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Stairlifts Burnley, Nelson and Colne

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Burnley began as a collection of small farming hamlets before growing in to the large town it is today in the Borough of Pendle. Famous for its nearby Gawthorpe Hall pictured left which is run by the National Trust, it was designed by the same chap who also designed the Houses of Parliament. Hear Hear.

In the 17th Century the town was known for the weaving of wool, situated as it was close to the sheep farming moorland of the South Pennines. When the Leeds and Liverpool canal was built in the late 1800's the town really developed and by 1866 was the largest producer of cotton cloth in the world having nearly 100,000 looms in the town. Aswell as the weaving the other local industry was coal mining as the town had a dozen pits within the area. These industries have declined like a lot of other towns to be replaced by aerospace and automotive industries locally.

The local team Burnley FC was a premiership side in the 2009/10 season and currently plays in the Npower league. It is one of only 3 teams to have been champions of all 4 league divisions. The "Clarets" as they are known also have the accolade of the highest ratio of football match attendance per population in the UK and train on 2 pitches in the grounds of Gawthorpe Hall pictured.

The town attracts shoppers to its Charter Walk shopping centre and soon to be completed Oval Shopping Centre. Many people visit its nightlife too as with easy access to the M65 you can get here from Manchester and Leeds easily. It's also the best road for our stairlifts engineers to get to Nelson, Colne and wider parts of the Lancashire and Yorkshire region too.

Nelson was originally the two settlements of Little and Great Marsden but when the railway came and it also developed as a cotton town, the stop was re-named Nelson after the pub near to the train station and the name stuck.

The town is known for being the birthplace of Thomas Fryers Victory V pastilles the name being conjured up whilst Thomas was in the previously mentioned Nelson Inn pub. The original Victorian recipe included chloroform and ether aswell as acacia gum, liquorice extract, glucose syrup, linseed oil and menthol. Still in production and ideal for colds and those with asbestos-mouthes, it's as fiery as ever.
Britains most dangerous road also runs through here. According to the BBC a 15 mile stretch of the A682 is listed as the highest risk road in the UK and the injuries and deaths over the last decade have been the equivalent of 5 major railcrashes. So be careful out there.

Fresh news today is that a firm that relocated to India with it's callcentre is now relocating to Burnley because it would work out cheaper.  See here for the details.  We can't guarantee a stairlift cheaper than Bombay but regardless of where you live in the UK and especially in the Burnley area, you can be sure of getting the best choice and price on your stairlift through Castle Comfort. 
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Colne was more of a wool weaving town having 30 mills in the late 18th century, the largest of which had nearly 2500 looms. The town is also the birthplace of the Boundary Mill Stores, home and cothing outlet chain. Every August Bank Holiday the town is the venue for the Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival which attracts people from all over Europe.

Here, as with all our regional Stairlift Blogs, we have the 3 towns of Burnley, Nelson and Colne along with a selection of notable residents – past and present. It’s always remarkable how many people do not know who comes from their own town.


James Anderson – cricketer.

Ian McKellen – actor.

Adnan Ahmed – footballer.


Jimmy Hogan – footballer and manager.

John Simm – actor.

C. L. R. James – writer.


William Hartley – entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Mike Phelan – assistant manager of Manchester United.

Alan Wharton - cricketer

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  1. Buying a stair lift isn't always as easy as people may think. You must take a closer look to everything that you need and compare it to everything that is available to you.

  2. I agree with Morgan stairlifts - but whether you are in Burnley or Baltimore - get advice from an independant source. Probably 90% of stairlift salespeople are honest but you may just get involved with the 10% who perhaps aren't.

  3. If The Clarets beat Leeds today -there will be some Burnley fans looking for a stairlift up those Wembley steps again !

  4. good article love the pics

  5. Good article and photos. Did you see Anderson before the Burnley v Blackpool match ? - what a gent.I'm sure he won't need a stairlift just yet despite his injury !


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