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Stairlifts Stirling

Stirling Castle sits majestically on a craggy rock above the city of Stirling, once the capital of Scotland and the Castle was home of the Royal Stewarts.

Stirling itself sits on the boundary between the Scottish Highlands and the Lowlands.  It has been known as the ‘Gateway to the Highlands’ through history and also as the ‘brooch’ which keeps these two areas together.

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Stirling’s History
The first settlement here dates back to the Stone Age and by Roman times, it was important because of its geographical position.  But Stirling is probably best known for the Wars of Scottish Independence in the 13th century.  The Battle of Stirling Bridge (nearby) where William Wallace a national hero, out-witted the English Army which had many more troops than he had at his command.

Source:Public domain

William Wallace is the inspiration for the film Braveheart.  There is now a monument to William Wallace in Stirling.  You can climb to the top – 247 steps - to see amazing views both across the town and to the Ochil Hills and beyond.  Inside the Monument you can listen to William Wallace’s trial by the English King Edward I which resulted in Wallace’s execution.

And it was here about a century later that Robert the Bruce won independence for Scotland at the Battle of Bannockburn.

Walking through Stirling’s Old Town is like a history tour in itself!   Overlooking the main street in the city, Broad Street is:
·         The Tolbooth which was Stirling’s original administrative centre and sight of public executions until the middle of the 19th century

·         Find Mar’s Wark at the top of the street which was the imposing home of the Regent of Scotland

·         A restored nobleman’s townhouse and The Guildhall both dating back to the mid 17th century

·         The 15th century Church of the Holy Rude where King James VI was crowned

Source:Public domain

·         See some of the oldest headstones in Britain in the cemetery next door

·         Find Stirling’s Old Town Jail beneath the castle where you can visit the thick-walled cells and learn about former inmates

·         Visit Stirling Old Bridge in the centre of Stirling which crosses the River Forth to see where William Wallace carried out his great feat.  You can still just see the submerged wooden pillars of an earlier bridge

·         Find Cambuskenneth Abbey on the River Forth where Robert the Bruce held an historic parliament meeting just before the Battle of Bannackburn

·         King James III and Queen Margaret of Denmark are buried at the Abbey

·         Stirling’s 16th century Town Wall is the best surviving town wall in Scotland.  You can follow the route of the wall from the centre of the modern city to the centre of Stirling Old Town

·         The Back Walk goes around Stirling Old Town and Stirling Castle.  Places along this walk offer amazing views of the Highlands peaks

·         The Stirling Smith Art Gallery & Museum has a wide range of exhibits from the historical to the artistic.  There is also a fascinating illustration of Stirling’s story over the past 1,000 years

Stirling Castle
The castle sits on a rocky crag giving a sheer drop on three sides of the building which means it was relatively easy to defend.

The first mention of Stirling Castle occurred in the 12th century when King Alexander I dedicated a chapel here.  The Great Hall was the home of the Scottish Parliament and the Castle was the home of the Royal family.

Royal Connections with Stirling Castle:
·         Alexander 1 died here

·         David I made Stirling a royal burgh

·         William I introduced a deer park to the grounds of the Castle

·         Castle formerly handed to Richard I of England when William was captured

·         William died here too

·         Alexander III laid out the Park for deer hunting in the 13th century

·         Robert II and III both had work done on the Castle during their reigns.  Some of these early parts still survive

·         The Castle was part of the marriage settlement between James II and Joan Beaufort

·         James II lived here with his mother for 15 years after James I was murdered

·         James III was born in the Castle; he was responsible for work to the gardens and the Chapel Royal

·         Margaret of Denmark, wife of James III died here

·         James IV held a full Court at the Castle and made improvements to the buildings

·         After James IV’s death his son, James V was crowned King in the Chapel Royal before he was old enough to walk.  He continued the building works started by his father for his second wife Mary of Guise

Source:Public domain

·         Their daughter Mary, Queen of Scots was crowned in the Chapel Royal and brought up in the Castle

Source:Public domain

·         She went away to France and on her return she married Henry Stuart

·         Their son, James VI was brought up in the Castle even though his parents were estranged, they            both lived there

·         Henry, James VI’s son was born and lived here but died at 18 of Typhoid Fever

·         When James became King of England as well, the family moved to London

·         Charles I, James Vi’s second son visited the Castle

·         His son Charles II visited the Castle; he was the last Monarch to stay at Stirling Castle

Did you know?
·         That at the beginning of the 17th century the town council banned late night drinking because it was offending God and disturbing others?

·         That Rabbie Burns scratched a verse on the window of an Inn in Stirling about the state of the Castle?

·         That in 1800 when Stirling had a population of 5,000 there were 90 alehouses here?

·         That Stirling was chosen as the site for Scotland’s first ‘new university’ in 1964?

·         That in the Queen’s Jubilee year 2002, Stirling was granted the status of ‘city’

·         That British Champion Jockey Willie Carson comes from Stirling?  He won almost 4,000 races, was British Champion Jockey 5 times and won 17 British Classic races

·         That Kenny Logan, Scottish rugby union player was born here?

·         That a host of ‘then and now’ footballers can claim Stirling as their home town?  They include: Frank Beattie, Alex Bone, Billy Bremner, John Brown, Gary and Steven Caldwell, John Colquhoun, Callum Davidson, Kenny Deuchar, Jamie Fowler, Willie Garner, Gary Gillespie, David Goodwillie, David Graham, Dale Hilson, Willie Irvine, Kevin Kelbie, Andy Kennedy, Stewart Kennedy, Sean Kilgannon, Allan McGonigal, Paul McHale, Kevin McKinlay, Chris Mitchell, Gary Muir, Stevie Nicholas, David O’Brien, John Philliben, Scott Severin, Ray Sharp, John Shaw, Ronnie Sinclair, Jim Thomson, Jo Tortolano and Iain Turner.  Enough for three teams!

Billy Bremner -Source:Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-N0614-0028 / CC-BY-SA

·         That Stirling is also the home town of John Grierson a pioneer in documentary film making?

·         That Muir Mathieson composer of film music calls this his home town?

·         That animation inspiration Norman McClaren is also from Stirling?

·         That assorted Scottish Kings and Queens have connections with Stirling?

Did you know?
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