Monday 1 November 2010

Community Meals on Wheels/Ready Meals Delivered/Mobile Meals at Home

Castle Comfort Stairlifts UK list for families of every Council or Private Meals on Wheels provider that home delivers frozen or fresh meals by area or city.
Castle Comfort Stairlifts is providing a UK-wide national resource. This is mainly for families of the elderly who want Private or Community Meals at Home. These are also called Mobile Meals on Wheels services.

Fresh or Frozen ready meals can be delivered to the home. These can be arranged after assessment through your local council social services department. The direct links for your local offices are below. We also show your local Castle Comfort Stairlifts offices alongside. Each office is able to offer free quotes for stairlifts,electric beds, riser recliner chairs and other homecare products. All to help your loved ones stay at home.

Private firms also offer traditional home cooked favourites. These can be delivered daily, weekly or fortnightly depending on the persons needs. Also suitable for a home carer or family member to serve or prepare.
A current list of private firms that home deliver nationally is lower down the page.

Click on the area you live to go direct.

Links to Council Meals on Wheels Services in the East Midlands
Riser Recliner Chairs, Electric Beds and Bath Lifts

Links to Council Meals on Wheels Services in the West Midlands
Castle Comfort Stairlifts in Staffordshire
Riser Recliner Chairs, Electric Beds and Bath Lifts

Castle Comfort Stairlifts around Birmingham
Riser Recliner Chairs, Electric Beds and Bath Lifts Solihull

Castle Comfort Stairlifts around Walsall/W'ton
Riser Recliner Chairs, Electric Beds and Bath Lifts

Links to Council Meals on Wheels Services in the North West

Castle Comfort Stairlifts in Cheshire

Links to Council Meals on Wheels Services in Northern Ireland

Links to Council Meals on Wheels Services in South Wales

Stairlifts South Wales

List of National Private Mobile Ready Meal Providers
As far as we know all these suppliers offer free delivery with a minimum order value

If you are a national supplier that has been omitted in error please comment or get in touch on 0800 007 6959

Why not print this out so it's there when you need it.

Emergency food store cupboard set up for the elderly

A good idea especially during bad weather or in case of illness is to prepare an emergency food store cupboard with assistance from a friend, carer or relative. Things to include in this cupboard:

Tinned meat or fish
Tinned or packet soup
Instant potatoes
Pulses, for example, baked beans, dried peas or lentils
Dried or tinned vegetables
Breakfast cereals, porridge oats, pasta or rice
Biscuits or crackers
Dried milk or UHT long life milk
Tinned milk puddings, for example, custard or rice pudding
Tinned fruit in natural juice
Cartons of fruit juice (with added vitamin C)
Drinking chocolate or malt drinks
Complan, build up (bought from chemists if you have a poor appetite).

Food shopping

Many large supermarkets, including some of the smaller local groceries stores, provide a delivery service which can be useful if you have a distance to travel home and do not have access to a car. Some stores offer this service free of charge to purchases over a set amount, for others you may have to pay a delivery charge regardless of how many or few items you buy. Ask in store for details before using this service. Some large supermarkets (for example, Tesco, Sainsburys) also have an online service that allows you to purchase your shopping without you having to leave your home. There is usually a delivery cost for this service.

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