Friday 30 September 2011

Stairlifts Lymington - Hampshire Stairlifts

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Looking for a stairlift in, or near Lymington, in the county of Hampshire?  Just listen to the founder of Castle Comfort Stairlifts,  Keith above.  Many Stairlifts firms come with good pedigree, some not so good. But whether you seek a cheap stairlift, a reconditioned model or a new one via Stannah Stairlifts (even an Acorn or a Minivator) - just look here at the status and history of Castle, who are official agents for all UK chairlifts manufacturers.

 Now please take a few moments to read on - whether you are just visiting the area - or living in Lymington, here’s all the ‘low-down’.  Get to know all about this picturesque town.
Of course, if you are in a hurry to get information on stair lifts in Hampshire, bookmark the page for later, and send in the enquiry coupon  - or call 023 8124 3046  (7am to 11pm)
Picturesque Lymington
On the edge of the New Forest sits Lymington, a few miles west of Southampton, a picturesque Georgian market town popular with locals, tourists and sailing enthusiasts.  It is situated between the large conurbations of Southampton and Bournemouth and also between smaller towns, New Milton and Beaulieu  on the west bank of the Lymington River on the Solent in Hampshire.

Most activity is centred around the High Street - with a Saturday market dating back to the 13th Century selling local food and crafts - and the Old Town Quay.  St Thomas’ Church is at the top of the High Street and the Old Town Quay can be found via a quaint cobblestone road at the bottom.  It boasts two large marinas: Haven and Berthon; two sailing clubs: the Royal Lymington Yaucht Club and the Lymington Town Sailing Club and an open-air seawater bath built in 1833.

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About a third of the population is older but not as old as that seawater bath!  The hills of Lymington and that cobbled street are probably a nightmare for them as they get less nimble on their feet.  A stairlift to ferry them to the top of the high street or right down to the quay would be perfect wouldn’t it?  Castle Comfort Stairlifts haven’t yet come across a ‘street stairlift’ but are always on hand to advise about one for your home!  So if you've been searching for stairlifts in Lymington, you now know who to call.

The surrounding area
Nearby Beaulieu is famous for its ‘old crocs’!  I’m talking of course about the vintage car collection housed at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu Palace House.  The collection includes vintage cars, vehicles of endurance and famous vehicles like the Bond cars (pictured) or the ‘flying’ Ford Anglia from Harry Potter and Del Boy’s Reliant Regal.

If you feel like an ‘old croc’ unable to make the stairs with ease any longer, Comfort Castle Stairlifts have the answer!  We have something not quite as exciting as a vintage car but something that will give you back some mobility and get you up those stairs, a stairlift!

Did you know?  In 1966 almost an old codger himself, Sir Francis Chichester sailed Gypsy Moth IV from Buckler’s Hard in Beaulieu to make his round the world voyage.

New Milton, just 6 miles west of Lymington on the edge of the New Forest, has an aging population with more than 40% retired.  This pretty little market town along with Barton-on-Sea and Mudeford were once more renowned for smuggling!

If you live in the area or have family there in need of help with their mobility, Castle Comfort Stairlifts will be only too pleased to help.  We can supply a range of mobility products from wheelchairs and bathlifts and of course our famous stairlifts and we won’t have to smuggle them in.

The New Forest covers 219 square miles between Bournemouth and Southampton on the southern coast to Nomansland in the north.  Several towns including Lymington, Beaulieu and New Milton border this national park with the largest area of unenclosed pasture lands in England.

It is common to see New Forest ponies strolling around the roads and picnic areas; you might even catch a glimpse of pigs, cattle or donkeys.  All these creatures are ‘owned’ but are allowed to wander freely on the common land.

Lymington began as an Anglo-Saxon-Village called Limentun.  ‘Limen’ meaning elm-tree from the Celtic word ‘lemana’ and ‘tun’ meaning farm or hamlet.  It was founded by the Jutes who travelled from the Isle of Wight in the 6th Century.  Prior to this the Buckland Rings - an Iron Age Fort – was the earliest settlement in the area.

