Friday 22 January 2010

Stairlifts in Spain? Si, por favor - but we don't want any British blood!

As a regular donor in Stoke on Trent in the Midlands, stairlifts expert Keith wasted no time when the Spanish blood donor bus pulled up outside Castle Comfort’s offices in Madrid. This is the way they do things in Spain in the major cities - one can still go to the hospital to donate but the Spanish system grabs the well-intending at appropriate and convenient moments e.g. - when leaving work and maybe on the way to a siesta, lunch, or even the bullring!

The Spanish nurses were flattered that an Englishman had taken the trouble to volunteer and wasted no time in producing the standard questionnaire. After all, although he had his UK donor
card they needed to register a 'first-timer'.
The rules and questions are much the same as our country - 'What illnesses have you had?' - where have you travelled?' etc. The final line on the form however asked 'Have you resided in the UK between 1996 & 1997?" and the obvious answer to that from a Brit is 'yes' "errr..... . 'I'll have to speak to the doctor' was the nurse's reply. Then came the shock.

A lady doctor appeared to thank him for the gesture, but she explained why he had to be rejected. The reason was clear - 'Mad cow disease. ' 'Moo', Keith thought. They all agreed it was a bit silly and bureaucratic but those are the rules - although they did promise to try and get them changed and that I should apply again another time.

Finally. after getting off the Spanish bus and shortly finding himself back in Stoke on Trent, he was more than welcome at the Staffordshire blood transfusion unit. There without hiccups or red tape some pure potteries blood was accepted with thanks.

Pictured here, Castle Comfort Stairlifts Chief Keith with grateful NHS staff.

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