Saturday 15 August 2015

Stairlifts or Stair Lifts - which is it ? Find out in Stoke on Trent

Shortly, you will discover how to obtain easily a Stairlift at a very reasonable price from this Stoke on Trent based company and installed quickly without fuss. But first, we promise that you will find this post very interesting - and your few minutes' involvment with it will earn £10 for the benefit of Cancer Research.
But if your priority is to first get the stair lift sorted - you should check out now this website -

Castle Comfort

and return here later. Or you can telephone Newcastle under Lyme (01782) 630999 for an instant quote and to arrange a free survey if required.

Another satisfied customer video, who we went to visit with Dr Stirling to check everything was as it should be.
Posted by Castle Comfort Centre on Saturday, 15 August 2015

You are looking for a Stairlift .. or a Stair Lift. It's the same isn't it? Well that small difference between the two versions - one word or two - has caused quite a controversy. We'll get back to chairlifts in a moment (or is it chair lifts?) but most of with the skill to use a search engine have curiosity and interest in our language - so we are going to clear it up.

Word spell checkers favour the two word Stair Lifts - but in general use most people favour the singular term Stairlift. So, you language purists out there - we need you opinion and reason which is correct. And then, we are going to approach, with all your comments, our two blog authorities - the Oxford Dictionary and Wikipedia. for a final decision. Doctor Stirling of Castle comfort - himself an authority and language enthusiast will select the best comments for submission. See the doctor's site here - and explore his indepth knowledge of Starelifts. Who stairs at stairlifts?? The polemic can go on, as sutch our language is never set in stone or beyond question. A definition lasting a century in the dictionary can be changed in seconds by an email .. for example.

Please use the coupon here. For each comment received on the subject we are going to acknowledge your trouble by chipping in £10 for a the very good cause already mentioned. You will see acknowledgement of the tenner you have generated here.
We'll then submit all facts and opinions to Wiki and the Oxford and see what they come up with. A conclusion will be posted on this site shortly with details of the total amount raised.
And if you stair lift (stair lift) hunters have now got the quiz bug - earn another £10 for Cancer Research here, by naming correctly Britain's second biggest airport.

OK - so back to the fact that we can provide you find a stairlift quote that is acceptable not just because of the amount - but because of the trust you can put into the Castle Comfort Group who have been providing mobility products, ie riser recliner chairs, adjustable beds and stairlifts nationwide for over 12 years.
First - Castle Comfort actually exists - what do we mean? Well, many so called stairlift companies on search engines are simply 'boiler room' enquiry generating engines who exist often from a laptop in a garage, or an Algave Villa to get enquiries or 'leads.' They then sell the enquiries to actual businesses for a fixed rate or a commission. Who pays that commission? You of course.
Castle Comfort Stairlifts not only have premises, showrooms, staff and two had working directors to deal with you personally - but they have LOW PRICES as well as excellent service. What they do not have is an expensive commission based direct sales force. See SPAM and you will see here why a stairlift could cost a fortune to the less savvy.

Castle Comfort Stairlifts do not have to, nor would they ever buy expensive leads from elsewhere because they are kept extremely busy with repeat work - and above all, a Free Page One entry on most major search engines which is achieved naturally through a long and genuine existence. Many firms if your look carefully at the top of page one on many search engines are 'sponsored links' -they pay a lot to be there. And as with any costs in business - it goes on the product cost to the buyer. To check further on our claims - why not look for the street address of the boiler room lead generators? If you find one it won't be obvious. And they certainly may not have what is pictured below.

So here is a little information on the actual product provided by Castle Comfort. Following this, we then list Castle's mobility products delivery routes and schedules to different areas. All staff at this company are trained to measure and survey for a stairlift, so even if they are delivering chairs or beds to your town - a measurement can be taken with a couple of minutes to enable an installation to be carried out at our home within a day or two.

Stair lifts are essential anyone with a mobility problems. They provide safey and independence.
Castle Comfort Stairlifts arguably has a greater understanding than anyone else in the UK with the exception of the actual manufacturers but with the added bonus of impartiality i.e. he has in depth knowledge of ALL the stairlifts products on the market and can help find the best stair lift for you, and suggest the best installation team in YOUR own local area.

There is a huge range of stairlifts, and they all have different control, options and weight limits to consider. However, there are only really 3 basic types: straight, curved and platform stairlifts for indoor or outdoor use. Heavy duty too - up to 30 stone. See our film made at NAIDEX, NEC Birmingham recently. And if you face the extra cost of a curved stairlift - there may well be an economic alterative... have a glance of how a Stoke City football fan saved a fortune - here.

0800 007 6959 - 8AM - 11PM

Or depending on where you live - these regional office numbers can also be called 8am - 11pm -

Wolverhampton (01902) 489422
York (01902) 820766
Newcastle upon Tyne 0191 644 0366
Bournemouth (01202) 355466
Belfast (02890) 538653
Birmingham 0121 371 0123
Bristol (01179) 059177
Glasgow 0141 278 3929
Liverpool 0151 676 2727
London 0207 717 9797
Macclesfield (01625) 886599
Manchester 0161 452 3636
Swansea (01792) 359212
Stoke on Trent (HEAD OFFICE) 01782 630999

HEAVY DUTY OR HEAVY WEIGHT STAIRLIFTS ARE ALSO AVAILIBLE WITH 28.5 OR 30 STONE WEIGHT LIMITS. A bariatric stair lift has a high weight capacity, including a curved stairlift with a higher weight of 30 stone. Henry V111 may have been impressed. David Starkey says here in the Daily Mail that the overweight king invented the stairlift.
See the contact page here, and click on your town city for the local phone number.

For even more information go here

And, see Castle Comfort's model on this super stairlift that
would also carry at the same time a few friends! Film on NOW.

North Staffordshire Run.
Stoke on Trent Newcastle under Lyme


Every Tues, Wed & Friday
South Staffordshire Run.
Stone, Stafford, Wolverhampton
& Walsall.
(Castle comfort ended up on the BBC when
they were recently Walsall. Watch the News here.) ………………………………………………

Every Monday, Thursday & FridaySouth Cheshire Run.
Congleton, Macclesfield, Prestbury and Stockport

Every Wednesday
The Manchester Run.
Includes northern Cheshire and most parts of Greater Manchester & Lancashire.
Covering Wigan, Blackburn, Burnley, Colne, Accrington & Oldham.

Every TuesdayThe Shropshire Run.
To the Welsh Borders as far south as Gizmoville.
Welsh spoken - Cymraeg ar lafar
Every Friday.
The Easten Run through Uttoxeter, Doveridge, Derby and the whole of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and
Lincolnshire and Bluebelltown.
Every other week (on an unspecified day)
Birmingham Run. As far as northern Home Counties.


South Wales
There is a daily and ongoing presence in the whole of South Wales offering full representative service to offer quoted for stairlifts and installation and technical back up by our SWANSEA facility. Telephone Swansea (01792) 359212 anytime for information, or use the coupon here.
As every, Castle Comfort directors Ann Keith or Dr Stirling are waiting to assist.


Laugh about it - it's the only way. See Castle Comfort's most visited website
How many doctors do you expect to find at number 1 on Google maps? Here's one


  1. More than stairlifrs from this business! I woke today to find a flat tyre on my scooter and couldn't get out. So I called the place in Newcastle town centre where I got my electric scooter from to find they have disappeared leaving an empty shop. I phoned 3 other moblity firms and the only one that was bothered was Castle Comfort who came out straight away and sorted me out. Very impressed - when I need a stairlift they will hear from me again.
    Gladys Whittaker, Hanley, Stoke on Trent.

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