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Stairlifts Bracknell – Stairlifts Berkshire

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Stairlifts Bracknell – Stairlifts Berkshire

Where are we today?  Remember the original James Bond film starring David Niven where he was being chased by a remote controlled milk float?  That was Bracknell in the mid-sixties - there were some great aerial shots of the town.

That’s where we are today, Bracknell in Berkshire, just 28 miles west of central London and 11 miles south east from Reading where we started our tour of Berkshire.

With a retired population of just under 10,000, Bracknell residents will be glad to see Castle Comfort Stair Lifts paying a visit.  National statistics reckon that 2.6% of the retired population – that’s 253 in Bracknell who already own a stairlift – which is where we come in.  If you are in need of a stairlift to give you access to your whole house or if you have a stairlift that needs upgrading, then please contact our local office to see how we can help.  Please give us a call on  01865 477 004 .

All about Bracknell
Although Bracknell has been here since the 10th century it was only designated a ‘new town’ in 1949.  With its proximity to London it was one of a number of towns that would take overspill and encourage industry to the area.  The government plans of the post-war era, expected Bracknell’s population to grow to some 25,000; it’s rather exceeded expectations with a population of more than double that now.

Bracknell’s major industry in the first half of the last century was the manufacture of bricks.  Sir Thomas Lawrence’s Brickworks made ‘red rubber’ bricks which have been used in some iconic buildings such as Westminster Abbey, Hampton Court Palace, the Royal Albert Hall and 10 Downing Street.

However most of the manufacturing industries have closed down now – even the Met office has relocated to Exeter in the south west - and ‘high-tech’ industries are the ones that have moved in.  Electrical, digital communications and IT seem to dominate now: Panasonic, Fujitsu, Siemens, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Cable & Wireless, Avnet Technology Solutions, Microsoft and more.  Bracknell is also the home to the HQs of Waitrose and the UK BMW Group.

Fascinating facts
In 1723 a troop of mounted Grenadier Guards took local trouble-makers, the Wokingham Blacks to task in a pitched battle in the town.

The town has a number of surviving old pubs: the Old Manor complete with priest holes, the Red Lion and the Bull.  All are timber framed and date back to the 17th/18th century.

Next door to the Old Manor pub once stood the Hind Head Coaching Inn where it is believed the famous highwayman Dick Turpin used to drink.  Underground tunnels between the buildings are believed to have given Dick Turpin an escape route should the authorities have discovered his whereabouts.

In the southern suburb, Birch Hill, you’ll find South Hill Park, a mansion owned by a variety of dignitaries over the years.  It eventually came into the hands of the local council who turned it into an arts centre in the 1970’s.  Before that time, it is believed that Oscar Wilde wrote The Selfish Giant whilst in the gardens.  Later he named one of his characters in The Importance of Being Ernest – Mrs Bracknell.

In nearby Windsor Forest on the edge of Bracknell, is Easthampstead Park, now a Victorian Mansion but originally a medieval hunting lodge used by Henry VIII.  It is where his first wife Catherine of Aragon was banished when the king’s affections wandered to Anne Boleyn.  Catherine lived there awaiting news of her threatened divorce.

I’m sure you all know of Henry VIII’s connection with stairlifts.  As he aged and after a jousting injury that he never fully recovered from this very famous King of England acquired considerable weight – up to 30 stone.  Maybe something to do with those 32 course dinners?  His injury and great weight made it impossible to get up and down the stairs at his palaces, Hampton Court, Greenwich and Whitehall and so a ‘stairlift’ of sorts was invented based on a block and tackle method.

More recently an American engineer, Mr Crispen invented a stairlift for a friend who had suffered polio and didn’t have the use of his legs.  The stairlift was called the inclinator.

Castle Comfort Stair Lifts can offer you something far more sophisticated whatever the condition that has caused you to lose mobility.  We have straight, curved, perch and reconditioned stairlifts to choose from – please give us a call on  01865 477 004  to discuss which is best for you and to give you great stairlifts prices.

Media connections
Did you know about Bracknell’s famous connections?  Many TV shows and films have used Bracknell as a backdrop:

·         Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone at Martins Heron and Time Bandits at Birch Hill

·         Pie in the Sky (TV detective series) called Bracknell Laxton and scenes of the exterior of the police HQ in the series were shot in Waterside Park

·         Psychological thriller The Offence starring Sean Connery and Ian Bannan was filmed in Bracknell with many scenes of the town and surrounding areas

·         Connerys character’s flat was filmed in the listed building Point Royal

·         Bracknell features in two PlayStation 3 games: Resistance: Fall of Man and the sequel Resistance 2

Famous residents or visitors
·         Queen Victoria stopped at a Bracknell Inn to change her horses but never actually alighted the carriage

·         Actress Dani Harmer who played Tracy Beaker in the TV series was born here

Most other famous residents live nearby either between Bracknell and Ascot or in Ascot itself which is mere 4 miles away:

·         It’s the home of Sarah, Duchess of York mother of Princess Beatrice and Eugenie, ex footballer and manager Glenn Hoddle, swimmers Sharron Davies, Sarah Hardcastle and David Wilkie

·         Kate Bush went to school in the area

·         Ascot is also home for Brian May and Anita Dobson, Gary Lineker, Chris Evans, Rolf Harris and Marti Pellow of Wet, Wet, Wet

If you’re not as nimble as Anita Dobson proved in Strictly Come Dancing but would like to be able to dash up the stairs like her, let us help!

We may not be able to give you back your dancing legs but as national agents for all stairlift manufacturers we are in the perfect position to recommend the right one for you with absolutely no bias.  Have you watched the video that our founder Keith has made?  If not take a look now and then, please get it touch with us for advice, no heavy selling here!

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Castle Comfort Stairlifts look forward to hearing from you on  01865 477 004 .

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