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Stairlifts Bristol – Stairlifts Avon

Hello Bristolians, we’re heading your way today.  We know there’s a lot of you there – almost half a million in the city and over a million when you include the surrounding urban districts - in this important city in the south west.

If you are looking for a stairlift for yourself or a loved one, look no further.  Castle Comfort Stair Lifts at your service.  We offer full coverage in the area and are happy to help you with your search.  As national agents for all stairlift manufacturers we are well placed to do just that in a completely unbiased way.

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The City of Bristol
The city is bordered by the counties Somerset and Gloucester.  The cities of Bath and Gloucester are 13 miles and 48 miles away respectively.

Historically there has been a settlement in the area for at least 60,000 years; Iron Age forts have been found around the area as have Roman villas and forts.  The actual town formed around ‘the place of the bridge’ seems to have been founded around 1,000 AD and became an important trading area and port.  Through the medieval period Bristol was one of England’s largest three towns after London and this didn’t change until the Industrial Revolution.

By the 15th century it was the second largest trading port in the country and saw many important voyages start from here for the New World, America.

The docks have moved down river from where they were originally built.  The River Avon flows into the Severn Estuary at Avonmouth just below Bristol which is where the docks can now be found.  The Avon rises near Bath and flows through limestone to reach Bristol forming the Avon Gorge on the western side of the city which has protected Bristol Harbour.  Landmark Clifton Suspension Bridge crosses the Gorge.  Limestone has been quarried to build houses in the city.

Bristol industries
With its history as a trading port, Bristol has always been connected with the sea and trading.  In more recent times it has also been reliant on the aerospace industry with production at Filton which played a big part in the Anglo-French Concorde project and Patchway, the media, IT, financial services and tourism.

Aardman Animation
This studio is responsible for some our favourite home-grown animations.  Aardman created the simple clay figure Morph for Take Hart and also produced the animation for Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer video.  The animation is technically known as clay/stop-motion animation.

Creature Comforts a series of short animated films about animals in a zoo and the basis for later ads won an Oscar.  The Wallace and Gromit films followed including A Grand Day Out, The Wrong Trousers, A Close Shave, Chicken Run and The Curse of the Were Rabbit.  All the Wallace and Gromit characters are modelled from clay and the films are known for the great comic and ‘mechanical’ inventions.  Peter Sallis cleverly brings Wallace to life; Gromit relies on his silence!  Several of the films have been awarded Academy Awards.

There has even been a Wallace and Gromit Exhibition at the Science Museum in London.

Wallace has invented his own contraptions to make life easier, one that gets him out of bed and drops him into his trousers in the morning, one that makes his cup of tea, toast and boiled egg and one that even puts his slippers on!  If you think a little help is in order, why not get in touch with Castle Comfort Stair Lifts to see how inventive they can be?

We can’t promise contraptions for everything but we can surely get you up and down those stairs on one of our stairlifts!   We can help you assess which type of stairlift is the most suitable for you – once agreed we can usually install within 1 hour.  That’s pretty good don’t you think?

With one of our stairlifts, you’ll be pleased with your own ‘creature comforts’!  Give us a call to discuss on  01179 059 177.

Who do you know from Bristol?
What about:
Nick Parks – director of the Wallace and Gromit films
Peter Lord and David Sproxton, founders of Aardman Animation
Bristol musicians Massive Attack, Tricky, Portishead and from a different era, Bananarama

Graduates from the University of Bristol include some well known showbiz names: Derren Brown, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, Matt Lucas and David Walliams

Whilst many well known actors have learnt their craft at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School: Patrick Stewart, Jane Lapatoire, Pete Postlethwaite, Jeremy Irons, Greta Scacchi, Miranda Richardson, Helen Baxendale, Daniel Day Lewis and Gene Wilder.

John Cleese was a pupil at Clifton College and actor David Prowse who played Darth Vader in Star Wars went to Bristol grammar School.

Cary Grant was born in Bristol in 1904 as Archibald Alexander Leach.  He went to Hollywood and the rest is history as they say

Michael Redgrave, father of Vanessa, Corin and Lynn was also born in Bristol and went on to have a celebrated career on the English stage and in film
Leading National Theatre actor Robert Stephens was also born in Bristol
As was Stephen Merchant who started his career as a stand up comedian and then presented a radio show with Ricky Gervais; after that their television partnership in The Office is probably what he is best known for
Another Bristolian is Kevin McNally probably best known for his role as Joshamee Gibbs in the Pirates of the Caribbean films

Graffiti artist Banksy was born and started his ‘work’ in Bristol
Comedian Justin Lee Collins is a Bristolian
Lee Evans, the Perrier Award winning stand up comedian hails from Bristol too

What a lot of you there are!

If your days of ‘stand-up’ are becoming less and less, let Castle Comfort Stair Lifts help you choose a stairlift.  There are grants and 0% finance options if money is an issue.  Our website comparisons can help you see and compare which stairlifts take heavy weights or are priced more competitively.  Don’t forget we have reconditioned versions too.

Take some time to call us on  01179 059 177  and discuss your needs, we know you won’t regret it.


  1. Your Bristol stairlifts blog mentions BRISTOLIANS or should it be BRISTOLITES?

  2. I have a friend in Bristol who had a stairlift many years ago before you started in business. It is very old one but still works (a Stannah -I think it is called) May be she will come to you when wanted to part exchange it for an new one. Do you part-ex stairlifts?
    Also from from your rolling total - how many retired people are there in Bristol - and how many have stairlifts?


  3. Wallace (from Wallace & Gromit) should use a stairlift due to being made from so much clay and plastercine-
    Seriously though, theses access products really help - and can give a much easier life wherever you are in the UK, especially such a beautiful city such as Bristol. Anyone there with a problem in the Avon/Wiltshire area climbing stairs, might think about contacting Castle Comfort Stairlifts Ltd.

  4. How many stairlifts are there installed in Bristol?


  5. Very nice description of the city - and its history. It interestingly takes into account that help is available to provide stairlifts in Bristol, especially for the older people in our homes wishing to stay forever in their homes.

    Good job, as ever Castle Comfort Stairlifts Ltd


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