According to the Doomsday book it was known as Lentune in 1086, but in 1200 it was separated into New and Old Lymington by William de Redvers who was Lord of the Manor.  New Lymington borough encompassed the High Street and Quay and Old Lymington the rest of the Parish.

In its time Lymington has been known for salt making, shipbuilding and as a military depot.  It also has a history of smuggling linked to it.

More recently it has been redeveloped to include retirement homes and with its stunning scenery and low crime levels, it’s an attractive place to live.  A retirement home is designed with older, less able people in mind; if you are lucky enough to live in one of these retirement homes and would like access to the entire house, let Castle Comfort Stairlifts give you some advice about which stairlift suits you best.

Think you can’t afford it after the expense of a new home?  There may be a grant available, just check our blog.

Did you know?
Lymington is twinned with Almansa in Spain, Mosbach in Germany and VitrĂ© in France.  It also featured in two television series - Howard’s Way and Worzel Gummidge - back in the 80s.  In fiction, Lymington has been written about by Edward Rutherfurd and local writer Warwick Collins.

Famous sons
Young actor Robbie Kay, most recently known for his roles in Made in Dagenham and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, was born in Lymington.  

Along with Mark Knopfler, (Dire Straits) British guitarist, singer, songwriter, record producer and film score composer.

Lymington is just one of the areas in Hampshire where we supply stairlifts to those of you no longer so mobile.

If you would like to know how we can help you assess your property for a stairlift, look at grants or talk about installation, please give Castle Comfort Stairlifts a call on 023 8124 3046.  Don’t forget to use our '£50 off'' stairlift coupon at the top of the page! 
Finally, if we have missed off anything really important that deserves a mention, please 'tick us off 'in the comments box below.  We'll put it right!

Tuesday 27 September 2011

Stairlifts Winchester - the inventor was well known there!

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Your Hampshire 'stairlift hunt' has just taken a break in the town of  - Winchester.  After listening to the founder of Castle Comfort Stairlifts,  Keith above -

 - please take a few moments to read on - whether a visitor to Hampshire - or as a Winchester resident, as there are things here that may surprise you!
But if you are in a hurry to get information on stair lifts, bookmark the page for later, and send in the enquiry coupon  - or call 023 8124 3046  (7am to 11pm)

OK, let's go - Winchester, Hants, is the former capital of England.  It actually grew from the original Roman town of Venta Belgarum which was built on the site of an iron-age fort, so its history goes back a long way. In the 3rd century the city was given stone walls and became the fifth largest Roman city in England. These days its architecture is somewhat  different.  Some 30% of the population of 110,000 are over 70, and according to the sales figures of at least two British stair lift companies - already about a fifth of them own a stairlift!  No coincidence  maybe, that the 'rolls royce' of the stairlifts industry,  Stannah, have their base just  less than fifteen miles away at Andover.

About a third of the Winchester region's local authority electoral roll members live in the town - and the other two thirds in other rural areas,  including many villages. For the stats and demographics students, pay a visit here. One such village is that of TWYFORD which caused a few raised eyebrows of the authors of this blog - some of whom originate from Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, the birth place of the family business Castle Comfort Stairlifts,  that has become known and respected  nationally.   After all, the word 'Twyford' is synonymous with some of the most famous Stoke ceramic products in the world - so some of those 'Potters' have gone to the trouble of finding out just what is the connection. We can tell you now that it's no coincidence.  But right now we are not saying . If you can find out, why not enter the Castle Stairlifts competition of the month? Tell us what  the connection is. You need to email   All entries will be acknowledged and for each one we'll chip £5 into  the good deeds fund of Stairlift Stephen. We'll add on another £10 for the most relevant correct answer,  and issue the winner with an extra £50 voucher towards a stairlift for themselves or a relative.

