Monday 30 November 2009

Stairlifts. What you need to know.

Many stairlift companies claim to be 'the best' or 'the cheapest' but with so many of them to choose from, who do you believe?

The Truth:

Many 'independent' stairlift or 'price comparison' websites are not stairlift websites at all. They merely collect your information i.e. name, address, budget etc and then sell this information on to stair lift companies.

These stairlift companies may not be best placed for your individual needs or your geographical location. Even worse, they may even use high pressure selling. So here, I will personally supervise your quote via this website and make sure your stairlift is suitable to your needs and priced correctly to suit your budget.

Doctor Neil Stirling MB ChB.

The Facts:

If you are getting on in life (like myself) we are often seen as an easier target to those with questionable selling techniques. As I see it, buying a stairlift can be a significant but necessary investment, and usually a once in a
lifetime decision. Sometimes all we need is some good impartial advice, someone who understands what we need, and how much it costs. Not to mention a reliable back up service for stair lift repairs or maintenance.

The Solution:

My personal pledge to you is to look after your best interests at all times, to make sure your individual circumstances are taken into consideration, to answer all your questions no matter how silly you think they are, offer advice as to which stair lift might be most suitable i.e. curved stairlifts or straight stairlifts, new stair lift or reconditioned. Most importantly to recommend you to a stairlift company that operates and installs in your local area.
If you have any question ask me or maybe you want a stairlift price quote?

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