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Stairlifts Cambridge – Stairlifts Cambridgeshire

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If however, you are looking for fascinating facts about the area then feel free to read on.

Stairlifts Cambridge – Stairlifts Cambridgeshire

About 50 miles north of London is where you’ll find Cambridge in the county of Cambridgeshire. The city is crossed by the River Cam or probably more correctly, the city grew up around the river.

A quarter of a million people live in this university city and about a fifth of them are retired which means that almost 650 people living in Cambridge already own stairlifts.  This statistic comes to you from Castle Comfort Stair Lifts!  We have been looking after people in the area and around the country for virtually 15 years making sure their mobility needs are met.

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A brief history of Cambridge
There has been a settlement here from the Bronze Age and from Roman times.  The river has always played a big part in city-life; its link to the surrounding area and good road connections has meant Cambridge has long been an important trading region.  Henry I granted Cambridge a monopoly on river trade encouraging the development of the area.  Markets including annual ones like Stourbridge Fair and Midsummer Fair were visited by traders from around the country.  The river was often described as impassable because of all the merchant boats.

Nowadays Cambridge sits in the middle of what has become known as Silicon Fen – a play on Silicon Valley in case you’d missed it - due to all its high technology industries in the vicinity from software to bioscience, research & development, engineering to pharmaceuticals.  Over 40% of the workforce in the area has a higher education qualification – this is more than twice the national average.

The River Cam was certainly instrumental in Cambridge’s early status.  In fact there are 23 bridges that criss-cross the river in Cambridge making both sides of the city accessible.

The newest bridge – Riverside Bridge – was built in 2008; it’s a foot and cycle bridge linking Riverside and Chesterton.  But Cambridge is more famous for its older bridges; Clare’s College Bridge is the oldest of all current bridges having been built in 1640.  However many of the bridges have replaced earlier versions on the same spots such as Silver Street Bridge where a bridge was first erected in the 14th century.  The current King’s College Bridge is a 19th century construction but the first one was built in the 15th century.

Source:Wikimedia Commons
One of Cambridge’s most famous bridges is the Bridge of Sighs, named after the one in Venice.  Cambridge’s Bridge of Sighs (1831) is a covered bridge linking two different courts of St John’s College.

Source:Wikimedia Commons
Cambridge University
You can’t mention Cambridge without thinking of its famous University – one that has topped many polls of excellence and is the second oldest English speaking University.  It was founded in 1209 by a group of scholars believed to have broken away from Oxford University after disagreements with townsfolk.

Cambridge University operates a collegiate system like Oxford and boasts 31 colleges; the oldest of these is Peterhouse which was formed in 1284 whilst Homerton College only secured full college status in 2010, making it the newest.  Women were only accepted into the University in 1869 at Girton College.  Today, most colleges accept both men and women, there are three colleges that only accept women.

Source:Wikimedia Commons
Former Cambridge University graduates have been awarded 65 Nobel Prizes and many important scientific discoveries have come out of the University including:
·         Understanding scientific method, Francis Bacon

·         Laws of motion & calculus, Sir Isaac Newton

·         Thermodynamics, Lord Kelvin

·         Splitting the atom, Ernest Rutherford

·         Discovery of Hydrogen, Henry Cavendish

·         Theory of evolution, Charles Darwin

·         Structure of DNA Franklin, Crick, Watson & Wilkins

·         Quantum Mechanics, Paul Dirac

Cambridge University has been responsible for the education of 15 Prime ministers, 25 foreign heads of government, 9 monarchs and other royals and the Lord Proctor, Oliver Cromwell.

The pull of gravity
Is the pull of gravity keeping you down?  Sir Isaac Newton may have discovered it but you’re experiencing it!  You need some electronic aid to hoist you up those stairs!

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Football & river sports
The very first game of association football was played in Cambridge in 1848 by university members according to Cambridge Rules; these were the inspiration and influence on the eventual Football Association rules.

The river encourages much boating sport.  Whilst the University has its own rowing club which of course fronts a team for the annual Boat Race against Oxford University on the Thames, most colleges have their own boathouses too.

Punting is a common pastime on the River Cam and many can be seen traversing the Backs during the summer months.  The flat-bottomed punt is propelled by a long pole, a quant pole, about 4 metres long pushed against the river bed.

Famous place
Cambridge has been the setting for much literature including featuring in
·         Douglas Adam’s Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

·         Rose MacCauley’s They were Defeated

·         Kate Atkinson’s Case Histories

·         Rebecca Stott’s Ghostwalk

·         Robert Harris’ Enigma

·         A fictionalised Cambridge aka Castleford also appeared in Philipa Pearce’s Tom’s Midnight Garden and Minnow on the Say

·         Tom Sharpe’s fictional PorterHouse College is set in Cambridge

Famous people
Sir Richard Attenborough was born in Cambridge as were Olivia Newton John, actors Jeremy Northam and Nigel Davenport and author Douglas Adams.

Source:Wikimedia Commons
Pink Floyd’s founders are all from Cambridge – David Gilmour, Syd Barrett and Roger Waters.

There are many, many famous or well-known people who were educated at Cambridge University – we’ll just list a few – including:
·         Poets William Wordsworth, John Milton, Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes

·         Authors Nick Hornby, Michael Frayn, Salmon Rushdie, feminist Germaine Greer, A S Byatt, Colin Dexter

Source:Wikimedia Commons

·         Actors Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Derek Jacobi, John Cleese, Thandie Newton, Emma Thompson, Sacha Baron-Cohen (Ali G), Hugh Laurie

Source:Wikimedia Commons

·         Comedians Graham Chapman, Griff Rhys Jones, Graeme Garden, Tim Brooke-Taylor and Bill Oddie (The Goodies), David Mitchell, Robert Webb (Mitchell & Webb), Eric Idle, Peter Cook

·         Broadcasters/Presenters Alistair Cooke, Sandi Toksvig, Richard Whiteley, Stephen Fry, David Frost, David Attenborough

·         Royalty Prince Charles, Prince Edward

·         Directors Stephen Frears, Michael Winner, Trevor Nunn

·         Science genius Stephen Hawking

·         Politician Shirley Williams, Dianne Abbott, Norman Lamont and many more

Source:Wikimedia Commons

The matter in hand
If you still need convincing about installing a stairlift, then why not watch our video made by our founder Keith – that might help reassure you.

Remember you can also use the £50 voucher at the top of this blog towards the cost of your stairlift and of course there are grants or 0% finance available too.  Once you’ve decided this is for you, we can have a stairlift installed in next to no time and you’ll have the run of the house again.

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