The town's most famous landmark is Winchester Cathedral, one of the largest  in Europe with the longest nave of all.  Imagine if you could get to the top of the spire via stairlift!  Nearly all  visitors head there.  But focusing on the obvious is a bit like shopping for a mobility product - especially stairlifts.  There is always a choice of many things to see do and buy in this world. When visiting Winchester, refer to this - it refers to the cathedral first - and then will guide you to other not so famous treasures well worth knowing.  (It's just like searching for  stair lifts Winchester  and then passing the top of the list Acorn, Stannah and Minivator to find....   a  Castle!  Not a Winchester castle, but a family stairlifts supplier that covers the whole of the county of Hampshire. In fact, CCS is an agent for virtually every United Kingdom manufacturer of stairlifts - so as you heard on the MD's video above - there are some pretty good deals to be had by shopping around - and not just heading for the obvious big businesses.  So for all those searching Stairlifts Winchester for a good price on the internet you now know who to call.

Let's come on to the famous from Winchester - those in history - and a few characters from not so long ago
Colin Firth

Jack Dee

Kathy Smallwood-Cook

Kevin Ashman

Terry Paine

Tony Middleton

But the title of this blog is puzzling a few folk. The 'inventor of the stairlift'. Who on earth was that?  It is now  probably the most over-broadcast piece of news  in the chair lift industry that one of our most flamboyant and notorious royals ever,  made for himself   (or rather coerced his servants to do so) -  A STAIRLIFT !   It was in fact vital -  due to his clear obesity as he couldn't lift his own weight up the stairs.  For our video of a bariatric stairlift for obese patients click here.

Without question, Winchester's 'Henry'  started it all - and even the Daily Mail says so. So he was indeed, we are sure,  the founder of the stair lift!   Go to HENRY V111 and see the evidence.

Winchester is of course steeped in history so for anyone with an interest of days gone by will have heaps of fun discovering the facts. For instance, the city’s Saxon Street plan which is still evident today is the work of Alfred the Great and was built over the old Roman Road structure. And William the Conqueror compiled the Doomsday Book here. Winchester Castle Great Hall almost its only remaining structure, house Alfred the Great’s famous Round Table with all the names of the Knights of the Round Table inscribed around it.

Winchester is also home to the University of Winchester and Winchester College. The two couldn’t be more different-  the University was built around 1840 as a Diocesan Training Centre and then becoming a teacher training college to reach university status in 2004 - Winchester College is a boy’s public school established in the 12th century and one of the nine original named public schools in 1868 alongside Eton, Harrow and Charterhouse.

Jane Austen died in Winchester in 1817 and romantic poet John Keats famously stayed in Winchester in 1819 writing some of his fine works Isabella, St Agnes’ Eve, To Autumn, Lamia and more.

Winchester deservedly and currently holds the title of County Town for Hampshire and is a very desirable place to live if you can afford it.  Winchester is also one of the most expensive towns for property in the south after London.  This is mainly due to its proximity to London and other cities which makes it easily commutable,  but also because of its historic and architectural beauty. Hence many retired folk have chosen this town to live in - and with those years going by fast, the need pops at  up at times for a little help in the home to climb those stairs safely- just as Henry V111 found out!  Mind you, the longevity rate these days of those taking care of themselves will be considerably greater than Henry's. We have somewhat more sensible lifestyles! Also, stairlifts grants weren't around in Tudor times - not that 'Hampshire Henry of Winchester' needed a grant -but they may be available for you nowadays -check it out here.

Winchester of course is almost as famous for its rifle as its cathedral. But what has that got to do with getting a quote for a stairlift? Well, to make sure you don't run into snags when getting your stairlifts quotes, pay attention to this. The odd company in our industry may use somewhat 'over enthusiastic' selling techniques. To say the least. To illustrate the point, look at THIS. It's our prize-winning 'spam' tale. And no, it's not the type you eat. Have a look at the stairlift salesman in the cartoon - could he be holding a Winchester Rifle at someone's head?

