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Stairlifts Cambuslang – Stairlifts Lanarkshire

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Stairlifts Cambuslang – Stairlifts Lanarkshire

Sitting right on the edge of the outskirts to the south east of Glasgow is Cambuslang, a town which has been there for thousands of years.  The first signs of a settlement date back to the Iron Age and in recent years the town was known for coal mining, iron and steel.  Tata Steel Europe (formerly Corus) still has interests at Clydebank Steel Works in the town.  Recently Hoover has joined the Cambuslang ranks of industry.

Cambuslang has a population of 24,500 of whom almost 5,000 are retired.  Castle Comfort Stairlifts who help to make life easier for those with disabilities who have trouble with stairs, also knows that of those 5,000, 125 already own stairlifts.  As authorities on the subject, we feel it is our responsibility to pay attention to the statistics.  Roughly 2.6% of the retired population come to need help getting up and down the stairs.  On our homepage we count stairlifts as they’re sold so that you can see just how rapidly this is happening all over the country.

If you or one of your loved ones could benefit from a stairlift, we can advise, install and provide excellent after care.  We have stairlifts to fit all kinds of staircases and the needs of people.  Take a look at our straight and curved stairlifts.  We can also help with perch stairlifts if you have trouble bending your knees or larger stairlifts that will carry more weight if that fits the bill.

Take a look around at what we can offer and call our local office for more information on
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It’s all about the people
Sometimes history and culture really give a clear picture of what a town is about, but in the end it comes down to the people.  They are what makes a town and give it its substance.  Cambuslang isn’t short of famous inhabitants, past and present that give it its meaning and its core.  Here are the stories of some them:

·         Cambuslang’s Patron Saint, St Cadoc was responsible for founding a monastery which was superseded by the Old Parish Church in the 6th century.  Cadoc came from Wales but probably in his quest for help to stay the invading Saxons visited Jerusalem, Rome, Brittany, Ireland and Scotland.

·         David Dale lived much later in the 18th and early 19th centuries.  This Scottish industrialist and philanthropist was the co founder of the New Lanark Mills.  He owned the Rosebank Estate in Cambuslang, a second ‘holiday’ home and retreat from his home in Charlotte Street, Glasgow.  The latter is said to still be standing.  His estate in Cambuslang was sold on his death to the Caledonian Railway Company who split it in two.  Rosebank House eventually became the Rosebank Estate and the southern half of the Estate was sold to Thomas Buchanan.  His son sold off the estate for real estate development in the mid 19th century.

·         Shipping magnate Sir George Burns who founded The Cunard Line lived in Rosebank House at one point.

·         The Reverend Dr James Meek was minister at Cambuslang in the latter part of the 18th century.  He came with a string of notable titles to his credit including Dean of Chapter at Glasgow University and Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.  He wrote the first report for the First Statistical Account of Scotland about Cambuslang.

·         There is some evidence that King Arthur may have fought his first battle here against invading Saxons.

·         Another famous Royal, Mary Queen of Scots is said to have fled from Scotland crossing the ford at Cambuslang in 1567.

·         The famous 18th/19th century, garden designer and writer John Claudius Loudon was born here.  He wrote the 1822 Encyclopaedia of Gardening.  Beyond that he also invented a ‘flexible iron bar sash’ which enabled huge glasshouses such as Kew Garden’s Palm House and Crystal Palace to be built.  Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Derby Arboretum, Harewood House in South Yorkshire and Stradsett Hall, Norfolk are amongst some of the many gardens he designed.

·         Sir Thomas Lipton, the tea magnate lived here in the early 19th century.  His home was Johnstone Villa which took his mother’s family name.  He was a keen yachtsman and took part in the America’s Cup 5 times in yachts called Shamrock and Shamrock V.  Unfortunately he was unsuccessful.  He was only inducted into the Americas Cup Hall of Fame in 1993!

·         Opera singer, Robert Wilson was born in Cambuslang.  He trained as a draughtsman and later as a singer.  He spent several years performing with the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company famous for performing Gilbert and Sullivan Operas.

