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If however, you are looking for fascinating facts about the area then feel free to read on.

Sheffield is a city in South Yorkshire renowned for it's steel manufacture and particularly it's cutlery. Named after the river it sits on, the river Sheaf it was mentioned in Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales as a centre of excellence in knife making, going on to become the centre of influence in metalworking that it still retains today. It has two universities but for its jewellery making and silver-smithing, it is Sheffield Hallam University that has a highly respected Metalwork Degree which continues the tradition of its steel making past. We have yet to see an art deco or contemporary steel stairlift rail being produced by a creative student for their product design degree show, but there is always an opportunity there for someone to customise everyday items such as stairlifts and turn them into works of art.

The World Famous Sheffield crucible theatre is where the annual world snooker championships are held each April and May. Fans of the sport will remember the 147 breaks of Steve Davis and Stephen Hendry who have both dominated the championships, winning it many times each in the 1980's and 1990's respectively. The prize fund each year is over a million pounds.

The highest grossing British film ever, The Full Monty, which was shot in Sheffield, has been voted the "Favourite English movie of all time" overtaking such movies as Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Italian Job and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. A film about a group of unemployed Sheffield steel workers who are inspired to make some money by becoming strippers, it's a very funny comedy as anyone who has seen the Job Centre scene will know.

The local delicacy is Hendersons Relish, a Worcestershire Sauce-type sauce but a bit spicier, though the W word is a swear word as it cannot possibly be compared in the same sentence as Hendo's. Fans of it claim it can be put on anything - fish and chips, sausage and mash, you name it. Some even reckon that you should wash your clothes with it – to give them that Hendo's freshness! Now stocked in Fortnum and Masons so that exiled Sheffielders like Peter Stringfellow can buy it. I wonder if he likes cheesy beans with Henderson's on it? Yum.

Here's a summary of the features of just one of the stairlifts available from us around Sheffield. Remember you can choose from 31 different models of stairlift from us, one of the largest range of stairlifts available in the UK. All are Top Brand Stairlifts, at Keen Prices and with Fast Installations. Our customer service guarantee of satisfaction speaks for itself.

The Acorn Stairlift Superglide
1.The stair lift will have a padded seat & back to make sure that the stair lift provides a smooth and comfortable ride for you.
2.It will have directional, (i.e. up or down) switches that are straightforward to click, even for those of you with limited mobility of the hands and fingers.
3.Seatbelts are included for safety and peace of mind.
4.The stairlift will have folding arms, folding seat & footrest too, which ensures a slim profile on the stairs so that it lets other people get past on the stairs. The chair itself is a lockable swivel chair that will allow you to to get on or off the stairlift without twisting.
5.Most straight stairlifts are installed in an hour so it is quick and leaves no mess behind.
6.A diagnostic digital display informs you of any error codes to avoid expensive callouts. Simply phone through the code to us, your installation firm, and we will be able to diagnose it there and then.
7.The stairlifts will have five safety sensors built into the footrest which will halt the stairlift if it hits an obstacle on the stairs.
8.Two remote controls are supplied, giving users the ability to "call" or "send" the chairlift up & down stairs.

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Population: 534,500

The Sheffield Walk of Fame in the City Centre honours famous Sheffield residents past and present in a similar way to the Hollywood version.

Facts about Sheffield:
1.Sheffield is England's fourth largest city.
2.A third of it lies within the Peak District National Park (no other UK city has a national park within its boundary).
3.It’s also England's greenest city, containing 150 woodlands and 50 public parks, and half of the city's population lives within 15 minutes of open countryside.
4.Salaries are around 10-15% lower than the national average.
5.Europe's largest shopping and leisure complex, Meadowhall, is situated here

What is Sheffield well known for?
The city's economy was built on steel, engineering and cutlery—all of which have established a worldwide reputation. Yet while Sheffield remains one of the country's foremost manufacturing areas and a centre for advanced engineering, the predominant feature of the local economy over the last 30 years has been the steady growth of service industries.

Here below as with all our stairlifts blogs, we have a selection of noteable residents – past and present. It’s always remarkable, how many people do not know just who comes from their own town.

Gordon Banks - England's World Cup winning goalkeeper and stalwart at Stoke City

Joe Cocker - singing legend

Joseph William Thornton - confectioner, founder of chocolate company Thorntons

Sebastian Coe - former Olympian and Organiser of 2012 Olympic Games

Sean Bean - film and TV actor

Derek Dooley - one of Sheffield's most respected footballers

Professor Barry Hancock OBE - world renown cancer expert.

Alex Turner - musician, vocalist and songwriter for the Arctic Monkeys.

Brendan Ingle - world famous boxing trainer

Def Leppard - mega selling rock band

Michael Palin - famous film and television personality

Helen Sharman - first British astronaut

Michael Vaughan - English cricket captain who grew up in Sheffield

Clinton Woods - world champion boxer

If you know of any more famous faces from Sheffield or Rotherham then let us know in the comments and we will add them in.


  1. Well.. most Stoke City followers didn't know 'Banksie' originated from Sheffield. Most Potteries folk would have bet he came from Leicester.

  2. Are there any stairlift manufacturers in Sheffield ? Imagine just how good the steel would be !! Strong enough for a rollercoaster!

  3. When I lived in Sheffield - The University had a Paternoster (an open ended lift)but I'm sure they could use a steel stairlift these days.

  4. Is that one with no doors on either side?

  5. The Paternoster or cyclical passenger lift is like a giant ferris wheel lift of compartments, usually big enough for 2 people to stand in.
    There's a video of the one we have at Leicester Uni here

    1. Thanks Richard.It's refreshing to know we have folk working with us in the stairlifts industry that is young enough to remember everything about their ties at Leicester University

  6. So Leicester and Sheffield Universities have Paternosters - does anyone know if any Uni has a stairlift ?

  7. Glasgow University has a wheelchair stairlift, that's just one that I know of. I'm sure there are plenty more now that more buildings have to include disability access as part of the DDA.

  8. I believe that the students of Durham University asked for a stairlift up to the Keep!

  9. Perhaps to get upstairs after a beer or two - few students need stairlifts unless they have self inflicted mobility problems

  10. There are it seems a number of stairlifts companies around Sheffield. To differentiate yourself how about you run a promotion - win a years supply of Hendersons Relish. One entry into the draw with every stair lift quote?

  11. A promotion for stairlifts in Sheffield would get a better level of interested if the prize was say a season ticket at United or Wednesday?
    Relish the though indeed.

  12. Free Henderson´s Relish and football seasons tickets? All romantic suggestions, and should work - but all across the UK over the years gimmicks and giveaways to raise attention to our company and stairlifts service - don't work. Folk deciding on a stairlift nearly always respond to a personal recommendation from friend or a health professional. In Sheffield probably every stairlifts installation in the past year has come to Castle Comfort via word of mouth. We 'relish' the thought!

  13. Sheffield folk used to look for the "made in Sheffield" on their cutlery
    - Potteries people used to turn their plates upside down to check which pot bank it had come from in Stoke.
    Sadly not many diners find any "made in Britain" these days
    - however I think most stairlifts are made up the road from Sheffield in West Yorkshire?


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