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Stairlifts Corby – Stairlifts Northamptonshire

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Stairlifts Corby – Stairlifts Northamptonshire

Corby in Northamptonshire has the fastest growing population not just in Northamptonshire but in England!  Is it something in the water?

Most of the mix of retired residents in Corby still have a spring in their step; when they do find that the spring has sprung and getting up and down those stairs is a problem, Castle Comfort Stair Lifts step in!  We’ve been supplying and installing the people of Corby with their stairlifts for almost 15 years.  We are agents for all UK stairlift manufacturers so can offer an unbiased recommendation depending on your needs and your staircase.

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Corby’s residential cocktail
Corby’s development as a new town was led by architect William Holford back in the 1950’s. He had been heavily involved in town planning following World War II and instrumental in the draft of the Town and Country Planning Act of 1947.  By the middle of the 1950’s the influx of new residents to Corby came mainly from Glasgow, Scotland.  This has been reflected in Corby’s accent which is called Corbyite and has a Glaswegian twang.

This link with Scotland remains to today.  In the 2001 Census almost 19% of the population were Scottish born with a further 33% with Scottish ancestry.  This heritage is kept well and truly alive with social and sporting clubs, supporters of the two Glaswegian football teams Celtic and Rangers (currently in administration).  Corby is actually home to the largest Rangers Supporters Club outside of Glasgow and Northern Ireland.  As well as being able to buy Scottish foods in the town, they also host a Highland Gathering every year mirroring the games in Scotland and featuring traditional Scottish music and dancing.  Corby also has two Church of Scotland churches and is the only town in England apart from London to have this.

Did you know?
... that the song Steeltown by Scottish 1980’s band, Big Country was about all the migrant Scottish workers who came to Corby but then found themselves unemployed when the steelworks closed down.

Source:Wikimedia Commons

It was the steelworks that brought the Scottish contingent to Corby; when Scottish company Stewarts & Lloyds set up in the 1930’s so the influx started.

The steelworks grew up in the area because Corby and the surrounding area had been mined for iron-ore since Roman times; by the 19th century with the railways providing the logistics to transport it and the discovery of more ironstone beds, the industry flourished.  The ironstone works – producing one of the core ingredients of steel – joined up with Stewart & Lloyds in the 1930’s causing the first influx of workers.  As Stewart & Lloyds was a Scottish firm and as much of Clydeside’s industry had closed, it is not surprising that many of the workers came from Scotland.

Cloud cover
Craftily by burning latex which produced dense black, low-lying clouds to cover the steel works, Corby’s plant was protected from bombing raids by the Germans.  Corby only suffered a couple of small attacks – mainly unexplained bullet holes which can still be seen in some buildings.

Meanwhile Corby steelworks manufactured the steel pipe line which was fed under the sea to reach the continent and supply Allied troops with fuel.

You don’t need to hide under any clouds if you’re in need of a stairlift – in fact we’d love you to come out in the open about it.  If you are considering buying one, please take a look at our stairlift prices.  Remember we also offer reconditioned ones too at a reduced price.

If you need some help with the prices there are grants available and also 0% finance to ease the strain – just like the stairlift does!  And if you need any further advice just contact our local office on 01604 269919.

Rockingham Castle and Forest
Rockingham Castle was first built by William the Conqueror as a wooden construction.  It was named after the nearby village.  Subsequent kings built it in stone and added the gatehouse towers.  The last monarch to stay in the castle was Edward III in the 14th century.  Having fallen into disrepair it was sold to Sir Edward Watson by Henry VIII.  Parts of the castle were replaced with a Tudor mansion and gardens whilst the remainder remained as a hunting lodge for visiting royalty.

The woodland that surrounded the castle became known as Rockingham Forest.  Parts of this remain today although it is described as a ‘patchwork’ because only small patches are still intact.  The forest was designated as a Royal Hunting Ground favoured by Elizabeth I.

Today Rockingham Forest is home to a growing population of Red Kites; these birds of prey were reintroduced in the area in 2000.

Source:Wikimedia Commons

Did you know?
A crater discovered on Mars in the 1970’s was named after Corby!  The reason is allegedly down to a transcript from the Apollo 11 mission in 1969 when the crew were told of a man in Corby who had won the World’s Porridge Eating contest by eating 23 bowls of instant porridge in 10 minutes.  The crew in Apollo replied, “I’d like to enter Aldrin in the next porridge eating contest as he’s already eaten 19!”

Source:Wikimedia Commons

The rich and famous of Corby
·         The author Colin Dexter was born in nearby Stamford and lived in Corby; his ‘local’ was the Candle Pub.  Dexter wrote the Inspector Morse novels

·         TV presenter Johnny Vaughan once lived in Corby

·         Echo and the Bunnymen’s manager, Bill Drummond grew up in Corby – his father was the minister at the Scottish church on Beanfield Road.  Drummond also managed Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

·         Another author, Andrew Cowan is from Corby; he wrote a book about the town called Pig picking up awards including new writer of the year in its wake

·         Actress Emma Kennedy was born in Corby.  She recently starred in the film Notes on a Scandal

·         TV and film actor Brendan Coyle was born in Corby.  He has been in a number of TV series including Silent Witness, the Lynley Mysteries and The Glass Virgin.

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