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Stairlifts Didcot – Oxfordshire Stairlifts

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Stairlifts Didcot – Stairlifts Oxfordshire

The once sleepy village of Didcot in Oxfordshire has grown some.  Now Didcot is far bigger than all the surrounding villages and is a hub for atomic scientific research.

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Yes there is a plethora of scientific laboratories in the area.  The United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) have their base at nearby Culham; the UKAEA is a government research body which has been responsible for the UK’s nuclear programme both civilian and military since it was opened in the 1950’s.  However, since the 1970’s its functions have been reduced.

Harwell Laboratory, the Science and Technology Facility which explores particle and nuclear physics, space science and astronomy is based at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory at Harwell in Chilton, the Diamond Light Source also based at Chiltern is the science facility for the country’s synchrotron science.

Synchrotron science produces an intense beam of light which is used in many areas of science including investigating intricate properties of protein and engineering components, in fan blade aero-engines and in conservation.  Famously it helped to conserve The Mary Rose, the flagship belonging to Henry VIII.

Henry VIII seems to be the forefather of stairlifts.  When he became so obese that his movement was extremely limited, he had his servants move him on a huge chair that they hauled his 30 stone weight around using a sort of block and tackle system.

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After all of the information about the scientific sites in Didcot, you won’t be surprised that they have a power station.  It uses coal, oil and natural gas to produce power for the national grid.  In 2003 it was voted the third worst eyesore in Britain by Country Life Magazine though some locals refer to the towers as ‘the cathedrals of the Vale’ – referencing the Vale of the White Horse of Uffington which we mentioned in an earlier blog about Abingdon.  Having noted that you may be surprised to know that the Power Station A building here won awards for its architecture!

Award winning writer Kit Wright who was educated at Oxford wrote ‘Ode to Didcot Power Station’ parodying the early romantic poets.

Nearby villages and towns
Surrounding villages include Chilton, Culham, Little Wittenham, Long Wittenham and Dorchester-on-Thames.  Chilton not only hosts Harwell Laboratory but can also boast Grim’s Ditch part of an old earth works attributed to the Iron Age settlement of the area.

Grim’s Ditch forms part of The Ridgeway National Trail which is described as Britain’s oldest road.  It follows a chalk ridge for 87 miles covering parts of Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

The long established village of Dorchester-on-Thames has existed here since Neolithic times.  The Norman Dorchester Abbey is its main attraction these days.  Saint Birinus and Wulfrig two previous Bishops of Dorchester are buried here.

Dorchester-on-Thames’ famous people
Jonty Hearnden the antiques expert and TV presenter was brought up here and retired footballer and football manager Mark Wright was born in Dorchester-on-Thames and started his career playing for Oxford United.

The market town of Wallingford is close-by; one of its claims to fame is being the location for a Midsomer Murders episode!  Other attractions include Wallingford Castle, Wallingford Priory and the Cholsley and Wallingford Steam Railway which still runs on selected dates usually weekends and bank holidays, but disappointingly pulled by diesel engines.

Didcot’s finest
William Bradbery who was born in Didcot in the 18th century was the first person in the UK to grow watercress commercially.  He moved to Kent after his marriage and it is there that he began.  Bradbery gets a mention in an article for the London Horticultural Society saying that Bradbery was cultivating watercress for the London markets at a site near Gravesend.  He had placed young plants in the shallow running water at the nursery with ‘a small proportion of wet earth’; he found that they spread like wild fire over the water.

Wallingford’s rich and famous
Writer Agatha Christie lived in Wallingford after her second marriage.  Christie’s catalogue of well known plays is long but she may be best remembered for the Hercule Poirot mysteries – all 33 novels and 54 short stories - which have been captured so well by David Suchet in the TV series.  All of the novels have been turned into films with Murder on the Orient Express perhaps the most memorable.

Author Jerome K Jerome (Three Men in a Boat) lived near Wallingford.  It is also the home of comedian and writer Charlie Brooker known for his shows Screenswipe, Gameswipe and Newswipe all on BBC Four.  Actress Dulcie Grey went to school here.

Wallingford is also the home of sculptor John Buckley who is best known for his untitled sculpture of a shark impaled in the roof of a house in Oxford.

Interesting statistic
In the last census the average lifespan for men and women in the UK was listed as 67 and 68.8 respectively.  Citizens of Didcot however could expect to exceed this with an average life expectancy of 86 healthy years!

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