sugar beet just outside the town.  During the 20th century breweries James Hole and Warwicks and Richardsons were based in the town.

Newark-on-Trent boasts one of the finest Georgian market squares in the UK, which is surround by interesting buildings and from where the tall spire (236 ft) of the Grade I listed St Mary Magdalene’s Church can be seen protruding into the skyline.

Newark Market holds a number of markets in the square throughout the week:
·         Mondays – except Bank Holidays – there is an antique, craft and general retail market
·         Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays are general retail markets
·         On Thursdays an Antique and Craft market is held

In fact antiques are popular in the area; it hosts the largest Antiques Fair in Europe six times a year at nearby Southwell Racecourse.

Don’t want to be considered a show-worthy antique just yet, but do need to maintain your independence and safety?  Then a stairlift could be the answer.  We supply straight, curved and perch stairlifts.  If you would like us to talk you through their differences or come and assess your home, please give us a call on 0115 971 7012

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Did you know?
... that in 1607 the original Pilgrim Fathers left the area to start a new life in Holland.  13 years later they made the pilgrimage to Plymouth in the USA.

Famous folks of Newark
Resident Lady Godiva is not the only famous person to live in or near Newark.  Charles I as we mentioned was associated with the Castle and there are a few other names that you might link to Newark:


Sportsmen & women

·         Footballers Steve Baines who is now a referee, Shane Nicholson and another referee Phil Joslin all have connections with Newark
·         Dusty Hare, well known rugby union international player who currently holds the record for most points scored in first class rugby at 7,337 points
·         William Streets, cricketer from yesteryear
·         Mary King, the Olympian equestrian

·         Sir Donald Wolfit the Shakespearean actor was born and bred in Newark before going on to acting fame
·         Terence Longdon was born in Newark and died last year in Oxford after a varied career appearing in many TV series, early Carry-on films and famously in Ben Hur
·         Actor Toby Kebbell who most recently appeared in the film War Horse
·         Norman Pace half of the comedy duo Hale and Pace

We are always here to lend a hand and get you up and down those stairs safely.  Once you’ve checked out what we can do and decided a stairlift would be your perfect mode of transport, then please give us a call on  0115 971 7012 .

Don’t forget if you are looking for funding help, there are some grants available or else a 0% finance deal might be the answer.  One thing’s for sure, once you’ve seen how good they are, and tried out a couple of stairlifts, you’ll want one to make your life so much easier.

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