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Stairlifts East Kilbride – Lanarkshire Stairlifts

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Stairlifts East Kilbride – Stairlifts Lanarkshire

East Kilbride, just 10 miles south of Glasgow was Scotland’s first ‘new town’ (1947).  Although part of the larger ‘Greater Glasgow conurbation’, it is a town in its own right with a large population of almost 75,000.

Its retired population is well over 14,000 and with an older age often come the usual difficulties one of which is definitely mobility.  Here at Castle Comfort Stairlifts we are aware that this is really debilitating for anyone, let alone those of a ‘certain age’.  We have spent the last 15 years supplying and fitting stairlifts to alleviate this problem as best as possible.  Giving people back some independence is a great morale booster.  So far in East Kilbride about 375 people already own stairlifts.  We know because we keep an eye on these things – it’s all calculated and shows up on our home page with a minute by minute scrolling calculator keeping count.  Check it out for yourself here.

Has this got you thinking?  Could a stairlift help you?  If you think it could, then why not call our local office based in Glasgow on  0141 278 3929.

East Kilbridians
The people who come from East Kilbride earn themselves the title of East Kilbridians.  There are some very well known ones too.

Lorraine Kelly just about qualifies having moved to the town in her teens.  She worked as a journalist on the local East Kilbride News when she left school.  She has worked as a TV presenter on a number of shows including her own daily show ‘Lorraine’ which follows Daybreak every week day morning. Kelly now lives with her family in Dundee.

Source:Wikimedia Commons

Another famous journalist and broadcaster from the town is Muriel Gray.  She studied at Glasgow’s famous School of Art and has regularly broadcast in ‘art shows’ and fashion series.  She took over John Peel’s Radio 1 slot after his death and has featured on a number of radio and TV programmes. She regularly writes columns for Time Out, Sunday Correspondent and the Sunday Herald.

East Kilbridian Kirsty Young presents Crime Watch and Desert Island Discs following a career as a newsreader for ITV News and Five News.  She is married to millionaire club owner Nick Jones who owns the Soho House Club and Babington House.

Theatre and film actor John Hannah also has a right to this name.  He was born in East Kilbride; was educated there and was part of the reparatory theatre in the town.  Since then he has made a name for himself in many Shakespeare productions and two notable films, Four Weddings and a Funeral and Sliding Doors.  He is also a partner in the production company Clerkenwell Films.

And more:
·         MP Dr Liam Fox was also born and raised in East Kilbride

·         Singer song-writer Roddy Frame of Aztec Camera is from East Kilbride too

·         Brothers Jim and William Reid formed the band Jesus and Mary chain here

·         Iain Harvie of band, Del Amitri lived in the town

·         Ally McCoist, ex-football player, broadcaster and current manager of Rangers FC was brought up here

·         Holder of the Scottish 60 hurdle record, Allan Scott was also raised in East Kilbride

·         As was professional golfer Marc Warren

·         Scottish darts player Ross Montgomery lives here

·         Scottish playwright James Bridie lived in East Kilbride’s oldest building, the 17th century Rose Mount, before moving to the Isle of Bute

·         Author George Orwell wrote part of his famous novel 1984 here whilst suffering from tuberculosis at Hairmyres Hospital

·         John Hunter was responsible for revolutionising dentistry and giving it a scientific foundation

·         His brother William Hunter – both born in the area – was responsible for pioneering obstetrics.  A museum Hunter House Museum shows exhibits relating to their early pioneering work

A little bit of history
The name East Kilbride comes from an Irish Saint, St Bride or St Brigid.  She founded a monastery for monks and nuns in Kildare in Ireland and her order was introduced to Scotland by Irish monks.  Kil meaning church derives from the Gaelic cill.

Source:Wikimedia Commons

The location of the original parish church of East Kilbride was on that of a sacred well which dates back before Christianity.  This is probably the association with St Brigid.  With the oystercatcher bird in the town’s coat of arms there is another link; the bird was considered sacred to St Brigid and her ancestors.  Of course it was also associated with a locally connected family, the Lindseys.  Like many historical references where there isn’t hard evidence, there are always differing explanations.

Roman coins and footwear have been discovered in the area suggesting early occupation by the Romans.  By last century it was growing partly due to the earlier industrial period.  By the end of the Second World War it was designated as a new town to take overspill from the over-crowded and war damaged Glasgow.  East Kilbride was the first of 5 ‘new towns’ which included Glenrothes, Cumbernauld, Livingston and Irvine.

Much, much earlier Robert the Bruce gave Kilbride as it was known then to his daughter as her dowry when she married Walter Stewart.  Walter later handed the village over to the Lindsey family.  Their line died out due to poverty in the 17th century.

The old coaching inn the Montgomerie Arms still stands in the town.  It dates from the 17th century.  Outside can be found the Loupin on stane – the stone which helped people to alight from horses and carriages.
You may not need help alighting from your carriage or horse nowadays but if those stairs are impossible, Castle Comfort stairlifts can certainly help.

We have a number of options depending on you and your staircase.  You may need a straight stairlift or a curved one.  We also have platform lifts.  Don’t let the expense put you off; we know a canny Scot needs to check this out very carefully!  We also have reconditioned versions or you may qualify for a grant and there is always a 0% finance option which costs you no more than face value.

As we supply and fit chairlifts made by all UK manufacturers, it is worth checking out which suits you best; of course we are also happy to advise.

We can organise for your stairlift to be fitted in your home in less than half a day; if it’s a straight stairlift, it can be installed and working in less than an hour.  We also offer a 24/7 after sales service too so that you don’t find yourself stranded up or downstairs.

If you’re tempted to find out more, please give us a call and let us assess which stairlift is right for you:  0141 278 3929.

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