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Stairlifts in Kent including the Kent towns of Medway, Tunbridge, Folkestone and Ashford -stairlift info for all Kent 'long-tails'

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Kent long tails? Read on to find out what they are.  But first Canterbury is the only city in Kent and its name comes from Old English Cantwareburg which means the stronghold of Kent people. It has been a place of pilgrimage for centuries attracted to the Cathedral where the first Archbishop made his home. Famous for the Time Teams “Big Dig” in which artefacts from many periods of ancient history were unearthed live on TV, the area has now been redeveloped to make way for the Whitefriars shopping complex. Canterbury attracts a million visitors a year and is also the home of Kent County Cricket Club.

Kent and Sussex both lay claim to being the mother county of cricket, as there is evidence of the game developing in the Weald among farming and metalworking communities, in an area between the North and South Downs. This covers both East Sussex, Kent and the Medway area nearer to London, which are all areas we serve for our lift installations.
Give us a call today by going direct to our Kent stairlifts surveyor on Maidstone 01622 616046.If you are looking for fascinating facts about the area then feel free to read on.

Kent County Cricket Club boasts many first class wicket-keepers who have gone on to play for England but arguably their greatest player when as a side they achieved great success in the 1970's was Colin Cowdrey C.B.E. With over a hundred Tests and more than 7,600 runs, he was inducted into the ICC Cricketing Hall of Fame last year. His 22 centuries is a record held jointly with two other players, and he is one of only a handful of batsmen to have scored over 100 first-class centuries.

Dover is one of the busiest ferry ports and is home to Dover Castle which was strengthened and defended by Henry VIII the royal inventor of the stairlift. See bariatric stairlift for information on that unusual fact. It also has it's famous white cliffs which has been voted as a top 3 natural wonder of the British Isles. In song it is remembered with the timeless World War 2 Classic sung by Vera Lynn - “There'll be Bluebirds over the White Cliffs of Dover.” If your mum or dad would remember that then they might remember Castle Comfort Stairlifts for when they need a platform lift or other access lift to get upstairs. Keith or Anne can speak to you directly and tell you about the wide selection of Electric Beds and Riser Recliner Chairs available for the elderly as well. They offer you a one-stop solution for your needs.

Maidstone is the county town of Kent and is the administrative centre for the county council. It has in the past been the main centre for the agricultural area known as the “Garden of England.” There are still market gardens, orchards and hop gardens around here that in between the wars attracted many Londoners to take a working holiday picking hops and apples here.

Today more modern industries in the town are its paper and packaging production facilities. In fact Europe's largest paper recycling plant is here. If you would like to save a bit of money and do your bit for the environment maybe you would be interested in recycling by selling your curved Stannah stairlift 260 or by buying a reconditioned chairlift. Whether you want a new or a reconditioned lift give us a call on Maidstone 01622 616046 and our local surveyor can get you a free no obligation quote.

Another place that attracts the Londoner on holiday is Margate. For at least 250 years it has been drawing visitors to its sandy beaches along with its neighbour Ramsgate. It has a traditional seaside amusement area that is being developed into a seaside entertainment museum and is centred in the Dreamland Amusement Park. Here is where the UK's oldest wooden roller coaster is situated, alongside rides taken from Rhyl and Southport. Some people might have been offered or even bought a second hand stairlift that rides like a wooden rollercoaster on a rack and pinion and sounds “clanky” in operation. We would strongly advise you not to purchase an old fashioned lift like that which is likely to be at best uncomfortable and unreliable and at worst highly dangerous. You need to find the best lift for your needs and home situation and whether straight or curved and whether new or reconditioned Castle Comfort Stairlifts offer only electric lifts with battery back-ups and smooth, easyglide, whisper quiet service.

Here, as with all our regional Stairlift Blogs, we have the main towns in Kent, along with a selection of notable residents – past and present. It’s always remarkable how many people do not know who comes from their own town.  The reference to the Long tails?  It simply means someone who comes from Kent, so all these famous folk could be called one too.

