Friday 28 May 2010

Stairlifts. Who would you trust most - a stair lifts salesman or a doctor?

Dr Neil Stirling MB ChB - now living in Cheshire - is Honorary Ambassador to Castle Comfort Stairlifts. - Head Office, Newcastle under Lyme, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.

When the founder of a Stair lift company from Newcastle under Lyme, just outside Stoke on Trent, heard that his doctor was retiring, it was all action stations. Keith Simpson, founder of Castle Comfort Stairlifts knew that his trusted family doctor for over 25 years. Dr Neil Stirling MB ChB - despite his age of 78 years - was not one to do nothing.

We'll come back to the story as to just who is Doctor Stirling shortly. But his impact on this family stairlift business and the stairlift market in general became an instant phenomenom.

These days, Doctor Stirling who lives in Cheshire,receives a continual flow of correspondence from people who have acquired stairlifts following his involvement, recommendations and contacts. Remarkably the most common situation is that people often discover that here is a stair lift specialist within a short distance of the buyer's home - and because such reasonably priced and very professional firms do not advertise and are very busy indeed - they have a low profile marketing wise.
Installations of straight and curved chair lifts - both new and reconditioned have in the past two year been completed in the following towns and cities where the recommended stairlift firm is based -

The list is not comprehensive or complete, but has many good examples ....

In addition, Dr Stirling's own base company - Castle Stairlifts have become involved especially where the group now has regional offices, including -
Glasgow, Newcastle upon Tyne, York, Manchester, Macclesfield, Liverpool, Nottingham, Birmingham, Belfast, HQ at Stoke on Trent, Walsall, Stafford, Bristol, Bournemouth, London, Swansea and Exmouth.
NB Castle Comfort's expansion programme expects to have full showroom and stairlift facilities at these locations by the summer of 2013.

The life and times of Doctor Stirling from humble beginnings as the first white baby to be born in Mozambique, makes fascinating reading. A career spanning six decades with numerous posts and positions in public and private health care - has now culminated in him being Honorary Ambassador to the Castle Comfort Group. Initially his duties covered customer liaison and his quickly enhanced knowledge of the mobility products sector - particularly stair lifts has resulted in his own website - see it here- which offers independent help and guidance when handling the task of choosing a chairlift company.

Naturally, Dr S's allegiance towards his home base in Stafford shire at Castle Comfort's head office, means that Castle themselves will be receiving business as a result of the doctor's involvement. But not every time. Depending on the geographical situating of those needing a stairlift - and any special requirements such as paediatric (children) or bariatric (heavy duty cases) then referrals are made to the best specialist stairlifts companies to deal with this. Sometimes firms pay a commission as a token of appreciation of the referral - and this is used in two parts - towards the running of the website - and to top up the Good Deeds Fund of which Dr Stirling is the administrator, and oversees the granting of free or part-subsidised stairlifts. By contacting Dr Stirling - you will learn a few things about stairlifts that are not obvious - and that some companies may not want you to know. For instance, if the stairs have a curved fan at the top or stairs off from a landing, then you may be budgeting for a curved stairlift sytem. But there may be an economic alternative. A Stoke City fan may help you. What? Seriously - just click on this.
Motor Neurone is an area where help is frequently given - as Castle Comfort's original registered charity was called 'The Doug Brown Motor Neurone Fund' Former Stoke on Trent Lord Mayor was an MN sufferer - and soon a dedicated blog can be seen on his life an times. Meanwhile go to Doug's story here. By a curious coincidence, Doctor Stirling, just before his retirement and the serious involvement with Castle comfort Stairlifts, lost his first wife Marguerite after she combated with MN for several years.

First please absorb some of the fascinating story of Dr Stirling's life - and in his very own words,
you can read more at his website here

Some of the letters and kind words of appreciation from recent happy stairlift 'pilots' can be seen here.
To receive honest, personal and independant advice on the subject of STAIR LIFTS , just ask Dr Stirling here. You will be glad that you did.

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Doctor Stirling can provide useful information regarding GRANTS - often from unexpected sources. However - as you can see here - it's not always easy.

See who is NUMBER 1 on Google Maps.

Finally, not everything goes well with all stairlift companies - and The Daily Mail features something of a stairlift disaster ... SEE HERE .. HOW NOT TO MARKET YOUR STAIRLIFTS

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  1. I think quite a remarkable story - and even more remarkable that a retired doctor should continue to work hard for the benefit of others when he needs no financial interest from it.


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