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Stairlifts Limerick - Stairlifts Ireland

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Stairlifts Limerick – Stairlifts Ireland

Continuing our tour of cities that are served by Castle Comfort Stair Lifts, we arrive in Limerick on the western side of Ireland.

If you are lucky enough to live in this part of the country or have relatives who do then you’ll be pleased that Castle Comfort Stair Lifts can assist with all queries and supplies of stairlifts or other mobility products.

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Limerick sits at the top of the estuary of the River Shannon and was originally known as King’s Island in pre Viking and Viking days.  When the Normans arrived they redesigned much of the city including building King John’s Castle and St Mary’s Cathedral both of which still dominate today.

Limerick attracts tourists and is served by nearby Shannon Airport.  King John’s Castle and St Mary’s Cathedral are two of the main attractions though there is still plenty to be enjoyed besides these two ancient monuments.

Hunt Museum is housed in the old customs house and contains a collection of antiques collected by dealers John and Gertrude Hunt.  To interest tourists there are several seasonal tours  – boat tours on the River Shannon, an historical walking tour and an Angela’s Ashes walking tour around the places mentioned in Franck McCourt’s famous novel.  And don’t forget St John’s Cathedral, it has the tallest spire in Ireland.

There are two sides to Limerick, the old English on the southern end of King’s Island where you can find King John’s Castle and St Mary’s Cathedral and the Irish town on the southbank which is home to older streets and the new economic district, Newton Pery.

If you’re staying over, there’s lots of places to find a bed and there’s a good night life.

It’s hard to think of Limerick without considering the humorous verses of the same name.  The links to Limerick the city are tenuous but it is widely believed there is some connection.  Of course they may derive from an earlier form of nonsense poems.

In a limerick the first two and the last (fifth) lines rhyme and the third and fourth lines rhyme.  Here’s an example:

A clumsy young fellow named Tim
There once was a fellow named Tim
Whose dad never taught him to swim.
He fell off a dock
And sunk like a rock.
And that was the end of him.

Or take a look at a limerick penned by Castle Comfort Stair Lifts – just follow this link.

This form of verse was popularised by Edward Lear in the 19th century although he never referred to the verses as limericks.

Famous residents or one-time residents
·         Eamon de Valera, 3rd President of Ireland and founder of the Fianna Fail party is from Limerick as is the current President Michael D Higgins.

·         Richard Harris actor (A Man Called Horse, Unforgiven and Prof Dumbledore in first 2 Harry Potters) was born in Limerick

·         Successful indie band, The Cranberries – very festively named – were formed in Limerick

·         The Rubbberbandits, a hip-hop comedy duo are from Limerick – they are an award winning satirical stage and TV act

·         Comedian Jimmy Carr’s parents hail from Limerick; his father is a self-made millionaire

·         Composer Bill Whelan famous for Riverdance was  born in Limerick; he’s worked with a number of well-known musicians including Van Morrison, U2, The Dubliners, Kate Bush and Richard Harris

·         Broadcaster Sir Terry Wogan also claims Limerick as his home town

·         Limerick is the setting for Frank McCourt’s memoir Angela’s Ashes; although born in Brooklyn, McCourt returned to Limerick his mother’s home town with the family whilst still a youngster

·         Malachy McCourt, Frank’s older brother stood for the Green Party Candidate for governor of New York State in 2006

·         Liverpool soccer player Steve Finnan comes from Limerick; Irish rugby player Jerry Flannery and rugby player Keith Earls too.  Another rugby aficionado, Marcus Horan was educated in Limerick ... Rugby is played at all levels in Limerick.

·         Hurling, the national sport of Ireland which has been played for at least 3,000 years is still a popular Gaelic sport which boasts players Cairan Carey, Eamonn Cregan (who also plays soccer), Eamonn Grimes, Pat Hartigan, Gary Kirby, Johnny Mackey and Mick Mackey all from the Limerick area.

All from Limerick
Pioneering surgeon Sylvester O’Halloran was from Limerick and has one of the River Shannon’s bridges named after him; William Brooke O’Shaunessy introduced the use of cannabis as a therapeutic drug to Western Medicine; rebels Cornelius aka Conn Colbert and Michael Colivet, an Irish Sinn Fein politician during the 1916 uprising and Sean South leader of the IRA who was killed in action in 1957.

Mary Jane Kelly also known as Black Mary from Limerick is thought to be the final victim of Jack the Ripper.

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