·         Scottish miners’ leader, Mick McGahey worked in the Cambuslang mines and has a memorial in the town.  His father was the founder of the Communist Party of Great Britain.  Mick followed his father into the party and also became vice president of the National Union of Miners.  He took a typically militant line during the 1972-74 miners’ Strike; by the time of the miners’ strike of the 1980s with Arthur Scargill at the helm of the NUM, McGahey was retired but still supportive.  He has been described as a ‘working class hero’.  In 2006 a memorial to McGahey was unveiled in Cambuslang.

·         Duncan Munro Glen was a prolific poet, essayist, editor and author who was born here.  He was a retired professor of Nottingham Trent University.  He was a friend and promoter of two other Scottish poets, Hugh MacDiarmid and Ian Hamilton Finlay who was also an acclaimed artist.  He was nominated for the Turner Prize in the 1980s.

Source: EAC 2006

·         Another poet, Robert Crawford who was born in Bellshill, grew up in Cambuslang.  Crawford currently holds the position of Professor of English at St Andrew’s University.

·         Midge Ure is probably best known for his time with Ultravox but he also played in bands Visage, Thin Lizzy and others.  In 1984 he co wrote and produced ‘Don’t they know it’s Christmas’ with Bob Geldof.  They went on to organise BandAid, LiveAid and Live 8 with proceeds from the concerts going to famine relief in Ethiopia.  Ure was born James Ure; his stage name Midge comes from the phonetic pronunciation of his name Jim spelt backwards.  He is an honorary Doctor of Letters at Dundee Abertay University and an ambassador for the charity Save the Children.

·         Another musician from the area is Brendan O’Hare who was the drummer with Teenage Fanclub.

·         Also from Cambuslang is Patrick Harkins who has directed episodes of Taggart and Casualty.

Get mobile
The first episode of Taggart aired in 1983 with Mark McManus who was born in nearby Hamilton, playing the lead role until his death in 1994.  Taggart’s wife spent years in a wheelchair.  Although she may have been a fictitious character on TV, when in real life your mobility is impaired you can benefit from help.

We are happy to help you realise a practical solution with a stairlift for use in your home.  We supply a good range made by all UK manufacturers, so we can offer unbiased recommendations.  You can see our prices here and check out the comparisons of the different chairlifts.  We also do reconditioned ones.

It’s no joke having to put your hand in your pocket for a stairlift but it will make a great deal of difference to your life.  However if it means digging rather deep, take a look at the grant possibilities or 0% finance loans, which will allow you to spread the payments.

Of course if there is anything else you’d like to know, just give us a call and we’ll get right on it,  0141 278 3929 .

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Stairlifts Motherwell and Wishaw – Stairlifts Lanarkshire

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Stairlifts Motherwell and Wishaw – Stairlifts Lanarkshire

This blog is a story in two parts.  For many years the towns of Motherwell and Wishaw have been virtually inseparable partly due to their council connections.  These two North Lanarkshire towns in the shadow of Glasgow are towns in their own rights.

Stairlifts North Lanarkshire
With a joint retired population of about 11,500, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that around 300 of these good folk need and own stairlifts.  This means that they can access levels and rooms in their homes that otherwise caused them great difficulty or were effectively ‘out-of-bounds’.

Castle Comfort Stairlifts have been supplying stairlifts for almost 15 years and like to know what’s going on, so we keep a count of how many stairlifts are installed.  You can see our moveable counter on our homepage here.  Take a look it’s fascinating to see just how often the counter moves on.

Back to the stairlifts.  Depending on your home or more accurately your staircase, you may need a straight or a curved stairlift and we can supply both.  For those of you who are unable to bend your knees we have perch lifts.  Nothing is impossible when keeping everyone mobile.  We also arrange for installation of any stairlift purchased.  The whole process is very quick.  Straight stairlifts can often be fitted in a matter of an hour or so.  Other stairlifts can take up to half a day – but then you’re ready for off.

If you think a stairlift is the answer to your prayers or to those of a loved one, please take a look around our site and see what customers have said, compare stairlifts and check prices.  If you would like to know more, please give us a phone call on  0141 278 3929 .

Motherwell seems to have existed since at least the 16th century and the name of this town is thought to refer to an ancient well with religious significance.  The Mother’s Well was dedicated to the Virgin Mary but all you’ll find of it now is a plaque to mark the site in Ladywell Road.

