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Stairlifts Bishopbriggs – Greater Glasgow

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Stairlifts Bishopbriggs – Greater Glasgow

Castle Comfort Stairlifts know that about 120 of the population in Bishopbriggs own stairlifts to enable them to lead a more independent life.  How do we know?  It’s simple, we keep count!  You can check out our ever changing scrolling counter on our website.

As we live longer with the aid of modern medicine, many of us need assistance to get up and down the stairs.  Not only is this a major inconvenience but it doesn’t help with our confidence.  With a stairlift you can regain your self-belief.

If you or a loved one could benefit from a stairlift please take a look at the types we can supply and install.  Once the best one for you and your home is assessed and sorted, installation can be achieved in less than half a day.  We supply a number of different styles, straight, curved, perch and even heavy duty, bariatric ones that will carry heavier weights.  We can offer unbiased advice as we supply stairlifts from all UK manufacturers and with our 15 year’s experience we know which works best in differing circumstances.  Take a look around our website and if you still have questions, please give us a call on  0141 278 3929 .

Bishopbriggs in Greater Glasgow
It’s always fascinating to learn how towns got their name and who is connected to them.  Bishopbriggs is no different.  There are still arguments about how the name Bishopbriggs came about.  Some say it refers to the Bishops Bridge over the Callie Burn.  Others say the middle ‘b’ has been added to make it easier to say and that its derivation comes from Bishops Riggs meaning the tithes or taxes claimed by the Bishop of Glasgow.

And we all know how place names change over the centuries.  In the case of Bishopbriggs there don’t appear to be any records to this effect, apart from the fact that for hundreds of years it was just a small part of the larger Cadder.

Now Bishopbriggs is geographically close to Glasgow and effectively acts as a suburb or commuter town for its much larger neighbour.

Industry in Bishopbriggs
With transport courtesy of the Forth and Clyde Canal completed towards the end of the 18th century, it heralded the beginning of the ironstone and coal mining industries in the area. Although Bishopbriggs developed slowly the arrival of the railway in the middle of the 19th century, industry was once again given a boost.  By this time the town had become famous as a freestone quarrying district.  The area supplied blonde sandstone for many municipal buildings including the new University in Glasgow’s main building.  As the century went on, red sandstone was also quarried in the area but the blonde sandstone retained its value.  In fact by the 1850s they began to mine for it rather than quarry.  Unfortunately after a bad fall which killed several men at nearby Huntershill, quarrying stopped altogether in Bishopbriggs at the beginning of the 20th century.

Source: Wikipedia User Dumgoyne

Despite this set back to Bishopbriggs economy, by the end of the 1920s Blackie and Sons Publishers came to the town establishing a huge printing works on a 13 acre site.  During World War II part of Blackie’s Bishopbriggs site was used to produce 3.45 shells for the Ministry of Supply, as well as producing aircraft radiators for ship builders and engineers William Beardmore Company.  Blackie and Sons made Bishopbriggs the HQ but eventually the printing works were not needed.  The site was sold off for local housing and the estate retains the printing works original name, Villafield.

War Effort
With industry helping to produce parts for our all important services it’s not surprising that Bishopbriggs took a hit from the German bombers.  The only real target was RAF Bishopbriggs a barrage balloon depot.  The Luftwaffe struck on a night in April in 1941.  This was just one of a series of ongoing raids that year on Greater Glasgow. There were a couple of direct hits and unfortunately a few deaths.

Famous residents
Bishopbriggs has known a few celebrities over the years.  An early person recognised for her connection to Bishopbriggs is Sister Laura Marian Smith.  She was a nurse at Glasgow Royal Maternity Hospital about 100 years ago.  After noticing how children of the period showed high levels of malnutrition she developed or is credited for developing a Casein inhibitor.  Casein is found in cow’s milk and is hard for the very young to digest.  A powered milk formula was developed from this discovery though not by sister Laura, but a Dr Findlay – and we don’t mean the fictitious one with a ‘Casebook’.  Sister Laura was one of the production company’s original shareholders though she had sold her interests in the company by 1920.  The purpose built factory to manufacture Sister Laura’s Food Supplement was built in Bishopbriggs.  With the arrival of the NHS malnutrition was barely known and their core product sales declined.  Although the factory branched out into other food stuffs it never regained its success and the factory closed in 1969.

Source:Public domain

Kenmure House was built by Scottish architect David Hamilton in 1806.  He was known as ‘the father of his profession’.  This was the seat of the Maxwell MacDonald Baronets  The house was built in 1806 and demolished in 1955.  The Bishopbriggs golf club now covers the parkland that was once part of this estate.

Thomas Muir was an 18th century political reformer who lived in Bishopbriggs at Huntershill House.
Dirk Bogarde the English actor and author lived in Bishopbriggs for a time possibly when he was a student.  His ancestry was a mix of Scottish, Dutch and Flemish.  He had a successful film career appearing in well known films such as Death in Venice, A Bridge too Far and Oh What a Lovely War.

Source: Wikipedia User Dumgoyne

TV presenter Jenni Falconer grew up here.  She’s probably latterly best known for hosting The Lottery Show.

Brothers Hardeep Singh Kohli, journalist and TV presenter and Sanjeev Kohli, writer, comedian and actor moved here with their family when they were youngsters and grew up in Bishopbriggs.

Director and actor Peter Capaldi went to school here.  He has made several successful films such as Local Hero and appeared in a number of well known TV programs such as The Vicar of Dibley, Torchwood, Dr Who and Skins.

Remember we can help
Back to stairlifts.  We don’t want anyone in the area to suffer the inconvenience that old age sometimes bring.  Castle Comfort Stairlifts have been there and know how distressing it can be if a member of your family has a problem with mobility.  We really want to help.

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