Saturday 2 June 2012

Happy Diamond Jubilee Your Majesty

Click on the red book below to see photo's of the Queen over the years in an interactive photo album.
I know this is from Leicester, but I think every city could collate something like this together to document their visits from the Royal Family. We had Princess Anne and Prince Andrew visiting Newcastle under Lyme a few weeks back to see Newcastle College and the Jubilee 2 Pool.
It just shows how much travelling about the country she and the other members of the Royal Household do.

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  1. There isn´t one of the 'anti royalist' brigade could claim they work as hard as any member of out royal family. Also their apparent wealth is symbolic as they can´t actuially spend it.
    Have seen one of them at the till in Tesco?
    If the Quieen ever needs a stairlift we´ll provide it foc



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