Like most ancient hamlets, industrialisation and the arrival of transport structures like the railway are when these areas started to grow.  Motherwell is no different.  By the 19th and 20th century Motherwell had gained a nickname related to its industrial preference: Steelopolis.  Nearby Ravenscraig Steelworks dominated the skyline with their water and cooling towers.  In 1992 when the plant closed it all became history.  All that remains now is the Dalzell Plate Mill which is still in operation.

Dalzell House
The name Dalzell is well known in these parts.  The land where the 15th/16th century Dalzell House was built was owned by the family of the same name.  It was sold off in the 1950s and is now owned by the Motherwell and Wishaw Council who used part of it for a boy’s school.  In the 1980s it was sold and has now been refurbished as a number of apartments.  The building is a Category A listed building.

Motherwell Cathedral
Motherwell Cathedral opened in 1900 as the Church of Our Lady of Good Aid.  By mid century its status was elevated to a cathedral and is now commonly known as Motherwell Roman Catholic Cathedral.

North Lanarkshire Heritage Centre
This modern building opened in 1996 and houses North Lanarkshire’s history and archives.  There are exhibits about domestic life and Motherwell’s industrial past.  Exhibits feature Motherwell’s history right back to the 15th century. Chris Upson

Strathclyde Country Park
This great natural attraction in the Clyde valley brings visitors to the area.  Activities like bird watching, sailing on the Loch and water skiing take place at the Park, which also houses the area’s first theme park M & Ds.

Motherwell has a football club in the Scottish Premier League.  They are known as ‘Steelmen’ and the club was formed in 1886.  Their home ground is at Fir Park Stadium.  Like their nearby neighbour Wishaw they seem to have many footballers connected with the area.

·         Late footballer Joe Baker was an English International player who was born in Liverpool, played for Hibernian and Raith Rovers amongst others.  He grew up in nearby Motherwell and actually died in Wishaw General Hospital

·         Retired footballer Andy Thompson was born here and spent 2 notable periods playing for Queen of the South

·         Ian St John started his career at Motherwell and ended as their manager

·         Another local lad, retired footballer Scott Leitch played and helped manage Motherwell at different periods in his footballing career

·         Businessman Craig Whyte was born here and was at one time owner of Rangers

Other famous faces of Motherwell
Of course it isn’t just footballers who’ve made names for themselves:

·         Actor Paul Higgins was born here.  He has appeared in the theatre, on TV including Line of Duty, Vera, Hope Springs and The Thick of It and films (In the Loop)

·         Opera singer Anne Sharp was born in Motherwell.  She died last year (2011) aged 94

·         Actress Katie Leung was born here and is best known for her role as Cho Chung in the Harry Potter films

·         Scottish Indie Band The Delgados were from Motherwell

Stairlifts Wishaw – Stairlifts North Lanarkshire
Wishaw is a burgh or borough of the greater conurbation of Glasgow.  But it boasts a population of more than 38,500 which makes it bigger than some towns.  It is often over shadowed by its better known neighbour Motherwell. userIain Thompson

Its name probably came from Wishaw House built in nearby woods by South Calder Water.  The name is thought to come from Old Scotch words ‘wis’ was the old Scottish name for water and ‘shaw’ meaning forest or wood.  As is almost always the case, this isn’t the only theory.  Some think the name may have come from the Scottish for ‘wicket gate in the wood’ (Wygateshaw) or the old English for willow wood.  Others believe it is a corruption of ‘Viashaw’ meaning road or that it comes from ‘Wee Wood’ i.e. small wood.  The town isn’t particularly old by some calculations, although there was a settlement round and about the area in the 12th century because St Nethan established a church here.  The suburb of Wishaw is now known as Netherton.  The only remains of the ancient church is a burial ground where Lord Belhaven, is buried.  His burial placed is marked by a mausoleum.

There is no professional football team in Wishaw though neighbouring Motherwell has a premier league club.  Wishaw can only boast a junior team who play at the town’s sports centre at Beltane Park.  The sport does seem to be supported in the town with two full sized pitches in a park, the King George’s Field.

