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Stairlifts Salisbury - Wiltshire Stairlifts

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Stairlifts Salisbury – Stairlifts Wiltshire

Today we are visiting Salisbury in south east Wiltshire. Salisbury is built on the edge of Salisbury Plain on water meadows where 5 rivers converge.  The Nadder, the Ebble, the Wylye and the Bourne all feed into the Avon which flows out to sea at Christchurch in Dorset.

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More about Salisbury
Despite its 5 rivers, Salisbury isn’t unnecessarily wet!  In fact it gets more sunshine than many, clocking up 1650 hours a year.

Salisbury the city as it stands today has only existed since 1220 and is technically New Sarum though it is rarely referred to by that name.  Previously it was called Old Sarum, the ruins of which can still be visited today;  Old Sarum is thought to have existed since Neolithic times; during the Iron Age a hill top fort was built there and a Cathedral during  11th century.

In 1220 after some disagreements between the clergy and the military it was decided to move the city and the cathedral to the watery meadows below.

Legend has it that an arrow was shot and the cathedral built where it landed.  As that was some 1.9 miles away, this is unlikely.  Continuation of the legend says that the arrow landed in a white deer and the cathedral is built on the spot where the deer died.

New Sarum was built on a water meadow known as ‘Merrifield’; work started on the town in 1220 setting the town out in a grid system which is still obvious in the city centre today.  The following year work on the Cathedral started.

Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral’s spire can be seen from all roads as you enter the city, it is something of a landmark and this iconic building and other historic features of the town attract some 500,000 tourists every year.

The Cathedral was built under the direction Bishop Richard Poore in just 38 years to build.  Because the water table in the meadows is high, the Cathedral’s foundations are only 4 feet deep and on a gravel base which allows for some movement in the wind!  The spire was added some years later in 1320; it is 404 feet tall making it the highest spire in the country.

The spire added an extra 6,500 tonnes to the building and it is only due to strengthening works carried out over the centuries that the spire still stands today.

The Cathedral houses the oldest mechanical clock still working in the country and one of the 4 remaining copies of the Magna Carta.

The Cathedral has as many windows as days of the year (365) and as many marble pillars as hours in the year (8,760).  The walls of the original close still stand today.  The gates are closed every night at 10.30 only allowing access to residents of the Close.

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The wonder of Stonehenge
Just 8 miles north of Salisbury stands the prehistoric monument Stonehenge which is thought to date back to between 3000 and 2000 BC.  Some of the stones were brought from as far away as Pembrokeshire in Wales some 140 miles away.  It is thought that these bluestones from Wales were brought overland on wooden rollers.  Other stones came from about 20 miles away but were even larger than the blue stones.

Its original use or function is debateable.  Suggestions include a burial ground – burial mounds have been found – a place of worship, a place of healing.  The Druids still gather there for Summer Solstice to see the sun rise between the stones.

Stonehenge is a World Heritage site.

Markets and fairs
As a market town Salisbury has markets selling a range of products every Tuesday and Saturday, a farmers’ market (1st and 3rd Wednesday every month) and a French market (twice a year in May and September), so there’s always something new to see.

Every October a funfair comes to the city for three days which turns the market square into a music filled hub of fun!

At one time Salisbury also had more than 100 public houses within the city boundaries; that figure is now down to 44.  The oldest pub in the city is the Rai d’Or meaning a ray of golden light; it reverted to the name it was known as in the Middle Ages when it was a brothel!  It dates from the 13th century when it was built to ‘service the needs’ of the men building the Cathedral.

People you might ‘know’ from Salisbury

Christopher Biggins who comes from Salisbury was winner of I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here 2007 and is well known for roles in various TV shows and films.

Author William Golding lived in a village just outside Salisbury at one time.  He won the Nobel Prize for Literature and is probably best known for his novel Lord of the Flies.  He wrote many other novels including The Spire about the men who built the spire at Salisbury Cathedral.

The German composer Handel visited the city writing several pieces whilst there.

Charles II held court in the Cathedral Close during the Great Plague of London.

John Constable visited Salisbury in 1811 and was inspired by the Cathedral and the landscape.  His famous painting of Salisbury Cathedral was commissioned by John Fisher, Bishop of Salisbury at the time.

In more modern times Phil Harding of the Time Team lives in Salisbury working for Wessex Archaeology when he isn’t filming.

Salisbury famously featured in several of Thomas Hardy’s novels as Melchester; Edward Rutherford wrote about the city’s history in Sarum; Charles Dickens gives an account of Salisbury Market in Martin Chuzzlewit.

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  1. Some fantastic people emanate from Salisbury- William Golding's Lord of the Flies left a lasting impression on me as a youngster. Handel composed some of my favourite music and I read every Thomas Hardy book I could lay my hands on in my youth - so maybe as old age beckons I should look to Stairlift Salisbury to help me get to bed to read !

  2. Salisbury in the area of Wiltshire makes me recall to Lanzarote, lots of sun during the year, Keith can say. But if, in addition to enjoy the beautiful sun, why not enjoy the convenience of the stairlifts, give more freedom at an affordable price. Good job

  3. Handel from Salisbury would be proud if he thought that his masterpieces were as useful and tiemless as a good stairlift!

  4. Handel had good taste.
    He stayed in beautiful Salisbury to write a few pieces - he convalesced in Aachen (a gorgeous German spa town)- and he no doubt would have chosen a sleek stairlift from Castle Comfort Stairlifts.


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