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Stairlifts Dunfermline – Stairlifts Fife

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Stairlifts Dunfermline

Dunfermline sits on the northern side of the Firth of Forth about 3 miles from the shore.  There has been a settlement here since Stone Age times.  However it didn’t come into its own until the Bronze Age evidence of which has been found in the area including a bronze axe, a gold torc in the parish churchyard.  Bonze Age burials were also found nearby containing a bronze dagger, armlets and a necklace.  Nowadays it is the second largest town in Fife after Kirkaldy some 15 miles to the east.

Dunfermline is home to almost 46,500 people of whom about 9,000 are retired – and not all of them are the proud owners of Bronze Age treasures.  Although some of them might feel as old as that!!!  We know that about 235 of Dunfermline’s population already own stairlifts, that’s about 2.6% of the retired population, the national average.  It’s a sad fact that a small percentage of us will need help getting up and down the stairs as we get older.

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Royal connections
It is Dunfermline’s Royal connections that gained its first acknowledgement.  Malcolm III, King of Scotland married Saint Margaret in Dunfermline in the 11th century.  It was Margaret who established a new church in the town which was later given Abbey status under their son David I.

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Malcolm and Margaret had six sons and two daughters.  Three of the sons became kings of Scotland: Edgar of Scotland, Alexander I and David I.  Their daughter Edith who was also known as Matilda married Henry I of England whilst their daughter Mary married Eustace III of Boulogne.

Saint Margaret
Margaret was an English princess, Margaret of Wessex.  She was the sister of King Edgar and had been born in exile in Hungary.  Having returned to England, Margaret fled to Scotland when the Normans invaded.

Source;Public Domain
Margaret was responsible for many charitable works including establishing a ferry across the Firth of Forth so that pilgrims could visit the Abbey.  This gave South Queensferry and North Queensferry their names.

Margaret was canonised by Pope Innocent IV in 1250.  Her canonisation recognised her holy disposition and her work with the church to bring about reform and her charity work.  She was interred at Dunfermline Abbey but after the reformation her remains were lost.  Her feast day is now 16 November, the day of her death.

Dunfermline Abbey
The Abbey was established by Saint Margaret although in her and her husband Malcolm’s reign it was a church dedicated to the Holy Trinity.  It was their son David I who established the building as a Benedictine monastery dedicated to the Holy Trinity and his mother.  Today it is a Church of Scotland parish church.

In David’s time its first Abbot was Geoffrey of Canterbury.

Edward I of England held court here at the very beginning of the 14th century.  The building was burned when he left although not all of it was destroyed.  During the Scottish reformation in the middle of the 16th century much of the building was further destroyed.  Fortunately much of its infrastructure including the refectory, rooms above the Gatehouse and the nave remained intact.  A decade later repairs were made to the naive and this part served as a parish church until 19th century.  It is now included as part of the new parish church.

Royal connections
Today Dunfermline Abbey is a very important Scottish cultural site.  It is recognised as the mausoleum of Scotland's Kings and Queens.  There are more Royal figures buried here with only the exception of Iona.  The list reads like a Who’s Who of Scottish royalty:

Buried at Dunfermline Abbey
·         St Margaret of Scotland and Malcolm III

·         Duncan II and his wife Ethelreda

·         Donald III

·         Edgar of Scotland

·         Alexander I and his wife Sybilla de Normandy

·         David I and his Queen Maud

·         Malcolm IV

·         Alexander III and his wife Margaret of England

·         Elizabeth de Burgh wife of Robert I

·         Robert the Bruce was buried here

·         Matlida, daughter of Robert I

·         Annabella Drummond, wife of Robert II and mother of James I

Source:Public Domain

·         Birthplace of Charles I

Abbot House
Abbott House is just to the north of Dunfermline Abbey and is a Grade A listed building.  The heart of the building is 16th century in origin and is now a heritage centre showing Scotland’s history from early times right through to the 19th century.

Source: Wikipedia 

It is the oldest surviving building in Dunfermline and represents architectural changes from 16th – 20th centuries.  You can still see frescoed wall paintings from the 16th century and a 14th century tracery window.  Various historic specimens have been found in the gardens from pottery shards to coins.

Pittencrieff House
Another Grade A listed building, Pittencrieff house is now a museum.  Originally built in the 17th century, two of its bedrooms now form two long galleries for museum and art space.  A huge repair and refurbishment programme was only completed two years ago even restoring its original lime wash exterior.


Pittencrief Park which belonged to the house was bought by philanthropist and son of Dunfermline, Andrew Carnegie.  He donated it to the people of Dunfermline to enjoy at the same time as he established the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust for the local people.

Source:Wikipedia User:Kilnburn

The weaver’s cottage where Carnegie was born before his family upped-sticks and emigrated to America is now a museum.  You can see regular weaving demonstrations here.

Famous sons and daughters
·         Carnegie introduces us to the rich and famous of Dunfermline.  Carnegie who was born to a weaver in the town and as already mentioned emigrated with his family to the US.  Carnegie made his money in steel and became a philanthropist in later life wanting to give his fortune back to encourage learning and education.  He donated $10 million to Scottish universities and more to a number of US universities as well as setting up trust funds and libraries

·         Ballet dancer Moira Shearer was born in Dunfermline.  She danced with Sadler’s Wells and became famous for her role in the film The Red Shoes

·         Fiction and Si-Fi author Iain Banks and Ian M Banks are one and the same.  He was born in Dunfermline and now lives in Queensferry.  Banks has published some 29 books and contributed to others

·         Another home-grown talent is the singer and actress Barbara Dickson

·         Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull was born in Dunfermline though he grew up in Blackpool

·         TV presenter Sheena McDonald, TV and film actor Kenneth Cranham, singer with the band Nazareth, Dan McCafferty, Stuart Adamson front man with Big Country

·         Retired footballer Alan Hay, another footballer the late Alex McIntosh, the late Harry Lind a Scottish International Rugby player

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