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Stairlifts Banbury - Oxfordshire Stairlifts

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Stairlifts Banbury – Stairlifts Oxfordshire

‘Ride a Cock horse to Banbury Cross to see a fine lady on a white horse’.  Yes today we’re heading over to Banbury, the second largest town in Oxfordshire after Oxford itself being home to almost 42,000.

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Nursery rhymes and statues
Now back to the nursery rhyme!  It is first recorded in ‘Tommy Thumb's Pretty Song Book’ in the 18th century.  With lyrics so old, there are no fixed meanings or derivations of this old nursery rhyme.  We do know that there were several crosses in Banbury although they were all destroyed by the Puritans in 1600.  A new Banbury Cross was erected in the 19th century; it stands 16 metres high and is topped by a gilt cross.  More recently in 2005, the bronze statue of the ‘fine lady’ was unveiled by the Princess Royal.

From the 16th century a ‘cock horse’ could be a hobby horse but it could also mean a ‘spirited’ horse.  The fine lady in the rhyme?  There are several possible explanations but none confirmed:  Queen Elizabeth I, Lady Godiva or Celia Fiennes (‘a Fiennes lady’) whose brother the 1st Viscount Saye and Sele lived in nearby Broughton Castle.

Since 2000 Banbury has hosted an annual hobby horse festival – a gathering of traditional mock animals!  Hobby horses have traditionally been associated with May Day festivities and take many forms from the simple wooden head on a stick to long cloaked versions which make the person look as though they are riding the horse.

Banbury traditions
If we’re talking traditions you might want to hear about Banbury Cakes.  They contain currants and spices, mixed peel, brown sugar, rosewater, nutmeg and rum – similar to Eccles Cakes – encased in pastry to make a flat, oval cake.  They were first made in the 16th century to a secret recipe.

But there’s more to Banbury than old traditions – or is there?  After all Banbury is an old market town and housed the largest cattle market – very important in Victorian times - in Western Europe until the 1990s.

The Oxford Canal which was opened in the 18th century runs through Banbury and at that time ensured a cheap supply of coal to the area from nearby Warwickshire.  It was also used to take goods to market in Oxford and Coventry.  Tooley’s Boatyard in Banbury built and repaired horse-drawn narrow boats which used the canal.  This dry dock carried on working right up until the mid 1990’s. Now the boatyard is an official Ancient Monument with all its workshops fully restored.

Industry in Banbury
Now Banbury’s industries are car components, electrical goods, plastics, food processing and printing.  Kraft Foods a food and coffee production company manufacturing site is based in Banbury whilst their UK HQ is in Cheltenham 40 miles to the west; Kraft market their brands in more than 170 countries with 12 of the brands regularly bringing in $1 billion dollars a year.  Some of Kraft’s most famous brands include Cadburys, Maxwell House, Jacobs and Philadelphia; their headquarters are in the ‘windy city’ of Chicago.

Banbury is surrounded by countryside much of which is known unofficially as ‘Banburyshire’ – this affectionate term also applies to parts of Northamptonshire and Warwickshire as they are close by!

If you live in ‘Banburyshire’ and are in need of help to find a stairlift then remember Castle Comfort Stair Lifts are the people to contact.  Let us know what you need and we’ll advise you.  Why not watch our short video above as an introduction to how we can help.

If you need help funding this purchase, we can advise about grants and 0% finance so that you make the purchase with as little stress as possible.

If you’d like to know more please give Castle Comfort Stair Lifts a call on 01865 477 004.

As Banbury is almost equidistant from Oxford (30 miles) and Birmingham (38 miles) so you could also call the Birmingham office on 0121 371 0123.

Formula one
Virgin Racing also has their home in Banbury and the Simtek team were based here too.  Drivers with Virgin Racing over the last two years have been the German driver Timo Glok and Jerome d’Ambrosio from Belgium.

Banbury is also the base for one of the world’s biggest motorsport technology specialists, Prodrive.  They not only design and manufacture but also race cars for makes like Subaru, Aston Martin and Ford.

The Formula Fast Karting Centre is also located in Banbury.  It was designed by Formula One racing engineers and is open to the public as well as used for training of competing karting drivers in the UK.

Banbury’s famous residents
The chef Gordon Ramsay who was born in Scotland, moved with his family to Stratford on Avon and later to Banbury where he was educated.  Ramsay pursued a career in football playing for Warwickshire at the age of 12.  Later he tried out for Rangers but a damaged cartilage ended his football ‘career’.  With an interest in cooking already showing, Ramsay pursued a Hotel Management course at the North Oxfordshire Technical College in Banbury and the rest as they say, is history.

Anthony Burgess famous author (A Clockwork Orange) taught at Banbury Grammar School.  Only three years ago The Times placed Burgess at no 17 in their list of 50 best writers since 1945.

Comedian Larry Grayson was born here; he started out in ‘variety’ and didn’t become famous until much later.  He was the host of The Generation Game from 1978 to its close in 1982 and he became famous for his phrases ‘Shut that door’ and ‘What a gay day’.

Glam rock star Gary Glitter now a convicted paedophile was also born in Banbury.

Sir Alan Lloyd Hodgkin, the Nobel prize winner for  physiology or medicine along with Andrew Huxley and John Eccles was also born in Banbury.

The Irish football referee Dermot Gallagher has made Banbury his home.

Our short tour of Banbury has come to an end.  We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look around.
Remember if you are looking for a stairlift or any other equipment to aid you mobility, please get in touch with Castle Comfort Stair Lifts – we’ll help you find the answers.  You can call us on 01865 477 004.

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  1. Ride a fine stairlift to a Banbury bedroom - a modern answer to a basic need !

  2. Do you have showroom where I can try this stairlifts?

  3. In Oxford not yet. If stairlift business continues to increase in Oxfordshire we'll be opening full retail premises there. We have installed many chairlifts near you recently and if you let me know where you live, I'll arrange for you to go and try one. Many of our clients actually offer this and are pleased to show visitors their 'new vehicle' Also - you are about an hour and a half's motorway drive from our stairlift showhouse at Wolstanton - north of Birmingham - so pop up and see us!


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