Thursday 21 January 2010

Stairlifts News - from Stoke on Trent Staffordshire - to Santiago Chile

The workaholic Castle Comfort Stairlifts Managing Director believes in mixing business and pleasure. 
Buscando Salvaescaleras y habla Espanol - Sigue a

He has for years been trying to track down footballing legend Diego Maradona on numerous trips to South America - and this time had a degree of success. Pictured here, is Keith finally having his company's new year calendar launched by the most famous face in the history of soccer - a face more famous than those cheating 'Hands of God.'

But wait - look at that healthy and fit physique of 'Diego' - is this not the famous Latin TV lookalike - aka ESCOLASTICO MENDEZ? Now a new friend of Keith, 'Esco' parades around the touristy bits of Buenos Aires earning a nice living charging for a photo! Good luck to him.

But in Uruguay, where the disability Discrimination Act is now in full force - Keith found a challenge in trying to persuade the keepers of this building to the left here, to provide access for the disabled.

After assessing the 118 steps and 15 bends and pricing it out at .2 million Uruguayan pesos (£40,000) for this proposed giant CURVED STAIRLIFT, the lighthouse keepers weren't too keen. 

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  1. Very funny story. I would love to see a curved stairlift instalation in a lighthouse. What great publicity that would make :)

  2. It's not funny Stevie! I am going to that lighthouse in a wheelchair and see how pink their faces go!
    By the way - insta ll ation has got too 'l's


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