By contacting Castle Comfort Stairlifts, we assure you that you will not find any hard sales tactics - in fact we, nor our associate companies for whom we act as official agents, don't sell - we help people to buy (if they wish and are ready)- there is a difference. Call 023 8124 3046 now and find out what we mean.

Winchester,  as we have said,  is another area of Hampshire where we supply stairlifts to for those not quite as fit as they used to be. If you would like to know how we can help you assess your property for a stairlift, look at grants, or talk about installation, then please call
Castle Comfort Stairlifts on 023 8124 3046.
Don’t forget to use our '£50 off'' stairlift coupon! And try to win another  - by having a go at the free competition!

Finally, if we have missed off anything really important that deserves a mention  - please 'tick us off 'in the comments box below. We'll put it right.

Happy stairlift hunting!

Wednesday 21 September 2011

Disabled Facilities Grants|Stairlifts Funding Advice

Stairlifts Grants - How you can get a lift for less or even a free stairlift! 

Q)Do you or someone you care about need help on the stairs?

A)We can save you time and money.

We've done the legwork for you on stairlifts grants and funding, so just click our link and remember our name to get the best deal on stairlifts prices.

Castle Comfort
Call today on 0800 007 6959 for free advice and assistance.

See How to Apply

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For Disabled Facilities Grants go to your area link below, or keep reading to find out about our other sources of stairlifts grants funding, that happy customers of ours have used.  Some of this stairlifts grants information is so little known, it's almost secret, that is unless you have the experience and the successful customer applications behind you, to know about it.  The local authority links below go directly to the exact correct page on your local councils website - no wasted effort searching through all their website pages, trying to find the right one.

Stairlifts Grants - How to apply?

All Disabled Facilites Grants are means tested, and some councils might only part-fund adaptations like stairlifts, depending on your income and savings levels.  Even if the preliminary test of financial resources reveals that you can afford to pay for a stairlift, it is advisable to still apply for a grant as although you won't get any money from the council towards it, you may get your costs taken into account if you go on to need more alterations in your property within the next 10 years. You will have to have a Social Services referral and Occupational Therapy Assessment to qualify.
You do not always have to fill in a form to begin with although full details of the disabled persons finances with supporting evidence will be required when they do submit their application and you will need to be visited in your own home by a number of people including OT, Social Worker, Stairlift Surveyor and Council Grant Officer.  You are welcome to invite a friend or family member to accompany you at these times.
Installation times from application can be up to 2 years within some local authorities, and you will have to repay any grant if you move home within 5 years of installation. It can of course be impossible, see this Daily Mail article - so explore as many  avenues as possible.

If you still want to buy a lift now then you can scroll to the bottom of the page for further information on obtaining alternative stairlifts funding grants from private bodies and charities, that other customers of ours have found useful in the past.
If your need is urgent and you don't have savings to cover a purchase straight away then Castle Comfort can arrange a rental stairlift for you quickly and easily, which might be more manageable for you.
Give us a call today on 0800 007 6959 for free advice.

Local Councils in the West Midlands



East Staffordshire
South Staffordshire
Staffordshire Moorlands

North Warwickshire
Nuneaton and Bedworth
Stratford on Avon

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West Midlands

Wyre Forest
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Local Councils in the North West

Cheshire East
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South Lakeland

Give us a call today on 0800 007 6959 for free advice. 

Greater Manchester
Manchester City

Lancashire County
Lancaster City
Ribble Valley
South Ribble
West Lancashire

Knowsley Metropolitan
St Helens

Give us a call today on 0800 007 6959 for free advice.

Local Councils in the East Midlands

Amber Valley
Derby City
Derbyshire County
Derbyshire Dales
High Peak
North East Derbyshire
South Derbyshire

Hinckley and Bosworth
Leicester City
Leicestershire County
North West Leicestershire
Oadby and Wigston

East Lindsey
Lincoln City
Lincolnshire County
North Kesteven
South Holland
South Kesteven
West Lindsey

East Northamptonshire
Northampton Town
Northamptonshire County
South Northamptonshire

Newark and Sherwood
Nottingham City
Nottinghamshire County


Give us a call today on 0800 007 6959 for free advice.

