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Stairlifts Birmingham – West Midlands Stairlifts

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Stairlifts Birmingham – Stairlifts West Midlands

Did you know that our destination today, Birmingham in the West Midlands, is the UK’s biggest city outside London?  It’s the heart of the West Midlands.

It’s grown from a medium market town in medieval times to the major commercial centre that it is today.  It’s ranked as a beta-world city i.e. one of importance globally by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network – a think tank that looks into these things based at Loughborough University!

Source:Wikimedia Commons

Castle Comfort Stair Lifts knows it’s a mega city when calculations tell us that approximately 5,230 people here already own stairlifts out of a retired population of around 201,000.  But then it is the biggest city outside London.  You can see how we know this by visiting our website and checking out the ever-changing counters on our home page which record population, retired percentage, and stairlift owning percentage.

The fact is that these statistics are ever-changing so if you find yourself in need of a stairlift we are your first port of call.  Representing all UK manufacturers as their agent, we can give you unbiased stairlift comparisons of what’s on offer and a list of stairlift prices here so that you can start work on your calculations.  And of course we are just at the end of a phone if you’d like to know more, call our Birmingham office on  0121 371 0123 .

Birmingham’s uniqueness
Birmingham’s stature grew in the Industrial Revolution with a number of initiatives and innovations in science and technology and economic organisation.  By the 1790’s it was known as the ‘first manufacturing town in the world’!

One of Birmingham’s unique qualities was its thousands of small workshops offering a wide variety of skilled trades; these encouraged high levels of creativity and innovation making Birmingham a centre of industrial prosperity.  This position lasted well into the 20th century.

The Lunar Society founded during the 18th century by industrialist and entrepreneur Matthew Boulton was at the heart of the innovation and manufacturing.  The city became known as the top producer of buckles, buttons and small boxes, jewellery and accessories all over Europe.  Collectively these goods were known as ‘Brummagen toys’.

The Lunar Society met at Boulton’s home Soho House at full moon; guests included James Watt, Josiah Wedgewood and Joseph Priestly.  Today Soho House is a museum where you can see silver and ormolu (gold finished pieces) that were manufactured in Boulton’s day.

Statistics about Birmingham
·         Did we mention that Birmingham is the biggest city outside London

·         Birmingham is the 72nd largest economy in the world

·         It’s the second largest higher education centre in the UK outside London with 3 universities and 2 university colleges

·         It has a Big City plan started in 2010 to redevelop the centre of the city and make it one of the most liveable cities in the world in the next 20 years

·         This plan will increase the size of the city by 25%

The Bullring

·         The Bullring was originally the site of a medieval market

·         St Martin’s Church – a Grade II listed Victorian Church stands in the Bullring on the site of the original Medieval church

·         It became a centre of retail trade in the 1960’s in the regeneration program after the Birmingham Blitz in WWII

·         The current Selfridges building was designed by Future Systems a practice which concentrated on blobitecture or organic shaped buildings.  The Selfridge building at the Bullring is an iconic building in Birmingham and was built in 2003 as part of a regeneration programme

Source:Wikimedia Commons

·         This type of building is in good company with other 20th century icons like the Eden Project, the Sage Gateshead building, the Allianz Arena in Munich and London City Hall

·         The Bullring is amongst the busiest shopping centres in the UK – it attracted 36.5 million visitors in 2004 just after its reopening

·         It has more than 160 shops including 1 of only 4 branches of Selfridges

What makes Birmingham special?

True to the West Midlands, Birmingham has a very distinctive accent though it is different from those of adjoining West Midland areas!   To outsiders it may seem similar as it definitely encompasses some of the commonly recognisable West Midland’s pronunciations i.e. singer to rhyme with finger.

People from Birmingham are referred to as Brummies and as you might imagine there are quite a few famous or notable people from this great city.

There was pharmacist Alfred Bird who invented egg-free custard.  John Cadbury who founded Cadbury’s Chocolate Factory was also from Birmingham.  Oscar Deutsch founder of the Odeon Cinema was born in Birmingham of Hungarian Jewish descent; Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain (1937 – 1940) was a Brummie.

The band UB40 was formed in Birmingham at the end of the 1970’s and three of its members are Brummies: Ali, Robin and Duncan Campbell.  UB40 had more than 50 singles in the UK charts.

Another famous Brummie, Ozzy Osbourne formed Black Sabbath;  Judas Priest another heavy metal band was formed in West Bromich in the West Midlands though many of the original ‘cast’ are no longer members.

Source:Wikimedia Commons

In fact Brummie musicians have been in some of the best known line ups:

·         Actress and singer Toyah Wilcox comes from Birmingham

·         Lead singer Robert Plant of the iconic Led Zeppelin comes from the West Midlands

Source:Wikimedia Commons

·         Roy Wood and Jeff Lyne, both Brummies formed the Electric Light Orchestra; Wood went on to perform as Wizzard

·         Duran Duran was formed in Birmingham with only Simon le Bon not being a ‘local’

·         The Moody Blues were formed in Birmingham though the line up changed several times; they are probably best known for ‘Nights in White Satin’

·         Singer songwriter Joan Armatrading moved to Birmingham as a child with her family from the Caribbean.  Her best known recording is ‘Love and Affection’

·         Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac fame grew up in Birmingham

The world of literature also has a good spattering of Brummies:

·         Arthur Conan Doyle lived in Aston for a time

·         Irish poet and playwright Louis MacNeice spent the early years of his marriage living in Birmingham

·         Dub-poet Benjamin Zephaniah was born in Handsworth Birmingham which he nicknamed the ‘Jamaican capital of Europe’

·         Author of some of our best loved adventure literature, J R R Tolkien grew up in Birmingham;  he was a language professor at Pembroke and Merton Colleges at Oxford

Source:Wikimedia Commons

·         John Wyndham author of science fiction novels including The Day of the Triffids grew up in Birmingham

Source:Wikimedia Commons

·         Barbara Cartland was a Brummie!  She was famous for her romantic novels all 723 of them

Source:Wikimedia Commons

·         Author David Lodge was a professor at the University of Birmingham and the town of Rummidge which features in some of his novels is based on the city

·         Satirical novelist Jonathan Coe comes from the West Midlands.  He is well known for his political satires such as What a Carve Up!

What a city.  We’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg in our tour of Birmingham; well it stands to reason that a city this size has a lot going on – maybe we’ll pay it another visit sometime.

Don’t forget though if you’re a resident in this great city and in need of a stairlift or know someone who is, we’re the people to contact.  Castle Comfort Stair Lifts can advise on the best type for your home and install and maintain it for you.  In fact installation can take as short a time as an hour!

If you need help with financing the purchase there are grants available or a 0% finance option which means you can spread your payments with no extra cost.

If you’re still undecided, watch our founder Keith’s video and then give us a call.  We’ll be happy to explain anything that is unclear and help you make a considered decision with no pressure at all.  Give our Birmingham office a call on  0121 371 0123 .

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