Ashford – Paul O’Grady, Comedian. Ray Dorset, Musician and founder of ‘Mungo Jerry’. Broadstairs – Thomas Russell Crampton, railway engineer. Oliver Postgate, creator of popular television programmes such as ‘The Clangers’ and ‘Bagpuss’. Chatham – Charles Dickens, Author. Lee Ryan, member of the boyband ‘Blue’. Dover – Jeffery Archer, MP and Novelist. Charlotte Bellamy, Television actress. Edenbridge – William Taillour, previous Lord Mayor of London. Tony Burns, Football player and manager. Folkestone – William Harvey, discoverer of the circulation of blood. Sam Pepper, Big Brother 2010 contestant. Gillingham – Dick Tabasco, inventor of Tabasco sauce. Gary Rhodes, chef and restaurateur. Herne Bay – Nicki Chapman, judge on the UK television series ‘Popstars’. Bob Holness, actor and presenter. Maidstone - Karen Millen, fashion designer. Shaun Williamson, Actor (Barry from Eastenders). Paddock Wood – Phillip Brown, actor appeared in ‘Casualty’ and ‘The Bill’. John Brunt VC, oldier killed in WWII. Rochester – St John Fisher, Bishop executed by Henry VIII because he refused to sanction the divorce of Catherine of Aragon.
Royal Tunbridge Wells – Bob Todd, comedy actor. Sid Vicious, musician Bassist of the Punk Rock Group ‘The Sex Pistols’. Sevenoaks – John Donne, Poet. Diana Princess of Wales went to school in Sevenoaks. Snodland – Judge Dread, White Reggae star. Samuel Beckett, poet and playwright. Swanley – Alan Knott, England Cricketer. Mike Stock, songwriter and record producer. Tenterden – Sir David Frost, British journalist, comedian, writer and media personality. Tonbridge – Indie Band ‘Keane’ are residents of the town. Dame Kelly Holmes, Olympic Medallist.

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  1. Kent long tail? There is an explanation of the origin of the phrase on Twitter by Stairlifts King

  2. We are located in Kent Aylesford Maidstone do you serve this location? Looking at the various types of stairlifts that are available

    We have a low budget do you supply reconditioned stairlifts to fit a straight staircase 12 steps

    PS Nice blog and fascinating read

    Thanks G. Howe

  3. Yes Mr Howe. But as you now know from the phone call you made to us on our Maidstone number, our local Kent surveyor, Julian not only visited you within two hours but we have this afternoon had a new stairlift installed for you at the price you thought a reconditioned one would cost.

    I look forward to meeting you personally for the photo of you and your wife to put on our blog. You will be rewarded with liquid!

  4. Actually the Stairlifts are a very interesting product, thank you for bringing them to Kent and payment facilities, do not hesitate to get one. Good work Castle Comfort

  5. With the Channel Tunnel speedily zooming across from Kent to the coast of France, any chance of installing stairlifts en Francais?

  6. What an interesting idea to install chairlifts in France. I suspect that the obvious challenge for Castle Comfort Stairlifts would be to install their product in the Eiffel Tower.The lift would scale all 324 metres, about the height of an 81 storey building.

    The tower maintenance requires 50/60 tonnes of paint every seven years and this would be the ideal way to transport both cans and painters.
    Nicholas Sarkozy used to be 6.00 feet tall, but all those steps have reduced him to his present 5.5" The President should have gone to Castle Comfort Stairlifts as well as specksavers perhaps!

    The Tower has a nickname 'La dame de fer'(The Iron Lady)This is a clear link between the Entent Cordiale and Margaret Thatcher! You cannot claim that started in Kent.
    Colonel Cats

  7. The Eiffel tower would be a tall order for as stairlift - but who knows. The DDA (disabiliy discriminaion act) in France is not as forceful over the channel as the UK.
    But we have put in some odd quotes for stairlifts over the years in unlikely places - including this one in Uruguay - see the blog.

  8. When I stood below the Eiffel Tower last week- it was already lit up - then on the hour -to big cheers, it suddenly had extra sparkle. Any thoughts on fairy lights for Castle Comfort Starilfts?

  9. Was that a deliberate typo? Starilfts? (Starry Lifts) They would certainly twinkle like stars if we put lights on them.

  10. Very interesting the topic of the stairlift, Castle Comfort gives great facilities for their purchase, are a solution for people with difficulty in movement, in Kent was thanked Castle Comfort

  11. Interesting subject is stairlifts - Castle Comfort provide easy ways to get one at the right price - a great solution for people with mobility problems in Kent.

  12. Perhaps you could travel through the channel tunnel and start installing Stairlifts in France?

  13. great piece of advise about secondhand stairlifts and how dangerous they can be, (funny reference to wooden rides!)read in another of your blogs some cases of incorrect installations, stairlifts are a brilliant invention and should be installed by professionals, Castle Comfort are the right people for that, keep up the good work!


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