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Stairlifts Newbury – Berkshire Stairlifts

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Stairlifts Newbury – Stairlifts Berkshire

Castle Comfort Stair Lifts are visiting Newbury today where approximately 163 of the population already use stairlifts.  If you are living in or around this Berkshire town and are thinking about how much better your life would be with a stairlift, then please read on!

As national agents for all UK manufacturers of stairlifts, there’s not much we don’t know about them.  We do know that they can make a great deal of difference to your life if, for any reason, you are losing your mobility. They really help to retain your independence.

Have a browse around our site and watch our founder Keith Simpson’s video to see how he got involved in the business and if you still have any questions, please give our local office a call on  01865 477004  .

What is Newbury known for?
Newbury is probably best known for its racecourse and the RAF base Greenham Common which became ‘home’ to USAF during the cold war.

But did you know the town itself has several 17th century historic buildings of interest?  One of them, the Cloth Hall now houses the Berkshire Museum.

Newbury Racecourse
Newbury Racecourse is a mixed race course and annually hosts the Lockinge Stakes and the Hennessy Gold Cup.  Close to Ascot and Windsor, both less than 30 miles away, it would seem natural that the Queen’s horses race here.

Her Epsom Derby hopeful last year, Carlton House won as a juvenile at Newbury in the previous year. Unfortunately Carlton House was beaten on the day with French horse Poir Moi taking the Derby winner title.

In early 2011 an incident at the course caused a stir.  Two horses collapsed and died mysteriously before a race and two others looked as though they were unstable.  The novice race started late but went ahead whilst all other races for the day were cancelled.

Investigation showed that an electric leak from a power cable running under the parade ring had caused the deaths – sudden cardiac arrest consistent with accidental electrocution.

In the nearby village of Lambourn, a racing fraternity has established itself.  More than 1,500 race horses are stabled and trained here.  Only Newmarket has a larger race horse population!  Flat training takes place in the ‘Valley of the Racehorse’ or Lambourn Downs to you and me.  Many well-known trainers work out of Lambourn.

It is also where Lambourn Racehorse Transport Ltd is based; the company owned by the son of author Dick Francis, is the largest horse transport business in Europe ferrying horses to different races.

Greenham Common
The racecourse is in the small village of Greenham Common right next door to Newbury.  In the 1980’s the village became famous for the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp which established itself there in protest.

Greenham Common was the site of an RAF Base with the longest military runway in Europe which was loaned to the United States Airforce who had been there for years since the Cold War started.  In the 1980’s the arrival of US Tomahawk Cruise Missiles caused considerable concern.

The Women’s Peace Movement grew and grew and camped around the base as a protest.  By 1982 30,000 women joined hands around the base in the ‘Embrace the Base’ protest; a year later 70,000 women formed a 14 mile chain from Greenham Common to Aldermaston, home of the UK’s Atomic Weapons Establishment (scene of CND protests some 20 years earlier in the 1960’s and still the final destination of the annual march from Trafalgar Square) to Burghfield, another AWE site.

The last missiles finally left Greenham Common in 1991 about 10 years after they arrived.  The last of the protestors didn’t leave until 2000.

Newbury Bypass
The building of Newbury Bypass in the 1990’s caused a stir too.  There was considerable congestion first of all within the town and later on the dual carriageway, so a bypass was deemed necessary.  The bypass is just 9 miles long and forms part of the A34 which links towns in the south to the M4 and now goes around Newbury to the west.

Protesters or eco-warriors as they came to be known built camps, protested from trees and caused a lot of unrest.  Locally this became known as the third battle of Newbury.  The first two battles had happened in the English Civil War in the 17th century.

The protest had several famous supporters including Sir David Bellamy.  Aggregate from the decommissioned Greenham Common air base was used in the building of the bypass.

Don’t just protest, tell us what you want now!  Castle Comfort Stair Lifts supply straight, curved and even perch stairlifts to get you from one level to the next.  We’d need to assess your stairway to see which stairlift is most suitable for your home and consider the weight bearing.  Once this is done and all the paperwork is signed, we can install a stairlift in your home in less than an hour - OK occasionally it takes half a day!  Talk to us about arranging an assessment today – call  01865 477004 .

One of Hungerford’s claims to fame is a recent massacre. In 1987 in Hungerford, less than 10 miles to the west of Newbury, the Hungerford Massacre took place.  Michael Ryan, holding a gun licence took several weapons including an AK-47 and a Beretta pistol, shot his mother and 15 other people before taking his own live.

Who do you  know?
Considering Newbury’s surrounding countryside, it isn’t a surprise that author Richard Adams who was born here, told his daughters stories of rabbits when they were young.  Adams was persuaded by his daughters to write the stories down and get them published; the result is the international best selling Watership Down. Adams had to be persistent to get published as he was turned down by 13 publishing companies before Rex Collings published.  With some 50 million copies sold world wide later, I bet they’re glad they did!  Watership Down has been made into a film and an animated TV series.

Another author Michael Bond, also from Newbury had some success with his character Paddington Bear. This bear from deepest, darkest Peru was found on Paddington Station with his suitcase by the Brown family. The books tell the stories of what Paddington Bear gets up to.  They have been translated and sold worldwide to an astonishing 30 million readers.

The 2nd Duke of Chandos famously bought his second wife in Newbury from a local man who was selling her!

Author Sebastian Faulks is another from the Newbury area; he’s most famous for his ‘French Trilogy’ which includes the novel Birdsong currently airing on TV primarily about the First World War’s Battle of the Somme.

After the ‘literaties’, come the musicians; flamboyant jazz icon George Melly had connections with Newbury as did genius Cello player Jacqueline du Pre who developed Multiple Sclerosis resulting in her no longer being able to play.

Actor Patrick McNee famous for his role as John Steed in The Avengers lived in Lambourn for a time with his father, a horse trainer.

Well it’s been a mixed bag of a tour, but we’re winding down now.  Remember we are the people to call for more information about purchasing stairlifts, brand new or reconditioned.  Don’t forget to use Castle Comfort Stair Lifts £50 voucher – every little helps – towards the cost of your stairlift and look at the possibility of grants or 0% finance if that makes purchase easier.

Please call our local office if you would like to make a purchase or would like more help to decide.  Our number is  01865 477004  .

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