Local Councils in the East of England

Central Bedfordshire

Cambridge City
Cambridgeshire County
East Cambridgeshire
South Cambridgeshire

Castle Point
Epping Forest
Southend on Sea

East Hertfordshire
Hertfordshire County
North Hertfordshire
St Albans
Three Rivers
Welwyn Hatfield

Great Yarmouth
Kings Lynn
Norfolk County
North Norfolk
Norwich City
South Norfolk

West Suffolk
Mid Suffolk
Suffolk Coastal
Waveney District

Give us a call today on 0800 007 6959 for free advice.

Local Councils in the North East of England





Tees Valley
Redcar and Cleveland
Stockton on Tees

Tyne and Wear
Newcastle upon Tyne
North Tyneside
South Tyneside

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Barking and Dagenham
Hammersmith and Fulham
Kensington and Chelsea
Tower Hamlets
Waltham Forest

Call the number on the video below for free advice.

More organisations to help you with stairlift grants charity is the welfare support organisation for the armed forces.  They offer to help even if you or a family member only served for a day.  We have supported customers to access these funds.     is charity is for ex employees of any of the companies that are working in the BANKING SECTOR, which we have worked with a number of times, to help towards stairlifts funding.
A charity that helps people get all their welfare benefits and access welfare funds from their list of 3,500 different charities.  They also have a free and confidential helpline that's open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday.

If in the Coventry or Warwickshire area you can make an application here for funding for a full purchase or part payment on a stairlift.

Margarets Fund
A charity that helps women in ill health, who may require grant assistance toards a stairlift.

Other Sources of Charity Funding for StairliftsA guide to grants for individuals in need is published by the Directory of Social Change which lists organisations that give funding grants and includes a template application form to use when applying.  A copy can usually be found in your local library or citizens advice bureau, but if not then give us a call on 0800 007 6959 with your requirements and we'll see who we can put you in touch with.

Lastly previous or current employers of a family member in need of a stairlift may have funds available to help.  Here is a list of the biggest and best companies in the UK with contact details.  If you worked for a different company not on this list it is still worth asking as sometimes the funds may be available, which has happened for us on more than one occasion.

Airbus -
Amey -
Arup -
Astra Zeneca -
Atkins -
Aviva -
Axa -
BAE Systems -
Balfour Beatty -
Boots -
BP –
British Airways -
Capgemini -
Capita -
Carillion -
Citigroup -
Civil Service -
Deloitte -
Deutsche Bank -
Diageo -
EDF Energy -
Ericsson -
Ernst and Young -
Fujitsu –
General Electric -
Hewlett Packard -
Hilton –
Honeywell -
JP Morgan -
Logica -
Marks and Spencer -
Microsoft -
Morgan Stanley -
Morrison’s -
Mouchel -
National Grid -
Network Rail -
Nokia -
O2 -
Oracle -
PricewaterhouseCoopers -
Qinetiq -
Rolls-Royce -
Royal Mail -
Sainsburys -
Santander -
SBS Worldwide -
Serco -
Shell -
Siemens -
Specsavers -
Tesco -
Thomson Reuters -
Unilever -
Virgin Media -
Vodafone -
Xerox -

0% APR Finance

We have an agreement with a UK manufacturer to offer 0% APR finance deals on lifts bought through us.  Applicants are welcome from homeowners or those in rental properties as long as an income to cover the monthly payments is available.  A stair lift can be pricy for some when bought in one lump sum, but by spreading the cost over a full year, a high quality reliable lift can be secured which is yours.  

A rental lift can be less reliable than a new lift, because in most cases it will be a secondhand lift put through a refurbishment process to bring it up to scratch.  All our new lifts are fully guaranteed and come with a complete 24 hour 7 days a week warranty for at least 12 months.

Again if you need assistance with grants, funding or any help at all we would be glad to help.  Kindly call 0800 007 6959 and we will do our best to help.