Maybe this is why this smallish town has ‘given birth’ to so many footballers over the years:

·         Former Scottish Professional player Stan McEwan was born in Wishaw and played for Blackpool, Exeter and Hull Cities during his playing career

·         Late footballer Joe Baker was an English International player who was born in Liverpool, played for Hibernian and Raith Rovers amongst others.  He grew up in nearby Motherwell and actually died in Wishaw General Hospital

·         Another footballer who claims Wishaw as his home town is Paul Quinn.  He trained with Motherwell and came up through the ranks there, eventually moving to play for Cardiff City and Doncaster Rovers

·         Derek Holmes currently playing for Arbroath comes from the area

·         Former footballer and manager Tommy Gemmell was born in Motherwell

·         Another Wishaw player is Andrew Barrowman who currently plays for Dunfermline Athletic

·         Currently playing for Carlisle United is Lee Miller who was also born in the area

·         The late Roy Henderson was born in Wishaw and played goalie for Queen of the South

·         Also from Wishaw was the late Alex Wilson who played for Arsenal

Other notables of Wishaw
Of course there are a few other famous people who come from Wishaw including:

·         Snooker player John Higgins aka The Wizard of Wishaw was born here.  He has won the World Championship 3 times

·         Racing driver John Cleland also hails from Wishaw.  He won 2 championships racing in the British Touring Club Class.  He is now one of the commentators of the World Touring Club Series

·         Late film maker Enrico Cocozza came from Wishaw.  He made many films about the area and won awards back in the 1940s–50s.  In 2001 he was the subject of a documentary on Channel 4 called Artery: the story of Enrico Cocozza

·         Tom and Jack Alexander, the Alexander Brothers were a singing due who were born at Cambusnethan near Wishaw

·         Musician Alison Turriff grew up in Wishaw.  She plays the clarinet to concert standard

·         Journalists Alan Fisher (Al Jazeera English) and Deborah Orr both come from the area

Back to those stairlifts.  We’re sure you haven’t forgotten all we told you about them but if you need to refresh you memory, just scroll to the top or have another look around our website.

If you’ve decided that a stairlift is the answer to your needs, then it’s all about making your decision which one, ordering and organising how you pay.  If the cost is prohibitive, please check to see if there are any grants that can help.  A good alternative is a short term % finance deal which helps you to pay in instalments but doesn’t cost you anything for the privilege.  Lastly don’t forget to claim our £50 voucher towards the costs – details are at the top of this blog.

Hope to hear from you soon on  0141 278 3929  .

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Stairlifts Glenrothes – Stairlifts Fife

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Stairlifts Glenrothes – Stairlifts Fife

Glenrothes is an unusual town not least because of its short history.  Glenrothes is a new town conceived and built in the 1940s initially as a mining community.  The new Rothes Colliery would have its own town.  That is until the new colliery didn’t take off.  It was supposed to be the star colliery with all mod cons but the National Coal Board came across water, lots of it.  Local miners had always predicted that would be the case, but the experts went ahead with planning to mine 10 sq miles in the area with 2 deep shafts.  They got one part way down before they hit 1,000 of fast-flowing gallons of water.  To shore up the walls of the mine they would need unbelievably thick concrete, so the decision was taken to pump water out.  About 1,100 men mined what was accessible, less than half of predicted 2,500.  The mine never produced the amount of coal that was estimated.  By 1962 the mine was closed.

Stairlifts in Glenrothes
Castle Comfort Stairlifts have been supplying stairlifts all over the UK for 15 years now and we haven’t missed Glenrothes!  If getting up and down your stairs feels as formidable as descending a mine shaft, talk to us so that we can reassure you how safe one of our stairlifts is.

Around 195 retired inhabitants of Glenrothes already own a stairlift and have put that problem behind them.  You can see our scrolling counter of all those who own a stairlift here.  How has a stairlift helped them?  Well it helps to return your independence whilst at the same time increasing the safety of that journey up and down the stairs.

We supply stairlifts from all UK manufacturers including some made especially for us and also reconditioned ones.  So there’s a good choice and something that will suit you and your pockets.  Take a look at our prices and give us a call if we can help at all on  0131 242 0046 .

The new town
Glenrothes was built on land that had belonged to the Earl of Rothes. Glen was added to the name so that it wouldn’t be confused with the town Rothes in Moray and also to acknowledge that is was built in a river valley.  The land had been mainly agricultural with a few small hamlets in the area such as Cadham and Woodside.

