Sunday 14 March 2010

Stairlifts in Cheshire - Buy a Stairlift from this firm and you'll be grinning like a Cheshire Cat!

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Stairlifts in Cheshire ... ?

If you are looking for fascinating facts about the area then feel free to read on.

Shopping in the county of Cheshire may have been an expensive thing in the past. This delightful county with the walled city of Chester as its principal town, is one of the more up market and wealthiest regions of England. After the stock broker zones of the home counties, Cheshire is one of the most renowned and favoured areas for many of the UK's richest entrepreneurs and elite. Manchester-based business executives and a host of famous sportspeople reside in Cheshire - especially places like Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Macclesfield, Altrincham and Sale. Outside London, Tatton, which includes Prestbury and Knutsford, is one of the fifth richest places in the UK with an average income per resident of over £62,000. Read here which members of the nouveau-rich live in the region. And have a hunt around on this site for some interesting and suprising property values. Many Cheshire people will be aware that their county is famous for cheese, silk and salt - but maybe some have no idea just how many famous, not necessarily rich, people were born there. What names here do you recognise? The most expensive street in Britain, with homes costing a staggering 18 million pounds, has just been revealed - and is it in Cheshire? Find out, it's remarkable. And for those Cheshire residents who can breath a sigh of relief that that price tag is found miles away from near Chester or Wilmslow or Warrington - here is where the cheapest home, at under £28k, is found in the UK.

Back to wealth. It's a known fact that buying anything from a newspaper to a new home can cost more in a salubrious place like Cheshire, than somewhere where there is not as much cash.
Therefore, Castle Comfort Stairlifts marketing campaign in conjunction with their new Macclesfield-based regional office has attracted a lot of attention. Putting prices in an advert is a relatively new thing to the stairlift industry - as the big companies like to get the sales person in to the house before delivering the news what is going to be spent!

Castle Comfort's impact in the market by offering their range of fully guaranteed reconditioned stairlifts from £995 is similar in Cheshire as it was initially in Staffordshire. Their new stairlift administration office in Macclesfield, a town which has, again, some of the wealthiest residents in England, (if you wonder who, go here) is the place to call to arrange for a quote and get more information. The company is privileged to have been given a Google Maps No 1 slot.

So, calling all Cheshire residents, whether you are a Rooney or a Reg Jones, and thinking of a stairlift for yourself a family member, you can call 01625 588 6599. Or see the Macclesfield regional office details, and those of all UK offices here. So a stair lift may not be as much as you thought - so why not call this Macclesfield number? - and you'll be grinning like a Cheshire Cat! Where does the phrase - 'grinning like a Cheshire Cat' come from? Just click on this one here to find out.......

And to enhance your knowledge about our feline friends - take a look at the captured on camera Stairlift Cat.

See below the couple who were kept waiting two years for their local council to provide a necessary stairlift and Castle Comfort put in a chairlift without charge. And the BBC liked the gesture. Please take a moment to watch the 6pm BBC News clip below -

Here below, as with all our regional stairlift blogs, we have some of the main towns and cities in the region – along with a selection of notable residents – past and present. It’s always remarkable, how many people do not know just who comes from their own town.

Alsager – Sir James Chadwick, Nobel prize-winning scientist who proved the existence of neutrons. Bollington – David Dickinson, TV personality Chester – Anthony Thwaite, poet and writer. Congleton – Daniel Sturridge, footballer. Crewe – Neil Brooks, Australian Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer. Ellesmere Port – Russ Abbott, comedian. John Prescott, politician. Knutsford – Sir Bobby Charlton, former professional footballer.

Macclesfield – Peter Crouch, footballer. Reg Harris, track cyclist. Malpas – Chris Stockton, jockey. Middlewich – James Hargreaves, chemist and inventor. Nantwich – Sophie Readem, winner of Big Brother in 2009.

Northwich – Paula Radcliffe, marathon runner. Runcorn – John Holt, scientist who helped develop the atom bomb. Sandbach – George Roper, comedian.

Warrington – George Formby, entertainer. Sue Johnston, actress. Widnes – Charles Glover Barkla, winner of the 1917 Nobel prize for physics.

Wilmslow – Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United. Winsford – Alan Oakes, footballer.
If your place hasn't been mentioned and you have a famous resident past or present then add a comment telling us who it is and we will add it in.


  1. What a great story. I wish I could afford to live in Cheshire. I love all the good deeds you do for people who are needy or less fortunate. Congrats to you.

  2. I live in Cheshire and I'm not at all rich - but Ken Barlow's biggest fan and when I need stairlift I'll come to you. Janine, Knutsford aged only 25!

  3. Paula- Macclesfield31 March 2010 at 00:03

    The comment on your Manchester article about there being no upstairs props in Coronation Street explains why so many Cheshire - based window cleaners, roof repairers and loft insualtion people are sadly out of work in Cheshire!

  4. My uncle works in Macclesfield, Paula, fitting stairlifts an he certainly isn't out of work.

    Sylivia Leek Staffs

  5. Passed that lovely Cheshire Church Astbury today.The one with both the tower and the spire - just wondering which would be best for a stairlift I wonder ?

  6. If you want a challenge putting a stairlift up a church spire - how about the twisted spire at Chesterfield
    (no relation to Chester in Cheshire)
    - now that would be a stairlift with a difference !

  7. Being a professional buyer I thought was being 'savey' when my Dad needed quotes for stairlifts. We asked every chairlifts firm in Cheshire and just got confused! Then I remebered that my secretary's parents in Wilmslow had dealt a firm called Castle Comfort at their office in Macclesfield and rang them. Totally spot on, good price and fitted quickly and professionally. We went for a reconditioned stairlift system and saved a bit more but it's just like new! Highly recommended and my Dad keeps singing 'stair lift to heaven! I hope he doesn't mean it. Tim Green, Northwich.

  8. You need to update this stairlifts blogpost as Crouchy should be in his Stoke colours not Liverpool ones. He's just moved to Prestbury, Cheshire into Freddie Flintoffs old mansion - lucky so and so.

  9. OK - after a season at Stoke Mr Crouch will either renew his contract or be so exhausted he may be getting quotes for stairlifts. We have asked Terry Conroy our good deeds patron to get us an up to date pic.


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