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Stairlifts Cumbernauld – Lanarkshire Stairlifts

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Stairlifts Cumbernauld – Stairlifts Lanarkshire

Cumbernauld in Lanarkshire is the third of five new towns designated after WWII when Glasgow’s overspill needed housing.  Like many new towns Cumbernauld isn’t known for its romantic chocolate box looks.  In fact it won a ‘Carbunkle Award’ twice for its soulless centre.

Just 13 miles north east of Glasgow, Cumbernauld does have same saving graces.  Did you know it is where Gregory’s Girl, an 80’s classic, was filmed?

Source:Wikimedia Commons

Did you know that Cumbernauld has a growing population of which almost 10,000 are retired?  With age come ailments and sometimes mobility problems, which mean Castle Comfort Stair Lifts can tell you that already 250 of Cumbernauld’s population own stairlifts.

As suppliers for all UK manufacturers and our own in-house brand we keep count!  We can also offer unbiased advice to any of you in Cumbernauld or with loved ones there for whom a stairlift might just be the miracle they are looking for.

With 15 years experience, we are the experts.  We are happy to advise you on which stairlift is best for you and install it so that you can get up and down those stairs again in no time.  Of course we give you time to consider all your options first and compare prices.

If you’d like more information or advice, please call our local office on  0141 278 3929 .

A bit of History
Cumbernauld, which means meeting of the waters, probably referring to the many tributaries which join the Clyde and the Forth in this part of the country.  There has been a settlement here since Roman times – it’s on the Antonine Wall, the most northern part of the Roman settlements.  This turf and stone ‘wall’ stretches across the country like Hadrian’s Wall does in northern England.  The Romans built forts all along it.

Source:Wikimedia Commons

In Norman times Cumberland Castle – a motte and bailey – was built here.  One of its most famous guests was Mary, Queen of Scots.  During her visit she planted a Yew tree at Castlecary Castle also on the Antonine Wall; the Yew tree is still growing there today.

In the 18th century Cumberland House was built on the site of Cumberland Castle incorporating some of the earlier brickwork.  It was designed by the leading architect of the day William Adams.  Part of the original motte can still be seen in the grounds.  Although Cumberland House is not in use currently it is a listed building.

Source:Wikimedia Commons

Cumbernauld has often hosted Royal parties who came to hunt the famous Scottish Ox in the local woods.  These were all that remained of Caledonian Forest which once covered a great deal of Scotland.

How times change
When the centre of the New Town of Cumbernauld was built, it was acknowledged as Britain’s first ever multi level covered town centre and the first shopping centre; it was also heralded as a tribute to Utopian engineering.  The new structure brought visiting architects, designers and students from around the world to see this it.

As time has gone on many design flaws have emerged.  Parts of this centre have now been demolished and a new one, The Antonine has been built.  The clock which also found fame in Gregory’s Girl, from St Enoch’s Station in Glasgow has been used in the new building.

Source:Wikimedia Commons

Fortunately the planners did get some things right.  Housing in the area remains below national average prices but is well planned and generally of a high standard.  Something for this town to be proud of.  Just a shame that much of the original planned housing when the new town was developed has never been built.

Famous folk of Cumbernauld
·         Music seems to resonate from Cumbernauld.  It is home to Jon Lawler and his family.  Jon is known for his involvement with bands The Fratellis and Codeine Velvet Club

·         Neil Primrose of Travis was born and raised here

·         The Dykeenies come from Cumbernauld

Source:Wikimedia Commons

·         Lyn Ferguson, the actress and writer best known for playing the voice of Mac in Chicken Run grew up here

·         Not surprisingly Craig Ferguson the comedian and writer did too – they are sister and brother

·         Paula Sage, actress and ambassador for Downs Syndrome Scotland also comes from Cumbernauld

·         Clare Grogan, once of Altered Images, played the girl Susan in Gregory’s Girl

·         The lead of Gregory in the same film was played by John Gordon Sinclair

Another famous addition
The Arria sculpture commemorates the mother of Roman Emperor Antonius who built the Antonine Wall.  His mother was Arria Fadilla.  This silver statue – 33 feet of galvanised steel - was created by famous Glaswegian sculpture Andy Scott and won the town Awards in the Beautiful Scotland Competition.  It sits next to the A80 and is passed everyday by 70,000 people.  It’s Cumbernauld’s ‘Angel of the North’ and is a tribute to Cumbernauld’s history and in stark contrast to the design of the original new town centre.

A stairlift won’t set you back nearly as much as this ‘angel’ which cost Cumbernauld £25K.  You’ll feel like a prize-winner once you get a stairlift and regain your independence!

If the cost is a problem take a look at our blog about applying for grants or check out the possibility of 0% finance.  Of course you could always invest in a reconditioned stairlift which will set you back considerably less than a brand new one.

Whichever route you choose, Castle Comfort Stairlifts are happy to help and advise.  Please give our local office a call to discuss any questions you might have and let us help you solve your immobility problems.  Call us on  0141 278 3929 .

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