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Stairlifts Edinburgh – Stairlifts Scotland

Edinburgh a hill fort town certainly since the 12th century is the capital and second largest city in Scotland; it’s also the home of the Scottish Parliament.

If you live in Edinburgh’s craggy and hilly terrain and are finding the stairs in your home a problem, then it’s time to call Castle Comfort Stair Lifts to see how we can help.

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Seat of the King of Scotland
Edinburgh is also the location of Holyrood Palace, home of the Scottish monarchy.  In the 17th century James VI of Scotland also became James I of England when Elizabeth I died without a direct heir.  James as son of Mary Queen of Scots became King of both countries whilst the countries remained separate.  It was this joining together of the Scottish and English crown which brought the blue background and the white diagonal cross to the Union Jack flag of Great Britain.

A hundred years earlier Edinburgh had been the seat of the Scottish Reformation when Scotland broke with the papacy.  Just as other European countries also made the break, the Scottish Reformation resulted in the formation of the Church of Scotland.

The Enlightenment
By the 18th century, Edinburgh lead by Edinburgh University was at the centre of the Enlightenment.  This period promoted the sciences, intellectual thought and the exchange of ideas.  It was a cultural movement that spread across Europe.  It earned Edinburgh the nick name of the Athens of the North.  The name reflects its Greco-Roman architecture in the New Town and equally its intellectual group who led the Enlightenment certainly in Scotland; they and were influential across Europe.

In Edinburgh some of the most famous thinkers of the 18th century included
·         Author and poet Sir Walter Scott

·         Philosopher David Hume

·         Architect and interior designer Robert Adam

·         Artist David Wilkie

·         National poet of Scotland Robbie Burns

·         Physician and geologist James Hutton

·         Philosopher and economist Adam Smith

Edinburgh’s heritage
Recently both Old and New Towns in Edinburgh have been made World Heritage Sites for their special cultural and physical significance.  The Old Town is medieval whilst the New Town was planned Georgian.  Edinburgh has more than 4,500 listed buildings and 40 conservation areas which includes 23% of the buildings.

Feel like you should be listed and preserved?  If you are feeling less sprightly than you used to and still want to be able to negotiate every floor in your Georgian pile, Castle Comfort Stair Lifts can almost certainly help.

A stairlift can definitely improve your independence so that you can still get around your home.  Checkout our stairlift prices and then give us a call on  0131 2420 046 to discuss what you need.  Remember we do reconditioned stairlifts as well.

Culture of a different sort
Every August since 1947 Edinburgh has concentrated on another kind of culture with the Edinburgh Festival which also includes the International Festival.  This is serious theatre from across the world.

In the same inaugural year, Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival began lead by 8 gate-crashing companies excluded from the main festival who put on their own festival.  Now Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival is the biggest of its kind in the world.  Performances takes place in many venues most of them not theatres as we know them – halls, churches, even sports gyms – bringing together brave new plays and performers as well as the more practiced.

There are a number of other festivals that have sprung up around these main events including the Comedy Festival which is technically part of the Fringe Festival, a Television Festival, a Book Festival, an Interactive Festival, a Jazz and Blues Festival and an Art Festival.  The Film Festival now takes place in June though originally it too took place in August.

The festivals attract more than 1 million overseas visitors to the city every summer.

The intellectual and the famous
As well as the notable Edinburgh people connected with the Enlightenment, Edinburgh also has connections with a number of other famous people.

·         Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone was born at 16 South Charlotte St where there is an inscription plaque on wall today denoting this fact.  Bell was educated at Edinburgh University

·         Charles Darwin who ‘discovered’ natural selection also went to Edinburgh University

·         Sir Ian Wilmut is the Director of the British Medical Research Centre at Edinburgh University; he is an embryologist best known for cloning Dolly the Sheep – now an exhibit at the National Museum of Scotland

·         The creator of Sherlock Homes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was born in Edinburgh

·         As was Robert Louis Stevenson the author of Treasure Island and Kidnapped

·         Award winning novelist Muriel Spark whose most famous novel is The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie also claimed Edinburgh as her place of birth

·         A more recent author and once Tutor of Literature at Edinburgh University is Ian Rankin who writes about Inspector Rebus

·         And of course we couldn’t miss out J K Rowling who famously wrote her first Harry Potter in Edinburgh coffee shops whilst living here

·         Two other famous residents are the James Bond original Sean Connery and comedian Ronnie Corbett, one half of the Two Ronnies

·         The former Prime Minister Tony Blair was born in Edinburgh

·         Scottish football player Kenny Miller was born in Edinburgh and began his career playing for Edinburgh Club Hibernian

·         Former Scotland football player and manager and captain of Liverpool Graeme Souness was born in Edinburgh

·         Currently playing for Huddersfield Town, Gary Naysmith is another Scottish footballer born in this city; he originally played for the other Edinburgh team Hearts of Midlothian

·         Another football son of the city John Greig went on to play for Glasgow team Rangers where he appeared 755 times!

·         Last but not least, Sweetie Sandy aka Alexander Ferguson moved to Edinburgh from Glasgow and set up a confectionary business.  His biggest achievement was the invention of the recipe for Edinburgh Rock which made him very rich.

With a growing population of almost half a million, you may still be surprised to known that approximately two and a half thousand people in Edinburgh own or use stairlifts in their homes.  These figures are collected by Castle Comfort Stair Lifts on our scrolling counter on our website homepage – approximately 2.6% of the retired population own stairlifts, that’s approximately 2,500 in Edinburgh.  Take a look for yourselves here.

If you need to join the throng and get a stairlift of your own, please give us a call to see how we can help not just with supplying but also with installation and maintaining your stairlift.  Contact us on  0131 2420 046 .


  1. When you visit Edinburgh the Castle is a must - but you might wish there was a stairlift to get you there!

    1. You never know anon... we once put in a quote for a needed chair lift in a lighthouse in Uruguay and it´s still on the agenda when funds allow!
      Scotland is a bit wealthier than South American countries

      Castle Comfort Stairlifts

  2. Regards Edinburgh, the last time I got of the train and climbed the steps to get to PPrincess Street I wished they had a stairlift!

  3. How many interesting things you can learn about Edinburgh in Scotland. Congratulations to to Castle Comfort on the wonderful work in supplying good value stairlifts to help older folk.

  4. With many visits to Scotland over the years, it touches a nerve when I read
    about Edinburgh - fabulous place. I didn't know Castle Stairlifts had coverage there -
    nice to know if I need to retire there!

  5. another interesting article, with all those hills Scotland is a great place and Castle Comfort are able to supply stairlifts to its elderly residents! pitty the authorities dont install them in the towns to get up and down all those steep areas!

  6. Rather fitting that Stairlifts in Scotland should be by a firm with a castle in it name! Scotland, especially Edinburgh has the best castles in the world .. and now maybe some of the best stairlifts??


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