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Kirkaldy – Stairlifts Fife

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Stairlifts Kirkaldy – Stairlifts Fife

Kirkaldy is the biggest town in Fife with a population of almost 50,000.  Of these about 9,500 are retired and about 245 own stairlifts.

It’s a sad state that sometimes as we get older mobility becomes a problem, but thanks to Castle Comfort Stair Lifts this doesn’t have to be a major problem.  We can supply a range of stairlifts to fit your needs so that you or your loved one living in the area can regain their independence and get up and down those stairs safely.

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Big names from Kirkaldy
Adam Smith - Kirkaldy’s most famous son is Adam Smith also known as the ‘father of modern economics and capitalism’ following the publication of his The Wealth of Nations’, acknowledged as a ‘great work’.   Smith is still thought of as one of the most influential thinkers in economics today.

Smith was born in Kirkaldy and was a bright scholar, leaving for Glasgow University to study moral philosophy when he was 14.  He won a Snell Exhibition given annually to a student of Glasgow University to study at Balliol College Oxford.  Smith went on to teach at Glasgow University.  He was described as a typical and rather eccentric absent-minded professor.

Robert Adam - the 18th century architect and interior designer was also born in Kirkaldy though he was brought up in nearby Edinburgh.   He eventually took over his father’s architecture business and made both his brothers partners.  They developed the ‘Adams style’ of neoclassical design which included decorative motifs from classical Rome, pilasters, painted ornaments i.e. swags and ribbons, pastel colour schemes.  Their first big job as a partnership was for Hopetoun House near Queensferry.

Sandford Fleming - founded ‘standard time’ was also born in Kirkaldy.  As a young man he emigrated to Canada where he worked as a surveyor.  In 1876 he proposed that standard time was adopted i.e. a local time for cities in the various time zones.  It wasn’t until some 50+ years later that towns around the world accepted this standard time.

Liberal MP David Steel, The Lord Steel of Aikwood - was born here too.  Steel was leader of the Liberal Party until its merger with the Social Democrats Party in 1988; he has served as an MP and an MP for Scottish parliament and since 1997 he has been a member of the House of Lords.

Gordon Brown - who succeeded Tony Blair, was the Labour Prime Minister until 2010 when the coalition government gained powers and David Cameron became Prime Minister.

Industry in Kirkaldy
The harbour at Kirkaldy in the 16th century ensured that it was an important trading post.  The main regions traded with included the ‘Low Countries’ i.e. Belgium, The Netherlands and parts of Northern France and Western Germany as well as Luxemburg; the Baltic Region including Scandinavia, Russia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania; and England.

Salt, coal mining, nail making and linen were the most prominent industries in the area.  Yarn for the linen was imported from Germany.  The production of linen later developed into floor cloth production and eventually to linoleum manufacturing.  Linoleum production became the town’s biggest industry in the mid 20th century which also grew the local population.

Now the industry in the town is mainly either retail or service industries but linoleum is still produced here – though the operation is much smaller than in its heyday.

In 2011 the harbour reopened to cargo ships allowing Carr’s Flour Mills to import wheat for flour under an agreement between their parent company, Forth Ports and Transport for Scotland.

Kirkaldy Bay
The small sandy cove of Kirkaldy Bay faces onto the Forth of Firth.


The Links Market
Every year for a week around Easter, Kirkaldy holds the Links market.  It is reputedly the longest street market in Europe at almost one mile along the Esplanade.  It has a number of attractions including ‘thrill rides’, roller coasters and sideshows.

This is the legacy of the weekly market that was held here in the 14th century which was probably more of a trade and farmer’s market than it is today.

A little local history
Ravenscraig Castle - this ruined castle can be found just outside Kirkaldy.  It was built by James II for his wife Mary of Gueldres and also as a defence for the Firth of Forth and to some extent the harbour at Kirkaldy.  The castle was finished after the death of James II and was indeed Mary’s home until her death.  James III ‘swapped’ it for Kirkwall Castle and the Earldom of Orkney.

Kirkaldy Museum and Art Gallery - this museum and gallery which is currently closed for refurbishment is all tied up with the floor cloth industry.  It was donated by John Nairn son of manufacturer Michael Nairn and opened by John Blyth another cloth manufacturer and grandfather of Michael Portillo.

Wikipedia Source:Kilnburn

It houses a permanent exhibition of the town’s industrial heritage, paintings of the Scottish Colourists and famous local pottery, Wemyss Ware.  All worth seeing when it reopens in Spring 2013.

Sailor’s Walk - can be found on Kirkaldy’s High Street.  It is two 17th century houses with origins two centuries earlier.  These two houses were once four dwellings.

Wikipedia Source:user:kilnburn

Did you know?
Just a couple more famous folk with connections to Kirkaldy:
·         Actor Ewan McGregor studied drama at the Adam Smith College here
·         The Proclaimers also attended this college
·         The Danish children’s author, Hans Christian Anderson visited Kirkaldy

·         Base guitarist with Coldplay, Guy Berryman was born in Kirkaldy
·         Richard Park was the headmaster on the BBC’s Fame Academy.  He is also Chief Exec at Global Radio and was born in Kirkaldy
·         Author of The 39 Steps John Buchan grew up here
·         Artist Jack Vettriano was born in Methil, just 8 miles from Kirkaldy
·         Professional golfer Peter Whiteford is from Kirkaldy as is professional ice hockey player, Adam Walker
·         Footballer Colin Cameron currently playing for Cowdenbeath is from here
·         Kirkaldy is also home town to darts champion Jocky Wilson

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