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Stairlifts Dumfries – Stairlifts Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland

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Stairlifts Dumfries

The market town of Dumfries in the southern-most western county of Scotland, Dumfries and Galloway sits on the banks of the River Nith which joins the nearby Solway Firth.  Solway Firth joins the Irish Sea and forms part of the border between England and Scotland.

Source:Wikimedia Commons

The River Nith running through Dumfries splits the town in to East and West.  At low tide the sea recedes so far that it extends the river length to 70+ miles making this river the 7th longest in Scotland.

Several bridges cross the town of Dumfries including the Old Bridge and the suspension bridge.  There is also a weir in the river which is locally known as the Caul.

Castle Comfort Stairlifts has been providing this mode of transport to the citizens of Dumfries for almost 15 years.  We know that already more than 200 lifts are owned by locals helping them to proceed up and down the stairs independently and safely.

We have a number of models available – straight, curved and even platform – which we can install in hours.  We also provide a 24/7 on-going customer care and maintenance service to ensure you remain mobile.  If you’d like to know more please give our local office a call on   0141 278 3929 .

Queen of the South
This local ‘capital’ of the area is fondly referred to as Queen of the South.  Apparently you can catch salmon virtually in the town centre or play golf on anyone of four local golf courses so it’s a popular tourist town.

Famously Scotland’s ‘national saint’ Rabbie Burns lived here so it has something else to attract visitors.  The house on Burns Street was where Rabbie lived with his wife Jean.  You can see his desk and chair in his study and several old manuscripts.

Source:Wikimedia Commons

Burns died tragically young at the age of 37 and was buried on the day his last son was born.  He was survived by 12 children.  Currently Burns, known as The Bard of Scotland, has more than 600 living descendants.

Burns favourite pub the Globe Inn is still here today.

Camera Obscura
Dumfries is home to its own Camera Obscura which is housed on the top floor of an old windmill tower circa 1836.  It is the oldest working instrument of its kind in the world.  You can see fascinating panoramic views of Dumfries and the surrounding countryside from it.

The museum next door tells the story of Dumfries and its people and other inhabitants!  Look out for fossil footprints left by prehistoric animals, tools and weapons from ancient times, stone carvings from early times as well as Victorian everyday memorabilia.

Sweetheart Abbey
Just 8 miles away you’ll find the conservation village of New Abbey with the main attraction, Sweetheart Abbey which was founded in the early 13th century.  Lady Dervorgilla had it built in memory of her husband John Balliol whom Balliol College Oxford is named after.  A stone effigy of Lady Dervorgilla stands in the south transept of the Abbey.  Dressed in a gown and mantle she is depicted clutching her husband’s embalmed heart to hers.  The effigy you see today was actually built in the 16th century after the original was destroyed during the Reformation.

Caelaverock Castle
This triangular castle is just 8 miles to the east of Sweetheart Abbey along the Solway Coast Heritage trail.  Complete with moat it has a twin towered gatehouse and imposing battlements.  It has stood here for 400 years right on the edge of Scotland and has always been important in Scotland’s defence.

Source:geograph.org.uk user Simon Ledingham

The castle was built by Sir John Maxwell.  Much later in the 17th century, one of his descendants, Robert, 1st Earl of Nithsdale built Nithsdale Lodging in the castle’s courtyard.  Its façade is ornately decorated with Renaissance stone carvings so that it makes an amazing contrast to the earlier and bleaker castle.

Source:Wikimedia Commons

The castle was involved in several sieges; two, both brought about by the English, stand out.  The first in 1300 involved Edward 1 with his army who caused the garrison to surrender within two days.

The second in 1640 was due to Maxwell’s allegiance to Charles I.  This time the castle remained under siege for 13 weeks before surrendering.

Queen of the South
The local Football Club hold the name that also represents the town itself.  They play in the Scottish Football League.

Dumfries has been responsible for a number of professional football players including: Dave Halliday, Ian Dickson, Bobby Ancell, Billy Houliston, Jimmy McIntosh, Willie McNaught and Ted McCinn.  Dominic Matteo was born in Dumfries as were Scotland players Cammy Bell and Grant Hanley.

Three racing drivers claim Dumfries as their town of birth – Allan McNish, David Leslie and Formula one’s David Coulthard from nearby Twynholm.

Other famous people from Dumfries include the TV chef and food writer Gizzi Erskine, author J M Barrie who wrote Peter Pan amongst other things, actor John Laurie who was in Dad’s Army for many years and cartoonist Alex Graham.

Calvin Harris a chart-topping record producer comes from Dumfries as does Ray Wilson of Genesis and tin-flute-playing Geoffrey Kelly and jazz musician Ian Carr.

Broadcasters Kirsty Wark and Stephen Jardine both hail from Dumfries as does author and scientist Dougal Dixon;  author Hunter Davis and James Hannayas and poet John Mayne all come from here too.

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