When the colliery closed, the town developed as home of Scotland’s Silicon Glen between 1961 - 2000.  This is where a number of electrical and technical companies developed their businesses.

Balbirnie House
The family home of the Balfours was swallowed up in the development of the new town.  The house became council offices although they were sold off and the house is now run as a hotel.  The extensive parklands are now a golf course.  The house is a Category A Listed building.

Glenrothes Town Artists
For a number of years Glenrothes employed a city artist and evidence of their work and work of their assistants can be seen around the town.  Often the modern sculpture will make you smile, such as the thirsty hippos made in concrete by Stanley Bonnars.  They appear in various places around the town.  The Giant Irises were produced by one of the long-serving members of the artists’ group, Malcolm Robertson.  They were the entry for the Glasgow Garden Exhibition in 1988 and won the John Brown Clydebank award for the ‘Most Original and Amusing Artefact’.  Today they are planted in Leslie roundabout.  The Dream also by Malcolm Robertson is near Church Street in the town centre.

Famous people with Glenrothes connections
As Glenrothes is such a new town, there aren’t many historical connections apart from the Balfour family and the Earls of Rothes.  The 22nd Earl is James Malcolm David Leslie.  Their title goes back to the mid 15th century.

Later inhabitants with a claim to Glenrothes and fame seem to be lead by Dougray Scott.  Actor Dougray has a very successful TV and film career.  He appeared as the lead in Soldier, Soldier when it first aired on UK TV, the films Twin Town, Mission Impossible: II (hand picked by Tom Cruise), Enigma, Ripley’s Game and The Day of the Triffids.  He appeared in 18 episodes of successful US TV series Desperate Housewives and he will appear in Dr Who next year.

Did you know?
·         The Glenrothes Malt whiskey isn’t distilled in Glenrothes but in Speyside

·         The huge iris sculptures were part of Glenrothes exhibit at the Glasgow Garden Festival

·         The Thirsty Hippos sculptures that can be seen at several locations in the town  were created by Stanley Bonnar one of Glenrothes Town Artists

·         That a stairlift from Castle Comfort Stairlifts could improve your life no end?

Stairlifts for you

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·         See what customers have said about our stairlifts

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Stairlifts Bishopbriggs – Greater Glasgow

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Castle Comfort Stairlifts offers top brand stairlifts, keen prices and fast installs for all those seeking stairlifts in Bishopbriggs, Greater Glasgow. And all work comes with our no-quibble guarantees and famous customer service satisfaction.
Give us a call today on 0141 278 3929  If however, you are looking for fascinating facts about the area then feel free to read on.

Stairlifts Bishopbriggs – Greater Glasgow

Castle Comfort Stairlifts know that about 120 of the population in Bishopbriggs own stairlifts to enable them to lead a more independent life.  How do we know?  It’s simple, we keep count!  You can check out our ever changing scrolling counter on our website.

As we live longer with the aid of modern medicine, many of us need assistance to get up and down the stairs.  Not only is this a major inconvenience but it doesn’t help with our confidence.  With a stairlift you can regain your self-belief.

If you or a loved one could benefit from a stairlift please take a look at the types we can supply and install.  Once the best one for you and your home is assessed and sorted, installation can be achieved in less than half a day.  We supply a number of different styles, straight, curved, perch and even heavy duty, bariatric ones that will carry heavier weights.  We can offer unbiased advice as we supply stairlifts from all UK manufacturers and with our 15 year’s experience we know which works best in differing circumstances.  Take a look around our website and if you still have questions, please give us a call on  0141 278 3929 .

Bishopbriggs in Greater Glasgow
It’s always fascinating to learn how towns got their name and who is connected to them.  Bishopbriggs is no different.  There are still arguments about how the name Bishopbriggs came about.  Some say it refers to the Bishops Bridge over the Callie Burn.  Others say the middle ‘b’ has been added to make it easier to say and that its derivation comes from Bishops Riggs meaning the tithes or taxes claimed by the Bishop of Glasgow.

And we all know how place names change over the centuries.  In the case of Bishopbriggs there don’t appear to be any records to this effect, apart from the fact that for hundreds of years it was just a small part of the larger Cadder.

Now Bishopbriggs is geographically close to Glasgow and effectively acts as a suburb or commuter town for its much larger neighbour.

