Thursday 9 December 2010

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This blog is part of a series from Castle Comfort Stairlifts that profiles the areas we serve and where our stairlifts offices are plus facts about the region. Also we will give you links to stairlift information or frequently asked questions about stairlifts to guide you in making the best decision for your family.

Liverpool and the wider Merseyside region has had more of our satisfied stairlifts customers in it than even London has had.

As our little stairlifts company has grown over the past 12 years to become a regional North West and Midlands family favourite, we've now reached the point where we have served our thousandth csutomer for Liverpool stairlifts..

Being nearby city neighbours (as in Stoke-on-Trent where the HQ of Castle Comfort is based)we are only 40 minutes away from each other. We even have local stairlifts engineers who can speak both the Scouse lingo or Potteries twang! Why not give us a call today while the number is to hand - it's 0151 676 2727.
In fact there's alot in common not least our mutual liking for lobby or lob scouse as they call it in Liverpool, and from where the origin of the name "Scouser" came from. A delicious meaty stew to warm you on a winters day.

The city itself has prospered originally as a port and at one time 40% of world trade came through here. The landmark buildings built at the time give the city an iconic quality and make it a world class city. It was the European City of Culture in 2008 and beat other city candidates including big cities like Bristol, Birmingham or Cardiff, which incidentally are all areas served by our regional stairlifts offices. If you type Castle Comfort Stairlifts + your city or county you'll get your local stairlift office or you can call freephone 0800 007 6959 to speak to someone from 8am-11pm.

You can't have a blog about Liverpool without talking about the football. If you search most cities on Google you will get the wikipedia entry for the city first and on Google images you get different photo's of the city landscape. Not in Liverpool it's the red club that's prominent here, and for more on that, the Everton blues and about Stoke City the Castle Comfort HQ's local club see the second Liverpool blog coming up in a few days.

The other notable feature of the city is that there are a host of entertainers from the city. Singers, musicians, comedians and performers abound. Check out this You tube clip of two Liverpool Legends that you and your parents will both know. And they're still popular today. In fact Ken, who is 83 now, is performing this weekend in Stoke at the Victoria Hall and he can still put on a good show for several hours straight. Enjoy this classic footage of Ken Dodd with the Beatles.

Have you heard this one? What do you get if you combine free impartial whole-of-market advice, 12 years of satisfied customers, 0% APR and an optional buyback scheme? No, it's not a joke - it's some of the risk-free reasons why a thousand others have chosen the Castle Comfort Group to get their family members mobility products. If you want a stairlift in Liverpool, Wirral or Widnes then call 0151 676 2727 to speak to Keith or Ann for your local quote.

Some more of Liverpools most famous performers are below:-

Elvis Costello

Cilla Black

Paul Mccartney
If you know of any more famous people from the area then let us know in the comments.

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  1. He Liverpool folk.. please send Ken Dodd back to Stoke to perform once more, he gets paid on the nail at the Victoria Hall after his show and if he's feeling those years he can get a stairlift!

  2. My favourite people from Liverpool were Ken Dodd's Diddymen.
    Can you get a Stairlift small enough for them to go down the Jam Butty Mines at Knotty Ash?

  3. That's the second stairlifts request today for a really unusual size and length of tack.
    Fernando Torres of Liverpool wants one with a track 898 miles long, so he can glide back to Madrid - though he may jump off it when passing Chelsea's ground to see what's brewing there.

    Suerte Fernadillo! que tengas un futuro con muchos goles.

  4. Nice to see the city of Liverpool didn't feature in any recent riot news. Either the folk there are far too intelligent (obvious) or many are of the age when they are thinking of stairlifts etc ... rather than looting!

  5. Well done at Wembley, Kenny D deserves a stairlift. discount in 25 years
    when he retires withy a ruck of trophies

  6. If I don't want to offend some of my football-mad friends can I get my stairlift upholstery in a red and blue stripe so that both the Evertonians and Liverpudlians can each like it?

  7. I think your stairlifts would benefit people with arthritis because I have at least three friends in Liverpool who suffer with this.

  8. Liverpool is a city that is known to have a rich cultural heritage. Its status as home of the Beatles makes that thousands of fans go to the city every year just to have a view of the city where the Beatles became a musical icon. But Liverpool is not the only one that can offer. It has modern buildings and a port of great interest. All this together with the passion for football and beer makes Liverpool is one of my favorite cities. And there is a stairlifts company for me when I get a bit wonky on the legs!


  9. There seem to be lots of stairlifts firms in the Liverpool area .. are there any manufacturers in Merseyside? - as we think perhaps the best prices are direct from the firms that produce them.

  10. The Beatles, the great wonder that Liverpool has to offer will go down in history and be the pride of the city. Memories of the Beatles are no doubt in evey home - even those of older folk, who may now have difficulty walking and climbing stairs. But with Castle Stairlifts fitting lots of their chair lift systems in Merseyside - all Liverpudlians maybe can sing - 'You'll never walk alone'


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