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Stairlifts Waterford - Ireland Stairlifts

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Stairlifts Waterford, Ireland Stairlifts

Here we are in Waterford. The ‘untaken city’ in the south east of Ireland.  Here Castle Comfort Stair Lifts can offer top brands of stairlifts at fair and competitive prices.  We can install in no time at all and offer you a guarantee for our workmanship.

So if you or a loved one in Waterford is looking for a stairlift, look no further, Castle Comfort Stair Lifts can advise, assess, supply and install.  Just give us a call on 021 236 3222 .

Just a little history
Waterford is the oldest city in Ireland from a Viking settlement in the 9th century; it sits at the top of Waterford Harbour.  The city’s motto is ‘Waterford remains the untaken city’ which was granted by Henry VII at the end of the 15th century.

Waterford underwent two sieges during the Cromwellian invasion and conquest of Ireland, withstanding the first and surrendering in the second.

With its colourful history it is not surprising that the city is home to several buildings of note.  Reginald’s Tower is the most recognisable landmark in Waterford and is the oldest civic building in Ireland and still uses its original Viking name.  Reginald’s Tower is thought to be the first building in Ireland to use mortar.

The Viking Triangle in the centre of the city is home to several landmarks including Reginald’s Tower, now a civic museum.  Other buildings of note in this area include Christchurch Cathedral, The Theatre Royal and the House of Waterford Crystal as well as two new museums.

Waterford’s oldest pub is T & H Doolans in George’s Street just outside the Viking Triangle.  Officially it has been serving alcohol to the public for 300 years though the premises are thought to have been open for longer, 500 years.  One of the original City Walls forms part of the public house and is thought to be at least 1,000 years old.  It can still be seen in the lounge area of the pub.

The port of Waterford has been a major Irish port for more than a millennium.  It was home to Neptune Shipyard in the 19th century when they built and operated the biggest fleet of iron steamers in the world including 5 trans-Atlantic passenger liners.

Waterford Crystal
Waterford is perhaps most famous for Waterford Crystal which was manufactured here from the late 18th century until 2009 when it was shut down after Waterford Wedgewood plc went bust.  Production then moved to Europe leaving behind some allegedly very disgruntled and poorly treated staff.

Today though Waterford makes the most of its legacy.  It is home to the largest Waterford Crystal shop in the world at the visitor centre which also offers tours and shows how the glass is made.  The retail showroom houses the largest collection of Waterford Crystal anywhere.

What about you?
Are you making the most of your legacy?  Can you make the most of it?  Do you need help getting around your castle?  If so, please get in touch with Castle Comfort Stair Lifts for advice on which stairlift to buy: Straight, Curved or Perch for those who find sitting difficult.  We have new or reconditioned versions of straight or curved stairlifts; we can supply extra wide seating lifts and weight-bearing can be upgraded to 30 stone.  Stairlifts can be mains powered or battery operated.  Talk to us about which will be best for you and your budget and remember we can install in as little as an hour.

Call us on  021 236 3222  for more information.

St Patrick’s Day Parade
Like all Irish cities St Patrick’s Day is celebrated well.  Waterford is no different.  They celebrate every year – 17 March in 2012 – with a parade led by a guest Grand Marshall.  Next year, the parade will follow its usual route along the Quays and The Mall starting at 1p.m.  There will be a special viewing area in the Mall for those who are less mobile.

As well as the floats there will be entertainment including face painting, Irish dancing, a live band in John Roberts Square and artisan food on sale in the City Market.  Sounds like fun for everyone.

Who do you know from Waterford?

Poet Sean Dunne was born in Waterford in 1956.  He edited a number of collections as well as publishing his own.  He died of a heart complain in 1995.  In his memory Waterford has inaugurated the Sean Dunne Writers Festival, the first of which took place in 2009.

French poet Laetitia Marie Wyse Bonaparte was born in Waterford to Lucien Bonaparte.  She was educated and lived in France most of her life.  She is a cousin of Napoleon III.

Irish-English singer and songwriter Gilbert O’Sullivan was born in Waterford; his real name is Raymond Edward O’Sullivan.  He is best known for hits such as Alone Again (Naturally), Clair and Get Down.

Professional footballer John O’Shea grew up in Waterford.  O’Shea used to play for Manchester United and now plays for Sunderland.

Ending our short tour of Waterford, we would just like to remind you that Castle Comfort Stair Lifts offer our services to those in this area.  Advice, price comparisons, installations and even advice on grants for those of you who’d like some help with your purchase.

Give us a call now on  021 236 3222  to find out about all our services and mobility aids.

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