Saturday 7 January 2017

Freddie Knoller Talks After His Stairlift Purchase

Freddie Knoller – One of Life's Optimists

His name may be familiar to world war two historians as well as keen One Show viewers, as Freddie, a recent stairlift customer, is an author of two books about his life during WWII, “Desperate Journey," and “Living with the Enemy” (pictured) You can click the book to visit his authors page at Amazon.
He has also been featured in a BBC film “Surviving the Holocaust” which documents his life during the occupation of mainland Europe by Nazi Germany. 

Born in Vienna, Austria his journey to escape anti-semitism was quite harrowing, and included his internment in a number of concentration camps including Belsen and Auschwitz. 

He hadn't thought to share his story until 35 years later, after prompts from his teenage daughters, and despite some of the worst moments in the camps when there was no food at all for many weeks, he credits his hope and faith for the future in helping him through. 

He continues to give educational presentations for the Holocaust Educational Trust, and still has a lively voice and keen sense of humour. Part of his talks include his colourful tales of his time working as a tour guide around the cabarets of Paris while under German occupation.

Here's a video of Freddie in action.

Freddie is now 95 years young and always thinking ahead, he has recently purchased a stairlift from Castle Comfort Stairlifts for his London home, though he is not at the stage of needing it just yet!

He has contemplated his future requirements, and we feel that for someone of his age, that is a very wise move. In conversation with Keith from Castle Stairlifts he is planning for the stairlift to be returned when it might not be needed in15 years time, when he will be 110! Who knows, at the rate he is going he could very well still be riding it every day even then. 

Here's a clip of their conversation below.

Now there may be many others reading this article in their nineties who served in the war or their spouse did, and they might now be thinking of planning for their own future, just like Freddie.

If you would like to set yourself up at home for when you can't walk up the stairs, then you may be able to claim a part-payment grant for the purchase of home mobility equipment such as a stairlift, if you are in financial need. You can fill in our enquiry form here to get a fuss-free quotation to think about, then you can know what to expect. 

We have worked with many different funding sources over the last 20 years, and for service men and their families we have found that SSAFA could be a charity that offers help for ex-service personnel. 
For more details you can visit their website at
or call us today on 0800 007 5050 to find out more.

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