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Stairlifts Widnes – Stairlifts Cheshire

Entrepreneur John Hutchinson was referred to as the father of Widnes in Cheshire.  He gained this title because he built and opened the first chemical factory in 1847 which literally catapulted Widnes into existence.  Before this it had just been a number of smaller settlements.  From this start Widnes became the chemical capital of the UK as other factories sprung up.

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How it all began
As you’ll have gathered we are in Widnes in the county of Cheshire.  Widnes claims the northern bank of the Runcorn Gap opposite the town of Runcorn which we visited recently.  Like Runcorn, Widnes has a dock and access to the waterways and the railway which meant that all chemicals produced in this town were easily transportable both all over the UK but also overseas.

Though John Hutchinson started the whole chemical industry in Widnes at the tender age of 22, he didn’t stop at one factory; he went on to own several others and into partnership with other manufacturers too.  Other chemical plants grew up fronted by other entrepreneurs John McClelland, William Gossage, Frederick Muspratt, Holbrook Gaskell a local magistrate whose sister-in-law was the author Elizabeth Gaskell and Henry Deakin who at one time worked for Hutchinson.

Hutchinson manufactured Alkali used in the glass, textile, soap and paper industries for production, but a number of other substances were also produced in Widnes including soap, borax, soda ash, salt cake and bleaching powder.

All this industry whilst earning Widnes riches didn’t gain it any accolades, quite the opposite in fact.  In 1888 Widnes was claimed to be ‘the dirtiest, ugliest and most depressing town in England’ and later as ‘a poisonous hell-town’.

It did bring a lot of work to the area though and not only attracted workers from other parts of England but also from Ireland – many flocked to England looking for work during the potato famine – Wales, Poland and Lithuania.

Cleaning up
By the 1890’s the chemical production industry here was already in decline as more efficient production methods were developed in other places.  However, Widnes still has a big chemical industry to this day and over the last century as production methods have improved, the town has been ‘cleaned up’ and Widnes is looking better!

Spike Island, affectionately referred to as Spikey locally, is evidence of this.  This area in Widnes was the home to many of the factories so that it became a maze of abandoned and disused buildings used for production, railway lines, canal docks and industrial pollution all of which has now been reclaimed as woodland, wetlands and green space.

 One remaining old warehouse houses the only museum in the UK dedicated to the chemical industry, Catalyst Museum or the Catalyst Science Discovery Centre to give it its full title.

The building that houses the museum was originally known as Tower Building and was built by our old friend John Hutchinson for his factory office and later became the HQ of the Gossage Soap Production Factory.

What can you see at the museum?  Hands on scientific exhibits, an overview of the historical development of this industry and original documents and films.  There is also information about jobs and career opportunities within the industry and a glass observatory built on to the old building where you can not only view the surrounding landscape but also see exhibits dealing with the important topic of recycling.

Connections to notable people
Did you know that Spike Island hosted an outdoor concert for The Stone Roses in 1990?  Two members of this ‘Manchester’ band are Cheshire ‘boys’: Ian Brown lead singer was born in Warrington and John Squire in Altrincham.

Paul Simon is said to have penned Homeward Bound on Widnes Station.  A quote from Simon says, “If you know Widnes, ... you’ll understand how I was desperately trying to get back to London as quickly as possible.  Homeward Bound came out of that feeling.”

Maybe you can’t escape Widnes or maybe you need help to appreciate it more?  Castle Comfort Stair Lifts are here to do just that.  We hope this short arm chair tour helps you to appreciate this industrial town.

If you would like to talk to us about stairlifts or other aids, if you’d like advice on which type of stairlift is right for you and your budget, if we can help in any way, please give us a call on 0151 676 2727– don’t forget to watch our video for information too.

More did you knows:
· Mel C one of the pop group The Spice Girls went to school in Widnes

· Actor David Dawson acclaimed for playing Tony Warren in The BBC 4 production of the Road       to Coronation Street was born in Widnes and went to the same school as Mel C

· Professional snooker player Andrew Higginson comes from Widnes

· Physicist and Nobel Prize winner for his work on x-rays Charles Glover Barkler also hails from      here

· German chemist, Ludwig Mond came to Widnes during the industrial revolution, stayed and      took on British nationality; he worked with many of the other industrialists of the time and also formed the Society of Chemical Industries which still has its head quarters in Belgrave Square, London

You may not be as celebrated of any of these famous people but you still deserve some dignity to get around.  At Castle Comfort Stair Lifts we recognise this; our founder Keith who you watched in the video knows from personal experience how important it is to retain this for yourself or loved ones.

At Castle Comfort Stair Lifts we can not only help you source a suitable stairlift, be it brand new or reconditioned, we can even point you in the right direction to find grants to fund the purchase or to 0% finance to make buying your stairlift easy.

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  1. Ludwig Mond -a great German name- Are the same stairlifts available in Germany as in the UK ?

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