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Castle Comfort Stairlifts offers top brand stairlifts, keen prices and fast installs for all those searching for stairlifts Bristol. And all work comes with our no-quibble guarantees and famous customer service satisfaction.

If you are looking for interesting facts about the Bristol area and want to know which comfortable castle has entertained both the royal inventor of the stairlift and the Two Ronnies then read on.

Bristol is the largest city in the South West having nearly half a million people living here. At one time in the early Middle Ages Bristol was the third biggest city in England. The city expanded in the Industrial Revolution with the docks being a transport hub to Ireland and America. Unusually there are many famous drinks that were invented and started production here, that everyone will have tried at least once in their life. Harveys Bristol Cream and Schweppes among them. You might still drink one of them today, but don't ride your Bristol stairlift under the influence, will you.

Famous funfair and holiday camp entrepreneur Billy Butlin lived in Bristol with his mother and set up his first business here – a hoop-la stall. Later on he established the Butlins holiday camp company with it's infamous redcoats entertainers.

If I asked you to "think of a number" do I mean 0117 905 9177 the number to call for our Stairlifts Bristol team. It's a reference to another Bristolian - Johnny Ball, the TV maths wizard who was born here and incidentally started out as a redcoat too. There are other famous people from Bristol, just some of which are listed further on at the bottom of the page.

South of our Bristol stairlifts install region just along the M5, we have Weston Super Mare, Nailsea, Portishead and Clevedon, with its superbly engineered pier. All these areas are within easy reach of our stairlift engineers, to get you a free stairlift quote. Call the above number to find out more.

Weston-super-Mare is famous for its donkeys, its Winter Gardens and for just how far the tide goes out. At low tide the beach expands and is nearly a mile to the sea. Be careful though, there is treacherous mud here as well as sand on the beach. You might need to get a lift from a rescue helicopter, although being the HQ of Westland helicopters and the world's largest helicopter museum you are in a good place if you need some assistance!
If you need another type of lift - like a Minivator stairlift, an Acorn or one of the Stannah stairlifts then we install those and all the other reputable brands such as Brooks, Platinum or Bespoke too.

Remember my earlier question? A comfortable castle, that has entertained both “The Two Ronnies,” and the Royal inventor of the first heavy weight stairlift? It is Berkeley Castle and the current owner is the 28th generation of the same family to live there. It must be comfortable for his family to have stayed put for so long.

In Tudor times, Henry VIII honeymooned there with Ann Boleyn and "The Two Ronnies" filmed one of their shows there. They have had many visitors over the years, and you might have been for a day out there yourself. King Henry was famous for a lot of things, including the production of the world's first ever STAIRLIFT ! You want proof?

Nearby Kingswood, Yate and Bradley Stoke are some of the larger towns in South Gloucestershire served by our Bristol stairlift team.

Kingswood is famous for its Douglas motor bike company. As well as manufacturing motorbikes locally they also made Vespa's, the iconic Italian scooter, which they made under licence. Their bikes won many Isle of Man TT races and they also provided the bike for the first circumnavigation of the globe by motorbike way back in 1932, and detailed in the book One Man Caravan.

Bath is situated in the North East Somerset area, like Keynsham and Norton Radstock and we have got more than a decade of experience in stair lift installation in Avon. It's known for it's rich architectural heritage. Beginning with the Roman times Bath was originally named “Aquae Sulis” as it is the site of hot springs with beneficial properties. The city has been named after these spa water “baths.” In the 1800's it was one of the biggest cities in England that has historically been a trade centre. Famous for the Roman architecture, the baths are pictured left, and also for it's Georgian terraces and mansion blocks, many of which were built for wealthy industrialists.

From Bath to Bristol our stairlifts can be fitted anywhere from a terraced house to a mansion.

Here below, as with all our regional stairlift blogs, we have some of the main towns and cities in the region – along with a selection of notable residents – past and present. It’s always remarkable, how many people do not know just who comes from their own town.

Bath – Jane Austen, novelist. Peter Gabriel, musician. Bradley Stoke – Damien Hirst, painter and installation artist. Bristol – J K Rowling, author. Christopher Fry, dramatist. Clevedon – Bob Anderson, darts champion. Hartley Colreridge, writer and son of Samuel Coleridge. Keynsham – Bill Bailey, comedian. Mark Regan, rugby player. NailseaAdge Cutler, folk singer. Mervyn Kitchen, cricketer. Portishead – Eddie Large, comedian. George Wightwick, notable architect. Thornbury – James Symons, former manager of Leeds United and Newcastle United. Emily Webley-Smith, tennis player. Weston-super-Mare – Jeffrey Archer, author, politician and convicted perjurer. John Cleese, actor and member of Monty Python. Yate – Geoff Twentyman, footballer and radio sports editor.

If you know of anymore let us know in the comments section or give us a call on 01179 059177 and we will be pleased to add it in.

Plus, in common with our series of Castle Stairlifts blogs, we'll be having a dedicated section to keep all our sports fans happy - and Bristol City and Bristol Rovers football clubs will be the first to feature. If you follow either of these two Bristol based clubs - watch this space .. and maybe it's the opportunity for you to make a comment via the coupon below.

Bristol City is our first featured club and readers interested in a stairlift for their relative will likely remember the era of Alan Dicks who was offered the job of manager by Jimmy Hill who he coached under at Coventry. Under his guidance the team climbed to the First division in 1976 after a generation of languishing in the lower leagues.

In the early 80's the team declined to the fourth division and suffered financial setbacks but later on and in the 90's under Terry Cooper and Joe Jordan their fortunes were revived as they were promoted to the Third division.

Denis Smith was one of the best managers especially for bringing talent like Andy Cole to Bristol. Scoring 20 goals in 41 appearances he lit up the pitch and helped the club climb to the First Division. Unfortunately he was sold on to Newcastle and Man U where he set the highest transfer fee of the time. He never quite managed his goal every other game average that he did at Bristol. If you ever need someone to install a Bristol Stairlift to the top of the terraces then Castle Comfort is the name to call.

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  1. Bristol is a place with an ageing population producing regular enquiries for information on stairlifts. Always pleased to help where possible.
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