Industry in Bishopbriggs
With transport courtesy of the Forth and Clyde Canal completed towards the end of the 18th century, it heralded the beginning of the ironstone and coal mining industries in the area. Although Bishopbriggs developed slowly the arrival of the railway in the middle of the 19th century, industry was once again given a boost.  By this time the town had become famous as a freestone quarrying district.  The area supplied blonde sandstone for many municipal buildings including the new University in Glasgow’s main building.  As the century went on, red sandstone was also quarried in the area but the blonde sandstone retained its value.  In fact by the 1850s they began to mine for it rather than quarry.  Unfortunately after a bad fall which killed several men at nearby Huntershill, quarrying stopped altogether in Bishopbriggs at the beginning of the 20th century.

Source: Wikipedia User Dumgoyne

Despite this set back to Bishopbriggs economy, by the end of the 1920s Blackie and Sons Publishers came to the town establishing a huge printing works on a 13 acre site.  During World War II part of Blackie’s Bishopbriggs site was used to produce 3.45 shells for the Ministry of Supply, as well as producing aircraft radiators for ship builders and engineers William Beardmore Company.  Blackie and Sons made Bishopbriggs the HQ but eventually the printing works were not needed.  The site was sold off for local housing and the estate retains the printing works original name, Villafield.

War Effort
With industry helping to produce parts for our all important services it’s not surprising that Bishopbriggs took a hit from the German bombers.  The only real target was RAF Bishopbriggs a barrage balloon depot.  The Luftwaffe struck on a night in April in 1941.  This was just one of a series of ongoing raids that year on Greater Glasgow. There were a couple of direct hits and unfortunately a few deaths.

Famous residents
Bishopbriggs has known a few celebrities over the years.  An early person recognised for her connection to Bishopbriggs is Sister Laura Marian Smith.  She was a nurse at Glasgow Royal Maternity Hospital about 100 years ago.  After noticing how children of the period showed high levels of malnutrition she developed or is credited for developing a Casein inhibitor.  Casein is found in cow’s milk and is hard for the very young to digest.  A powered milk formula was developed from this discovery though not by sister Laura, but a Dr Findlay – and we don’t mean the fictitious one with a ‘Casebook’.  Sister Laura was one of the production company’s original shareholders though she had sold her interests in the company by 1920.  The purpose built factory to manufacture Sister Laura’s Food Supplement was built in Bishopbriggs.  With the arrival of the NHS malnutrition was barely known and their core product sales declined.  Although the factory branched out into other food stuffs it never regained its success and the factory closed in 1969.

Source:Public domain

Kenmure House was built by Scottish architect David Hamilton in 1806.  He was known as ‘the father of his profession’.  This was the seat of the Maxwell MacDonald Baronets  The house was built in 1806 and demolished in 1955.  The Bishopbriggs golf club now covers the parkland that was once part of this estate.

Thomas Muir was an 18th century political reformer who lived in Bishopbriggs at Huntershill House.
Dirk Bogarde the English actor and author lived in Bishopbriggs for a time possibly when he was a student.  His ancestry was a mix of Scottish, Dutch and Flemish.  He had a successful film career appearing in well known films such as Death in Venice, A Bridge too Far and Oh What a Lovely War.

Source: Wikipedia User Dumgoyne

TV presenter Jenni Falconer grew up here.  She’s probably latterly best known for hosting The Lottery Show.

Brothers Hardeep Singh Kohli, journalist and TV presenter and Sanjeev Kohli, writer, comedian and actor moved here with their family when they were youngsters and grew up in Bishopbriggs.

Director and actor Peter Capaldi went to school here.  He has made several successful films such as Local Hero and appeared in a number of well known TV programs such as The Vicar of Dibley, Torchwood, Dr Who and Skins.

Remember we can help
Back to stairlifts.  We don’t want anyone in the area to suffer the inconvenience that old age sometimes bring.  Castle Comfort Stairlifts have been there and know how distressing it can be if a member of your family has a problem with mobility.  We really want to help.

Check out our prices.  We supply reconditioned chairlifts too and remember there are some grants available to help with costs.  You could also consider the possibility of a 0% finance option.  You can even use the £50 voucher at the top of this blog towards the cost.

Give us a call today so that we can get the ball rolling,  0141 278 3929 .